Approaches to Family Nursing



Approaches to Family Nursing

Family Nursing代写 Family nursing is practiced using a system-based conceptualization. Family nursing is practiced on four system levels.


Family nursing is practiced using a system-based conceptualization. Family nursing is practiced on four system levels (Kaakinen, Coehlo, Steele, & Robinson, 2018; Shivalli, Majra, Akshaya, & Qadiri, 2015). At the level of the individual family member, the family is taken as the context to the patient. At the broader perspective, a family is considered as the client where the health of one member affects the whole family.  Hence the family become the foreground in nursing care. The level family as a system focus on the individual and the family simultaneously. Family Nursing代写**范文

Here the nurse seeks to intervene in the interaction between the family members. A family is taken as one system where one part affects the other. The last level is taking the family as the component of society. The assumption is that when one family is affected other institutions that the family interact with is also affected directly or indirectly. Therefore, a system based conceptualization of family nursing is key to family health as well as community healthcare.

Family as Context                 Family Nursing代写

In this approach, the focus is on the patient but in context to the family interventions. The family can be an enabler of good health to the patient or a stressor (Shivalli, Majra, Akshaya, & Qadiri, 2015). The patient is at the foreground and the family at the background. An instance of this approach occurred when I was in charge of a diabetic patient. The patient was a woman of 85 years. She was living with his daughter in upcountry. Family Nursing代写**范文

The patient was bedridden, and the family had employed a caregiver to take care of her needs. I was visiting the family every day to check on her condition and administers medications. Her daughter and the two boys would spare some time to be by her side. It was encouraging to me. Throughout the treatment process until she passed on the family was very cooperative and provided for everything that was needed for her medication.

Family Nursing代写
Family Nursing代写

Family as Client                 Family Nursing代写

The approach to family nursing call for the assessment of all family members. In this context, the family is considered affected by the sickness of one of the family member. Hence the family becomes foreground during treatment (Shivalli, Majra, Akshaya, & Qadiri, 2015). For instance, when Mary was diagnosed with cancer, she could not fathom how her only child will take the diagnosis. Mary was a mother of one girl by name Stella who joined college early that year. Family Nursing代写**范文

As her nurse, I was responsible for taking care of her physical and psychological needs as well as that of the family. She was worried about her treatment which we anticipated would take months. The family was not well-up financial and depended on the health insurance which could not cover the whole cost of treatment. Upon learning of her mother’s diagnosis, Stella suffered depression and could not attend classes. She also indulged in alcoholism. Family Nursing代写**范文

Stella developed a mental disorder because she could only think of the agony caused by cancer. It took my intervention in corroboration with her mother to make her go for psychiatry medication. Therefore, as the nurse, I approached the whole family as the patient and was able to intervene in the case of Stella.

Family as System                 Family Nursing代写

When one member of the family falls ill, the whole family become affected by it. The effect may take the form of interactions challenges, denial, or emotional effects and much more. The focus on the intervention is the interaction between the family members (Östlund, Bäckström, Saveman, Lindh, & Sundin, 2016). For instance, the family of Jackson could not fathom that their only child Eric has epilepsy. The whole was living in denial of the situation, and no one wanted to believe Eric critical condition. Family Nursing代写**范文

It also affected the family more when Jackson turned to be alcoholic. The turn of the event made his wife feel deserted and alone in dealing with the Eric condition. As a family nurse, I took it upon myself to intervene and offer to counsel to the family which was at the verge of breaking. The family needed encouragement, hope and guidance on how to deal with their son’s illness.

Family as a Component of Society                 Family Nursing代写

The family is the basic unit of the community. As such, families interact with the institutions and other components in the community. When one family is affected, the issue can get out of the control of a single family and hence require intervention from the community members, groups or institutions (Bell, 2013). For illustration, the family Michael frequented a local health facility I was working. The patient was their daughter who was after many trials was diagnosed with kidney failure. Family Nursing代写**范文

She was put in dialysis until a compatible donor is found. Finally, she got one, but the transplant was too expensive that the family could not afford. The insurance agreed to cover a portion of it. As the nurse acquainted to the family, I requested Michael to conduct fundraising for his daughter’s medical bill. It took two weeks to get financial help and yet it was not enough.  Eventually, the family made their daughter for transplant which was useful. Family Nursing代写**范文

Family nursing is a system based on the four approaches. In each approach, the nurse is responsible for offering healthcare services while offering any intervention that might be needed in the family. Individual healthcare is not approached in isolation. Reason being, individual patients, are part of a particular family in the community. The same applies to the family, and it relates to the community. Therefore, healthcare can be viewed in a broader perspective of a family-centered.

Family Nursing代写
Family Nursing代写

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