Domestic Violence against Women in Australia

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Domestic Violence代写 Domestic violence against women by their male partners is common, wide-spread and has far-reaching effects on the women.


Background information

Every culture has a way of celebrating the very core of the family establishment, peace, importance comfort and security that comes with homes. Yet when it comes to many women, the home has turned to be a place of pain and humiliation. Domestic violence against women by their male partners is common, wide-spread and has far-reaching effects on the women. For too long hidden behind closed doors and avoided in public discourse, such violence can no longer be denied as part of everyday life for millions of women.  Domestic Violence代写**范文

Domestic violence has been an issue affecting Australia families for decades. According to World Health Organization (2013), it found that one-third of women around the world have suffered violence in one way or the other in their life. And the people violate them are close partners either in a marriage or in engagement.  Domestic Violence代写**范文

According to Australian Institute of Health and Welfare in Sandison, B. (2018) women are at greater risk of domestic violence than men. One out of 6 women in Australia, since the age of 15 years, has been subjected to violence. The report also establishes that 54% of women who have experienced violence from their current partner, experience it for that one incident.

Bryant & Bricknell (2017) found that, in 2014-2015, 8 women were hospitalized each day after being assaulted by their partners.  Domestic Violence代写

Also, about 1 woman a week in 2013-2014 was killed as a result of violence from either previous or current partner.

According to ABS (2017b), 1 in every 4 women has experienced emotional abuse from current or previous partner since the age of 15 years. Still, 1 in every 5 women most likely experienced sexual abuse from previous or current partner since the age of 15 years. (2017d) in 2016, the police recorded an average of 52 sexual assaults each day against women.  Domestic Violence代写**范文

However, the majority of women are still suffering in silence. The victims of violence don’t want people to know their predicaments. This has made their problem to go unsolved for many years. Australia is recording high number violence rate against women. This mostly takes place in the form of sexual harassment, domestic violence conducted by partners or relatives, violence in or around residential and working areas and also cyberbullying and harassment.

This briefing paper will explain the following with respect to the violence on women:

1.How domestic violence has impacted on the lives of the abused women

2.The barriers that prevent women from disclosing abuse and seeking help outside.

3.The need of the abused women in order to provide support.

Causes of Women Violence  Domestic Violence代写

There has been a belief that partners who abuse their women feel the need to take control and domineer to inflate their low self-esteem. Majority do not have control of their and they are emotionally unstable. Some even resort to violence because they feel inferior to their partners in education and social economic background and extreme jealousy.  Domestic Violence代写**范文

Some partners are extremists in traditional beliefs and use them irrationally to feel they have controlling power over their partners, because the belief women are inferior to men. Others may be suffering from an undiagnosed personality problems or psychosocial disorders. Still, others may have been raised from a family setup where domestic violence was taken as normal incidents. When these children grow up they may take that behaviour into their life.

According to Bryant & Bricknell (2017), partner’s domination or control may be in form of sexual, emotional or physical abuse.  Domestic Violence代写

Researches have established how interaction of situational and individual factors often leads to violent behaviours. That means most abusive partners learn their behaviours from the people in the community, their family and other cultural influences in their life. Some are victims of violent families or have seen violence often in their life. According to the studies some abusers have ever been abused in their early life.  Domestic Violence代写**范文

Most abusers of women are either alcohol or drug abusers. Most of them lack control of their emotions and violence impulses toward their partners. Due to this uncontrollable behaviour majority of women suffer recurrent violence in their families. It has been proved that keeping substances and alcohol abuse at minimum helped reduce domestic violence significantly.  Domestic Violence代写**范文

Regardless of the cause of abuse or what the abuser is undergoing and which circumstances, domestic violence is not a justifiable act whatsoever. The research on the causes of domestic violence is to better understand the reason behind physical, psychological and emotional violence in the families.

The impact of Violence on Women  Domestic Violence代写

According to WHO Report (2013) establish that there has not been much research on the health effects to the women who have undergone domestic violence. Women suffer different health problems which encompass physical, health, sexual, reproductive, and mental health. There has been a significant health problem due to physical and psychological impacts.  Domestic Violence代写**范文

Together with both physical and emotional effects of violence on women, the overall quality of their life is also affected negatively, which in turn result to negatively impacting how they participate and engage in life and society activities. How these violence acts affect women individually and the act of violence, have ripple effects on the society in general (World Health Organization 2011). For instance, loss of productivity and output from the workers, while informal roles that the women take part in the society will also suffer. (Reeves and O’Leary-Kelly 2007).  Domestic Violence代写**范文

This is in addition to the broader societal costs associated with delivering and maintaining health care, social and justice-related services to victims of violent crime, as well as the costs related to the criminal justice response to accused persons (Bouhours & Broadhurst, 2015).

