Are the Images Being Shown on Media the Reality?


In this blog I will be speaking about the different types of images we are exposed to in our daily lives···

In this blog I will be speaking about···

In this blog I will be speaking about the different types of images we are exposed to in our daily lives. And whether they actually show the reality or present an incorrect picture to us. In my previous blog I have spoken about body image. And how more and more youngsters are now focused on having a certain type of body image.

In this blog I will be looking at images from a different perspective. That of a business or marketing related point of view. The reason for this is because many of the images being televised or in print media are photoshopped to the point of perfection. And therefore, give  a false image of reality. Many of the model’s faces are airbrushed to hide their real age or wrinkles. Not only does it make them feel insecure with their own bodies. But it creates an incorrect image in the eyes of the youngsters. Where they start viewing their bodies as imperfect.

The standards of beauty are wrong simply because they never existed to begin with. There are many models whose images are photoshopped in magazines. And commercials just to create a false image in the minds of the viewers that this is how a person is supposed to look like. Graphic designers every day, are given the task to air brushing a model in order to make her look flawless. After intense makeup is done to hide any flaws or pigmentation over their skin. Therefore, the beauty standards create a false perception simply because they are not real.

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在这个博客中,我将从不同的角度看图像。与业务或营销相关的观点。这样做的原因是因为许多电视或印刷媒体中的图像都经过 Photoshop 处理,达到了完美的程度。因此,给出一个虚假的现实形象。模特的许多面部都经过喷漆处理,以隐藏其真实年龄或皱纹。这不仅让他们对自己的身体感到不安全。但它在年轻人眼中产生了不正确的形象。他们开始将自己的身体视为不完美的地方。


In a video made by Jesse Rosten

He talks about how different people are being photoshopped every day. Especially when it come to the marketing of beauty products. Even when there is no need for a person to be photoshopped. The marketers do it to incite purchase, because the consumers are trusting and they believe what they see. In this digital era, technology has become the center of invention. However, people are still living in their old mindset of how much looks matter.

Instead of inculcating values among the younger generation we are still trying to fight. And overcome the problem related to body image and the unbelievably high standards of beauty that have been set through advertising. Media is again to blame in my opinion. Because they still propagate such types of advertisements and allow marketers to have their way.

However, I will not blame the marketers or businesses for this solely.  I also hold the people responsible, simply because they are letting it happen. Instead of just accepting the unjust and superficial image that has been created in the minds of the younger generation. Active efforts should be made in order to change this flawed perception.

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他谈到每天都有不同的人在进行 Photoshop 处理。尤其是在美容产品的营销方面。即使不需要对一个人进行Photoshop处理。营销人员这样做是为了刺激购买,因为消费者信任并且相信他们所看到的。在这个数字时代,技术已成为发明的中心。但是,人们仍然生活在看起来有多重要的旧思维中。




Everybody is flawed in one way or another

That imperfection is what makes them truly beautiful. It makes all of us human. We are intelligent beings no doubt, but far from perfect. We learn from our mistakes and we try to improve. And that is all that matters and should matter. Children, and especially teenagers should be focused on gaining knowledge instead of being caught up in things like body image which doesn’t matter.

Humility, kindness, compassion, understanding. These traits will come in handier, compared to a body which will age with time. Aging is a beautiful process, and anybody who tries to forcefully hide it. Such as the people from advertising agencies, a step should be taken against such an action.

Therefore, I believe that the perceptions being created in the minds of the young regarding what their body is supposed to look like is wrong and something needs to be done about it. Advertising and the media industry has had a huge role to lay in building this perceptions and similarly they must become advocates in raising awareness regarding this issue. For it is an issue, many of us would be too afraid to admit it, but this is an issue that needs to be addressed, so that the next generation can be spared the cruelty of being dissatisfied with their bodies, simply because advertisers said so.

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