Applied Business Challenge代写
Applied Business Challenge代写

Applied Business Challenge代写 To my point of view, Honesty, Hard Work, Confidence, Perseverance, Fitness are the five core personal values

ASSESSMENT 2: CAREER PLANNING REFLECTION       Applied Business Challenge代写

Task 1 – Values Audit


To my point of view, Honesty, Hard Work, Confidence, Perseverance, Fitness are the five core personal values [1]. Honesty is a very expensive gift and is the most important of them all. Our reputation can’t be easily replaced once soiled. Intelligent hard work can make us do well under high pressure. Confidence leads to action, the best way to build self-confidence is to invest oneself. Perseverance can make the impossible possible. Focus more on health and fitness makes it easier to attend other core values [2].

My ideal career is in finance. Via my undergraduate courses, I have developed specialty skills, logical analysis ability, communication and presentation skill, management ability, strain capacity. Those abilities will help me do well in my future work.

Reference       Applied Business Challenge代写

[1] Christopher D. Connors, 5 Core Values that Define Success for Every Individual,


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Task 2 –Capability Audit          Applied Business Challenge代写


1.Response to common selection criteria
1)Demonstrated capacity to communicate effectively

Effective communication can improve work efficiency [3]. During my internship in Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, when my direct superior gave me work assignments, I would quickly determine the difficulty of the task, and sufficiently communicate with superior about the task requirement and confirm the deadline. If I encountered difficulties that could not be solved by myself in the process, I would ask my workmates or superior for guidance, and always communicated with superior to let him know about the progress of task either via email or verbally. My direct superior told me that my communication capacity met his expectation.

2)Good organizational and administrative skills

I have organized college tennis match in 2016. First, I discussed with student union members to determine the match schedule. Listen to every member’s opinions about the match, confirmed the match place, time arrangement, and general match rules. Secondly, I arranged publicity plan to attract more schoolmates to participant in the games. I confirmed name lists of competitors, referees, and other organization committee, and the detailed competition process. Thirdly, I prepared some medicines, just in case, when someone might be got hurt during the matches. Also, I had arranged one schoolmate to record the exciting moments of tennis match. Carrying out the whole work in a planned way, make sure the game was carried out in an orderly manner and everyone could enjoy this tennis match. Finally, the match hold successfully. This experience has developed my organizational and administrative skills.

3)Proven ability to work as part of a team

Teamwork is essential in almost any work environment [4]. Sometimes, class assignments should be done as a team. As a member of team, I will fully discuss the assignment together with team members, and conform the division of assignment to make sure the assignment can be finished as well as possible. I can trust team members, and like to study with them. During the team work, when member have different opinions, I can accept them. When others have difficulty in the work, I will try my best to assist them. Also, when my part of work has problem, I will ask other members for help to make sure the work can be done in time.

4)Well-developed customer service skills            Applied Business Challenge代写

During my internship in Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, I was an assistant of the Guest Service Manager. I represented the customer’s first impression of the bank. When the customers didn’t know how to fill in documents, such as card applications, bill transfer, financial product purchase, I would keep smile, and accurately guided the customers to fill in documents and guided them to the corresponding counter to handle business, in order to reduce the counter pressure rate. If a customer got emotional in the lobby, I was responsible for calming their emotions. This is a important experience of mine which has developed my customer service skills.

5)Proven ability to manage projects

Project management ability is in increasing demand [6]. I have learned that communication, time management, organizational awareness, problem solving, and leadership are essential skills in project management. Some my college courses will deliver a final project to test the teaching achievements and our project management abilities. So, by now, I have several experiences on project managements.

2.further development

I have little experience in organization and administration, so I need to focus on improving my skills in this aspect.

Organizational and administration ability refers to the ability to flexibly use various methods to reasonably organize and effectively coordinate various forces in order to effectively achieve the goal. This ability is the external comprehensive expression of one’s knowledge, quality and other basic conditions. In a sense, everyone is an organizational manager, who undertakes certain organizational management tasks. I will focus more on the points listed as below:

  1. Cultivate my organizational skills;
  2. Develop strong analytical skills. Get full appreciation of the situation, think deeply about the problem.
  3. Be able to express my views in a concise and persuasive manner and absorb the advice and feedback of others with an objective and open attitude.
  4. Develop my strong team spirit and cohesion. Inspire the passion of those around, let them work unitedly and coordinately.

Reference          Applied Business Challenge代写

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Task 3 – Personal Branding             Applied Business Challenge代写


Graduate Elevator Pitch

I am Liu Xiao tong, an undergraduate from Center University of Economics and Finance, major in international trade and financial risk management. I have a solid foundation of specialty knowledge. I have two internships, one in China Securities, one in Commercial Bank of China.

I will introduce myself from four aspects. First, fast learning ability. At the beginning of my internship in China Securities, I don’t have much knowledge about ABS, by looking up literature materials related, I quickly wrote an introduction about ABS and my direct superior praised my work. Second, have responsibility. Either in college or at work, besides finishing my own part of work, I am willing to help others in order to make the team work do better.

Third, have ability to work under high pressure. Facing with emergencies, I do not feel self-pity in the face of difficulties and pressures. I am able to calmly face, analyze and solve the problem. Also, I am good at summary and self-improvement. Fourth, ability to communicate and coordinate. I like to create a good communication environment in the process of work, effectively convey information. I will pay attention to means and methods in inter-departmental collaboration, and improve my work efficiency.

I would like to look for a position which is relevant with my major, I want to apply a job in your company, and I think I can create value for the company, and the one you are looking for.

Reference           Applied Business Challenge代写

[8] Alison Doyle, Elevator Pitch Examples and Writing Tips, <https://www.thebala ncecareers.com/elevator-speech-examples-and-writing-tips-2061976>


Applied Business Challenge代写
Applied Business Challenge代写

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