There is far-reaching effects to women who have been abused. Indirect experience to domestic violence can be a constant reminder other women in the community how they can be victims of violence, this makes them live with fear (Bouhours & Broadhurst, 2015).

Domestic Violence代写
Domestic Violence代写

There are lot of other impacts of domestic violence on women as follow:

i. Hearing loss

ii. Vision loss

iii. Infection with sexually transmitted diseases

vi. Murder

v. Alcoholism

vi. Insomnia

vii. Gastro-intestinal disorders

viii. Depression

ix. Drug and substance abuse

x. Anxiety

xi. Severe headaches

xii. Gynecological problems

Barriers that Prevent Women from Disclosing Abuse and Seeking Help  Domestic Violence代写

Most women who have undergone humiliation and suffering due to domestic violence have not been able to disclose most of their predicament seeking help. They opt to stay privy to their problems hoping that things will change for the better.  Domestic Violence代写**范文

This problem is rooted in the society. The cultural practices and beliefs make most women not to report their family issues. The belief that family affairs should be dealt with privately has resulted to most women not to report but rather opt for other mechanisms like village elders and parents. This form of intervention from their side has proven not an effective way to solve the recurring violence. Most abusers take advantage of this to continue with their domineering tendencies which end in family violence.

Other women fear that the abuse will continue as an act of revenge if they report the issue to the authorities.  Domestic Violence代写

Most women are threatened by their spouses not to report but to give a room for consensus which mostly end up not productive in the long run. They ends up repeating the act and the woman will continue to suffer.

Some cultural practices still hold male chauvinism high. They do not recognize the equality of spouses in the family set up. Men are considered the heads of the family and therefore a woman is taken inferior to the man. Therefore, reporting an abuse is likely to shift the blamed to the woman for the occurrence of violence. She may end up being embarrassed to the family members as a woman who cannot keep her family. As a result, most women choose to keep quiet to avoid blame and embarrassment.  Domestic Violence代写**范文

Still, some women fear to lose their family because of the society they live in and value attached to it. They want to build a family and stay with the husband. This has made many women who are undergoing violence to continue suffering in silence. These women may have attached too much importance to family and want to maintain the family loyalty. And no matter how they are mistreated they choose not to break the family hoping to change things for the better.

Other barriers that contribute to disclosure of abuse by women are:

i. Religious beliefs concerning a family

ii. Loss of touch with once children

iii. Fear of beginning a new life alone

iv. Lack of means to get away from home to report the abuse

v. Accepting abuse as once way of life

vi. Lack of financial resources to begin a new life alone

vii. Marriage vows to remain together for life

Needs of the Abused Woman in Order to Provide Support  Domestic Violence代写

Women suffering from abuse need the support system that will assist them to get out of the abusive relationship, to heal from injuries of abuse both physically and emotionally, to adapt to their new status of being a single mother, and psychological support to forget the past. Balancing all these has never been easy to these women, that why they need to be supported through for any policy meant to benefit them to work.

In order for this support system to work the following approaches to their needs will prove to be effective:


Women group support system – most women participate in group welfares for their financial support and welfare programs. Women use these groups to access fast and soft loans to attend to the immediate needs of their family. They have support programs where women are able to assist one another in case of unexpected and unusual problem affect one of them. Extension services on guidance and counseling reaching out to these women in their small groups will make them aware of their rights and how they can access assistance when they undergo domestic violence (Morel, Palier, and Palme, 2015).  Domestic Violence代写**范文


Financial independence – most of the abused women choose to stay in abusive relationships because of financial dependence on their partners. Most are housewives who depend on their husband entirely. To them leaving their husband to be free just because they have been abused mean more suffering, they end up staying for social security and other basic needs. Empowering them to be financially dependent is a step towards their freedom from being captives of abusive families. This can be done by making loans with low-interest rates available and accessible to them is a better way which has been proven effective in empowering women.

Domestic Violence代写
Domestic Violence代写


Free family advocates – the victims of abuse lack a way to hold their abusers accountable for their actions, mainly because getting a representative to challenge the abuser in the court of law is neither affordable nor accessible to them. Providing free legal representation services to the victims of domestic violence is a way ensuring those abusers are held responsible for their actions.


