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市场营销学assignment Wingstop is a fast food joint that was founded in 1994 in Garland, Texas. It has branches that are spread globally···

Communication Mix 市场营销学assignment

Wingstop is a fast food joint that was founded in 1994 in Garland, Texas. It has branches that are spread globally, namely in the US, Australia, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Panama, and the United Arab Emirates. The joint is a one-stop-shop for savory dishes, such as chicken, chips, sides, and soft drinks among others (Wingstop 2020). The chain offers services to sit-in, drive through, and take away customers.

Existing Communication 市场营销学assignment

Wingstop uses a communication mix to market itself to potential customers and maintain its current clientele. The existing communication mix includes advertising. It is done through the promotion of the joint’s savories via online and offline media. The fast food restaurant has an active Facebook and Instagram page. On this platform, the clients are informed on different promotions and prices.

Beautiful pictures of the restaurants and servings are posted regularly. Whenever there is new information, the public is notified through social media pages. It creates brand awareness and improves the restaurant’s image, which increases sales (Amiri & Maroofi 2016). In offline, the restaurants use billboards and brochures. The billboards are placed strategically in towns and major highways to create brand awareness. The salespersons also distribute pamphlets to potential customers.

The chain performs sales promotions. 市场营销学assignment

These are incentives that aim at encouraging customers to buy delicacies. The aim is to boost sales for the restaurant, especially when sales decrease. Based on research, the restaurant realized that sales on weekdays, especially on Mondays and Tuesdays, are down. To beat this, fast-food developed a promotional program. It calls it “all in one bundle.” It goes for $19.99. In this package, a customer gets 6 tenders, 16 boneless wings, 3 dips, and large fries (Wingstop 2020).

The chain is also involved in direct marketing. It is done through the use of media channels, such as the internet, telephone, mail, and emails, to communicate directly to customers and potential customers. The aim of this form of communication is to create an emotional bond between customers and restaurant. Hence, the customers relate with the restaurant, and they feel the restaurant is part of them. The result of this is the increased sales volume and brand loyalty.

Target Market 市场营销学assignment

The target market for the chain of restaurants includes all people of all ages. The restaurant, however, targets teenagers in schools who usually go there to eat the delicious chicken. Therefore, they do not have to carry food from home. The restaurant targets people working in offices. The restaurant offers delivery services to their offices. Consequently, people can concentrate on their job because Wingstop cares for food. The restaurant also targets young people who do not have families and do not cook at home.

Improving the Communication Mix

The restaurant needs to improve its communication mix to increase public awareness to ensure higher sales and profit margins. The fast food chain should introduce loyalty cards to their customers. The loyalty card is an innovative method of attracting customers. It is a marketing strategy to gain points for all purchases in the restaurants.

The customers can then redeem their loyalty points after some time to use them to purchase products. Moreover, the restaurant can also reward the customers with the highest number of points with a bigger reward, such as a paid holiday. Loyalty cards aim to create brand loyalty.

The second option is the use of a sales van. It is an innovative method to cook and deliver the food. The van can target and serve food during various events, such as football matches, outdoor festivals, artist performances, as well as school events. It offers the event-goers a solution for their food problems. In the process, it creates brand awareness about the fast food chain for future reference. Based on the impression created during these events, the clients would seek a possibility to visit the restaurant to try its products.


The third option is buzz marketing. 市场营销学assignment

It is a marketing method that is linked to social media. It involves creating content for the restaurant (Amiri & Maroofi 2016). The process includes useful information on the restaurant’s offers and interactive section where customers can share their feedback on the products and services.

Such form of communication is called interactive marketing since the management gets to listen to customers’ concerns on product reviews to respond to their claims. The information obtained in such a way can be shared through social media to make go viral. Consequently, the content reaches various people, and these individuals are likely to be converted into loyal customers.

The fourth option is to use paid media. It includes paid content on television, sponsored content on YouTube, as well as newspaper advertisements. Content on television can promote the products offered by the fast food outlets as well as create brand awareness. It can also include interviews with customers who can offer their reviews about the joint. The second option is YouTube, and its effects are similar to those of television advertisements.

