Engineering The transport Homework

Engineering The transport代写 Different color combinations used in the road signs have particular meaning to the motorists and other road users.


3-3 The transport Homework  Engineering The transport代写

1.Color combinations used for regulatory signs and general warning signs:

    a. Black and yellow: these color combinations have proven to be noticeable and easy to read from a distance compared to other color combinations. For this reason, the color combination is used in danger or warning signs like “curve ahead” signs.

Engineering The transport代写
Engineering The transport代写

    b. Black and white: these two-color combinations provide contrast thus suitable for use in speed limits and other regulatory signs which require high contrast.

    c. Red and white: these color combinations are used in the “stop” signs. Red color offers a high contrast with “stop” sign giving a command. Mostly used in areas of restricted parking such as “No Parking”.

    d. Green and White, Blue and White, Brown and White, and Orange and Black: these combinations and high to relatively conspicuous thus used in the high ways for various purposes like exit sign, parking signs, recreation signs, etc.

2.Different color combinations used in the road signs have particular meaning to the motorists and other road users. These colors are used because they are noticeable. Some color combinations are particularly important in the dark as they reflect light and thus easily recognizable from distance. The combinations are also used to increase contrast which hence makes the sign visible.

3-5 My walking speed:  Engineering The transport代写

Walking speed depends on the various pedestrian dimensions and needs.

Recommended walking speed according to MUTCD: The 2009 MUTCD has lowered the recommended walking speed for calculating the Pedestrian Clearance Time from 4.0 ft/sec to 3.5 ft/sec. But Section 4E.06 indicates that a walking speed of 3.0 ft/sec is also to be used.

3-6 Three types of vehicle characteristics  Engineering The transport代写

Learning about vehicle characteristics is important because it facilitates the development of better geometric designs and traffic control devices which are key to road safety and flawless operations. These characteristics include:

i. Static characteristics: These characteristics include: a. Design vehicle: this provides a standard design characteristic which other vehicles of the same type encompass. The standard design defines dimensions, vehicle weight, and turning radii.

ii. Kinematic characteristics: These are the vehicle speed and acceleration/deceleration capability.

iii. Dynamic characteristics. This encompasses the movement of the vehicle and its integration with the environment. Various interactions and vehicle movements addressed in the vehicle design which includes: Resistance, braking, motion on a horizontal curve, and minimum curve radius.

Engineering The transport代写
Engineering The transport代写

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