The Minority Report

少数派报告代写 少数派报告

少数派报告代写 “The minority report” id a short story written by Phillip K. Dick. It was officially published in 1956 in the magazine Fantastic…

“The minority report” id a short story written by Phillip K. Dick. It was officially published in 1956 in the magazine Fantastic Universe. The minority report revolves around the life of the protagonist John Alison Anderton, who invents a new criminal justice system, Precrime. The system constitutes of three mutants ‘precogs’ who have the telepathic powers of seeing the future. And thus predicting crime before it could occur. The persons who would have committed the crimes are arrested around a week before they could actualize their crimes. And sent to detection camps. The ‘Precrime,’ resulted in an extreme decrease of felonies with over 99% since only one murder had taken place in the five years the system was implemented (Dick, 4).  How amazing is that?

The story starts when the outgoing Police commissioner of the Precrime Division, Anderson meets his successor, Edward Witwer. However, he was not quite ready to retire, “Nobody likes to be replaced by a younger man, and find himself turned out to pasture, “(Dick, 6). Moreover, he did not like Witwer at all. “He couldn’t believe he disliked the young man that much.  It didn’t seem possible: it wasn’t possible, ” (Dick, 6).  As Anderson was showing Edward around the office, he slipped one of the cards into his pocket, which was later revealed to have his own name predicting he would commit murder.

译文:“少数派报告”是菲利普·K·迪克 (Phillip K. Dick) 撰写的一篇短篇小说。它于 1956 年正式发表在《神奇宇宙》杂志上。少数派报告围绕主角约翰·艾莉森·安德顿 (John Alison Anderton) 的生平展开,他发明了一种新的刑事司法系统 Precrime。该系统由三个具有预见未来的心灵感应能力的变种人“precogs”组成。从而在犯罪发生之前预测它。可能犯罪的人在实施犯罪前一周左右就被逮捕了。并被送到侦查营。 “Precrime”导致重罪大幅减少,超过 99%,因为在该系统实施的五年内只发生了一起谋杀案(Dick,4)。这有多神奇? 少数派报告代写

故事开始于即将卸任的犯罪前科警察局长安德森遇到他的继任者爱德华威特尔。然而,他还没有准备好退休,“没有人喜欢被一个更年轻的人​​取代,然后发现自己变成了牧场,”(迪克,6)。而且,他一点也不喜欢威特尔。 “他不敢相信自己那么讨厌这个年轻人。这似乎不可能:这是不可能的,”(迪克,6 岁)。当安德森带爱德华参观办公室时,他将其中一张卡片塞进了口袋,后来发现口袋里有他自己的名字,预示着他会犯下谋杀罪。

Anderson was convinced that Witwer was framing him for his job.

“I’m being framed — deliberately and maliciously.  This creature is out to get my job.  The Senate is getting at me through him,” (Dick, 6), he tells his wife Lisa, after which they plan to escape. However, it was impossible for them to flee before the second card was seen. Kaplan, the man Andersons was supposedly going to kill kidnaps him seeing an explanation. Anderton pleads innocent and intends to prove that he was framed, while Lisa, was trying to convince him to surrender (Dick, 7).

However, in Anderton’s case, not all the precogs predicted the same outcome revealing that that he would have changed his mind about killing Kaplan. Thus, Anderton refuses to turn himself in stating that how would have changed his mind. And even suggests that maybe many of the detained people would also have changed their minds. And not commit their crimes, had they been given the opportunity (Dick, 17). However he could not reveal that flaw of Precrime since it would destroy the system completely. Kaplan later holds an army rally and invites Anderton onstage to discredit Precrime. However, Anderton does the opposite.

He gives a copy of the minority reports, then the many minority reports which justify the credibility of the system.  In the end, the cards are explained as to why Anderton was to kill Kaplan, and hat the cards changed since he took one of the cards with the prediction. Thus, Witwer agrees to send Anderton and his wife to frontier planets rather than detention (Dick, 17). The two have a moment when Anderton tells Witwer he is the only one who now held the power to change the reports since he was the new Police Commissioner (Dick, 20).

安德森确信威特沃是为了他的工作而陷害他。 少数派报告代写

译文:“我被诬陷——是故意和恶意的。这个生物是为了得到我的工作。参议院正在通过他来找我,”(迪克,6 岁),他告诉他的妻子丽莎,之后他们计划逃跑。然而,他们不可能在看到第二张牌之前逃走。卡普兰,那个安德森斯本应该杀死绑架他的人看到了一个解释。安德顿认罪并打算证明他被陷害,而丽莎则试图说服他投降(迪克,7 岁)。

然而,在安德顿的案例中,并非所有的预科生都预测到了相同的结果,这表明他会改变关于杀死卡普兰的想法。因此,安德顿拒绝自首,说明他会如何改变主意。甚至暗示,也许许多被拘留的人也会改变主意。如果他们有机会,就不要犯罪(迪克,17 岁)。但是他无法揭示Precrime的缺陷,因为它会彻底破坏系统。卡普兰后来举行了一次军队集会,并邀请安德顿上台诋毁 Precrime。然而,安德顿却恰恰相反。

他提供了少数派报告的副本,然后是证明系统可信度合理的许多少数派报告。最后,卡片解释了安德顿为什么要杀死卡普兰,并且自从他拿了其中一张带有预测的卡片后,卡片就改变了。因此,威特沃同意将安德顿和他的妻子送到前沿行星而不是拘留(迪克,17)。当安德顿告诉威特沃他是自他担任新警察局长以来唯一一个有权更改报告的人时,两人有过一段时间(迪克,20 岁)。


“The Minority Report” is an incredible story with an amazing plot and story line.

Moreover, it has an elegant device, the “precogs” that is both relevant and compelling to our lives.  Phillip saw a world where technology was so advanced that people could prevent crime before it happened. It would ensure safety like in this case where crime reduced for more ha 99% since the “precogs” started being implemented for the Precrime system (Dick, 4). However, everything lase, it is not possible to have total perfection. It explains why the precogs were not totally safe since they could give different predictions. However, finally, Anderton, plays the hero, and is ready to sacrifice himself to be detained to protect the Precrime system.

Thus, he discovers that, it is only a commissioner who could alter the predictions by taking the prediction cards like he had done (Dick, 20). “The Minority Report” is similar to most of the other stories by Phillip as he is mostly know for amazing science fiction stories. And crime stories such as “Total Recall” and “The Blade Runner”. Thus all these stories are a clear indication of the imaginative mind that was the late Philip.

《少数派报告》是一个令人难以置信的故事,有着惊人的情节和故事情节。 少数派报告代写

译文:此外,它有一个优雅的装置,即与我们的生活相关且引人注目的“预齿”。菲利普看到了一个技术如此先进的世界,人们可以在犯罪发生之前加以预防。它将确保安全,就像在这种情况下,犯罪减少了 99%,因为“预制”开始为 Precrime 系统实施(Dick,4)。然而,万事皆有失,不可能完美无缺。这解释了为什么预制齿轮不是完全安全的,因为它们可以给出不同的预测。然而,最终安德顿扮演了英雄,并准备牺牲自己被拘留以保护Precrime系统。 少数派报告代写

因此,他发现,只有专员才能像他所做的那样通过拿预测卡来改变预测(Dick,20)。 “少数派报告”与菲利普的大多数其他故事相似,因为他主要以惊人的科幻小说而闻名。以及诸如“全面召回”和“银翼杀手”之类的犯罪故事。因此,所有这些故事都清楚地表明了已故菲利普的想象力。

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