Psychological代写 Complications Resulting from Illnesses



Psychological Complications Resulting from Illnesses

Depression Resulting from Illness of Injury

Psychological代写 Sudden and unexpected injuries or illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, cancer or any other serious illness have an…

Introduction Psychological代写

Sudden and unexpected injuries or illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, cancer or any other serious illness have an impact on patient life. The patient may be shocked, grief, sad, angered or experience sorrow because of their health state. Although these feelings may subside with time, some may persist to cause stress posing higher risk to the patient developing depression and anxiety. One of such instances is when one of my clients was diagnosed with chronic pancreatic cancer. Being the nurse in charge of his treatment, I had to go beyond the ordinary duty of treatment care to monitoring his anxiety levels.

Patient Encounters and Challenges Psychological代写

It was evident that the patient became so worried about his condition and always wondered if he will ever get well. He was a father of three, two boys and one girl and a husband. He confided to me some of his family issues when attending to him. He feared that his children are young to grow without a dad and that he was the provider to the family. He became psychologically disturbed and stressed which risked him suffering depression. The condition is well addressed in the article by Wiseman, Curtis, Lam, and Foster (2015) which explains the possibilities of depression, anxiety, and stress following a traumatic illness. Therefore, his condition not only required nursing and doctor attention but also needed psychological support.


Strategies Used to Handle the Situation Psychological代写

In the above condition, I had to advocate for the client by identifying the changes in his psychological state and referring him for treatment. As attended to him, I used to encourage and support him emotionally to be optimistic in his state. It is expected that high number of cancer patients have chances of developing depression and hence antidepressants are administered (Ostuzzi, Matcham, Dauchy, Barbui, & Hotopf, 2015). I also recommended him to a psychiatrist who attends to him every two days.

Moreover, I could have also recommended therapy with his wife so that she can learn how to handle her husband’s delicate psychological condition whereas being able to identify changes which might need medical intervention. However, my intervention for the client was bound by the legal. And ethical practices which allowed me to inform my client of any intended referral for his mental condition. In such cases, the client reserved the right not to attend psychiatric sessions. Psychological代写


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Wiseman, T., Curtis, K., Lam, M., & Foster, K. (2015). Incidence of depression, anxiety and stress following traumatic injury: a longitudinal study. Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine, 23(1). DOI: 10.1186/s13049-015-0109-z






显然,患者变得如此担心自己的状况,并一直想知道他是否会康复。他是三个,两个男孩,一个女孩和一个丈夫的父亲。当他参加会议时,他向我透露了他的一些家庭问题。他担心自己的孩子年轻时会没有父亲成长,而且他是家庭的抚养人。他在心理上受到了困扰,并感到压力重重,使他有遭受抑郁症的危险。 Wiseman,Curtis,Lam和Foster(2015)的文章很好地解决了这种情况,该文章解释了创伤性疾病后抑郁,焦虑和压力的可能性。因此,他的病情不仅需要护理和医生的照顾,还需要心理上的支持。