Women forums and seminars – having seminars and open forum will go a notch higher in sensitizing the victims of family violence of their rights as women and how they can get assistance for their predicaments. These forums give them a platform to express themselves and share their experiences with other women who have undergone similar situations. They will also have chances to learn from their peers and gain the courage to disclose what they undergo in their families.  Domestic Violence代写**范文


Employment vacancies to the vulnerable women – most women are poor and depend on their partners for most basic needs together with their children. These make them vulnerable to violence from their partners. In such circumstances, when they are abused they are left with no choice but to stay and hope thing will be better. Their partners use this to justify their ego and domineering tendencies which mostly leads to violence. Providing equal employment opportunities and also giving priorities to these women will empower them financially and hence freedom from depending on their partners.  Domestic Violence代写**范文


Free health services to the victims of domestic abuse – most women suffer physical and psychological injuries. And because of the societal values and believes they may choose to stay indoors to avoid being seen and be embarrassed. Still they suffer emotional injuries which require medical attention. Some may not afford these services and therefore making them free to them will be helpful.

Current Situation on Women Violence in Australia  Domestic Violence代写

It is so unfortunate that over 1.6 million women in Australia still suffer from domestic violence in this century. This trend exists regardless of the interventional policies which have been enacted by the government to mitigate the situation. The slow response has been attributed by the societal setups which put the woman under the rule of the man and the high expectations on them to build better families.

ABS Personal Safety Survey (2005) has the best indicator of the violence on women which updates information about women’s experiences of violence collected in the 1996 ABS Women Safety Survey. Comparing the two surveys on violence, we can say that there has been a small fall in violence against women in previous 12 months from 2005 report compared to 1996 survey report.

According to Australian Bureau of Statistics (2013), one of the three women has expressed physical and/or sexual violence perpetrated by someone known and close to them. And that one in five women over 18 years have been stalked during their lifetime.  Domestic Violence代写**范文

Chan, A & Payne, J (2013) found that over 12 months on average, one woman is killed every week by a current or former partner. AIHW (2013) established that family violence is the principal cause of homelessness for women and their children.

The government has established mechanisms to reduce domestic violence against women. To accomplish the following measures has been operational:

National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children  Domestic Violence代写

This is national plan run for the period of twelve years starting 2010-2022. It involves coordinated actions to find solutions and correctional measures to the perennial problem which has been eating the entire Australian society. This plan aimed at achieving the six national outcomes:

1.Relationships are respectful – the plan aims to build successful relationships where partners respect one another.

2.Services to meet the needs of women and their children experiencing violence –

3.Indigenous communities are strengthened.

4.Communities are safe and free from violence.

5.Make sure the abusers are held accountable and are corrected.

6.To have a responsive justice system.

Recommendations  Domestic Violence代写

Women require supports policy measures to avert and end domestic violence. Though it has proven to be a difficult goal to face, it is achievable with proper actions by the government and the society (Guo and Gilbert, 2012). The main aim should be to reduce and eventually end domestic violence against women using the best measures possible. To achieve this, this paper briefing outline recommendations which will by far ensure domestic violence is eradicated and the people committing violence held accountable for their actions.  Domestic Violence代写**范文

The government should ensure the justice system consider the plight of violence victim s and ensure that justice is not delayed for them. As it generally said that, justice delayed is justice denied. The court system should make sure the abusers serve as good examples to the others like them. This will set a precedent of justice to domestic violence and trust whereas more women will be encouraged to report and seek help.

Strengthen institutions that are concerned with women empowerment programs.  Domestic Violence代写

These bodies play important roles in creating programs for capacity building to women especial those vulnerable and so they become enlightened and dependable in their communities. They need to be funded adequately and be given other facilitations to ensure they serve women appropriately.

The government needs to create awareness on building better and strong relationships by recognizing that family as the critical starting point of a better and successful country. People need to be taught the need to raise children in an environment that is peaceful and with good role models. The societal morals and ethics should be emphasized because they form the fabric of the law and order of a country. They are from which a democratic sovereign country is built.  Domestic Violence代写**范文

There should financial grants and aids to the vulnerable women in the society. They should be easily accessible and affordable in terms of interest rates and repayments. The purpose of this financial assistance is to create financial freedom for these women living in abusive families. They will be able to meet their basic needs and that of their children, which is the beginning of their freedom from dependent and being abused just because they cannot provide for themselves.

References  Domestic Violence代写

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