YouTube provides an innovative method of··· 市场营销学assignment

YouTube provides an innovative method of reaching the clients since the users have an option to choose by themselves the materials on the fast food joint. Therefore, as opposed to television content where customers are forced to view, YouTube content is viewed without any pressure. Thus, the target audience is likely to be more accommodative of this content. Therefore, such viewers are more likely to be converted into sales opportunities. The fast food chain should also promote their products through a newspaper advertisement. Newspapers have a national reach, and readership is likely to be converted to sales opportunities.

Wingstop should also invest in a content creation and digital marketing department. The department should come up with monthly and annual reports of the situation in the market. The aim is to make its currents customers and potential customers part of the business. These reports offer an insight into current projects, current business performance, and also look into the future (Samuely 2017).

The business may also invite partners who can advertise their products. For instance, cheese is an ingredient of many dishes. The business may partner with its cheese provider to advertise about its cheese. It is positive branding for the fast food chain because it looks more reliable. The used approach portrays it to the public from the positive side, as other companies are proud to be associated with Wingstop.

The 12-month Implementation Strategy 市场营销学assignment

It is worth to note that there are some strategies that the business adopts to improve its communication mix and compete effectively with the rivals. The first step is to come up with a digital marketing and content creation department. The department would be in charge of content creation for the webpage, reports, social media pages, and paid content. The second step is to come up with content for these pages. It includes the types of content that should be shared with the public, viability of the information .

And discussions with customers to hear their feedback on this new strategy. It also involves a review of content by the public to see if it is viable. The third step is to design pages and content to make it presentable to the clients. Finally, the content should go live on social media pages, and the publication of the report should also begin. At this stage, interactive marketing is activated on social media pages.  The effect of this is increased online presence of the business.

Once the fast food online presence is set 市场营销学assignment

A sales van should be purchased. The van ought to accommodate the on-board kitchen. The van should also be branded with the colors of Wingstop. Once complete, the van can be deployed to events to offer food services. The effect of this is boosting sales for the fast food chain.

Towards the mid-year, when sales volume should increase, the business ought to invest in brand loyalty (Poljić, Tešić & Košutić 2018). Wingstop should set up the loyalty card scheme and numerous offerings based on their products. Walk-in customers are implored upon to apply for the scheme where they are given cards that they use for all purchases and earn points that they redeem later in the year for cash prices or food.

Like it was mentioned before, the customers with the highest number of points should get a paid holiday gift. The fast food also introduces sale offers on their products. Promotional offers aim to push the customers to make purchases in the fast food joints. The effect of this is publicity for the business.

The customers would feel that the business has their best interests at heart while, at the same time, creating brand loyalty. Therefore, the customers would be willing to make more purchases since they would be driven by incentives that they earn points that enable them to win spectacular prizes in the future. The promotional offers would also ensure increased purchases in the joints, thus increasing the turnover.

After successfully implementing these incentives 市场营销学assignment

The business may focus on direct marketing. It involves making calls, writing texts, and composing the emails to existing and potential customers. The aim is to remind the clientele of the business’ existence and its services. It creates an impression to customers since they are kept updated all the time with new information on the fast food chain as well as its promotions. The customers are also informed about deals and services. It is an effective method of interacting with people, which is likely to attract clients and create brand loyalty.

The final part is to invest in interactive media through YouTube advertisements as well as recorded reviews by customers. The business can showcase their offers, milestones, and plans through YouTube advertisements. Wingstop can also record reviews by their customers and put them on the channels. The aim is to create brand awareness for customers. A positive review means the increased business opportunities for the business.

The 12-month implementation plan can be summarized in the table 1 below:

Table 1 市场营销学assignment

12-month implementation plan

Action Steps Person Responsible Estimated cost Timeline
Creation of a digital marketing team Management $24000 Month 1
Content creation Digital Marketing Team $3000 Month 2
Graphic design of media pages Digital Marketing Team $2500 Month 3
Purchase of a sales van and its transformation into a movable kitchen Management $5000 Month 4 to month 5
Development of a loyalty reward program Sales Department $1000 Month  6 to month 8
Direct client marketing Marketing Department $500 Month 9 to month 11
Collection and review of feedback Marketing Department $250 Month 12
Total $36250

Conclusion 市场营销学assignment

All in all, a good communication mix is important in ensuring that business is able to reach out to new customer while still maintaining the current customers. For Wingstop, the appropriate communication mix would be digital marketing via YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. The business should also invest in sales through the van, a customer loyalty program, as well as direct client marketing.

Reference list  市场营销学assignment

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