Introduction to Marketing

Specimen Exam Paper

市场营销计划代写 This specimen examination paper serves solely as an illustration of the types of questions which may be contained in the examination.

Important Note: 市场营销计划代写

This specimen examination paper serves solely as an illustration of the types of questions which may be contained in the examination. Students should not construe these questions as the actual examination questions nor part of the actual examination paper. In addition, this specimen examination paper does not purport to represent the complete scope or coverage of the course and the distribution of the topics to be examined.

The case used in the specimen exam paper is copyrighted. The specimen exam paper posted on the OLE is solely for students’ own private study. Students should not re-distribute the case to any other person to avoid any risk of copyright infringement.

This examination paper is divided into TWO (2) sections. You are required to answer ALL  sections and answer the number of questions indicated in each section.

SECTION A  (40 marks)

Question 1 市场营销计划代写

Read the scenario below and answer ALL questions.

Giordano, a Hong Kong-based international retailer, selling mid-priced men’s, women’s and children’s casual wear worldwide,

Early in its existence, Giordano’s management had realized that regional expansion was required to achieve substantial growth and economies of scale. Today, Giordano has over 1,800 stores in more than 30 markets.

Although Giordano had been extremely successful, it faces a number of challenges. Competition is keen in most geographic markets serviced by the Giordano while growth is limited as their products are narrowly positioned in terms of user occasions. Another key issue is how the Giordano brand should be positioned against the competition in both new and existing markets. 市场营销计划代写

(a) What is the value of a SWOT analysis? Conduct a SWOT analysis for the brand and suggest two marketing objectives to be achieved in the coming one year.          (24 marks)

(b) Propose a marketing mix strategy (product, price, place and promotion) for the brand to achieve. Give two examples for each marketing mix element.          (16 marks)



SECTION B   (60 marks) 市场营销计划代写

Answer 2 out of 3 questions from question 2 to 4. Each question is worth 30 marks.

Question 2   (30 marks)

(a) As the owner of a restaurant, you have decided to introduce a take-out menu. Describe how the four elements of the marketing mix might interact in your preparation of a marketing plan for the restaurant.      (16 marks)

(b) Define the ‘marketing concept’. Explain how it can be implemented when an organization is faced with negative demand?     (14 marks)

Question 3   (30 marks) 市场营销计划代写

(a) How can customer markets be segmented? Explain the importance of market segmentation in marketing strategy.     (18 marks)

(b) What is franchising? List and critically discuss TWO advantages of franchising.      (12 marks)

Question 4   (30 marks) 市场营销计划代写

(a) Promotional pricing generates a sense of urgency and excitement. However, recognizing the dangers of this pricing approach, you are tasked to design an alternative pricing strategy that will generate long-term sales and customer loyalty. What pricing strategy do you recommend? Discuss if such strategy will work as well as promotional pricing in the short term?       (18 marks)

(b) Think of a discount retailer in Hong Kong or your home country. Critically examine TWO of its potential competitors from both an industry and market point of view.           (12 marks)