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psychology代写 The theoretical approach in counseling is critical in working with mental clients in practice. The competence on advanced…

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The theoretical approach in counseling is critical in working with mental clients in practice. The competence on advanced counseling theory orients me to the major traditional and modern methods of counseling practice which include psychodynamics, person-centered, rational emotive behavior therapy, multicultural, feminist, and solution-focused methods (Myers, 2013). Each of these theories is applied in specific settings and situations, and therefore they give me a broad reference of the approach counseling. psychology代写

Thus, the knowledge and competency in advanced counseling theories enable me to respond to different complex counseling issues and behaviors involving individuals and families. Also, I can address the majors counseling issues with the client with the therapeutic relationship. Besides, I will be able to handle any challenge faced during psychotherapy’s existing nooks and crannies.  Furthermore, the knowledge in particular theories makes me confident in my practice. psychology代写


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Although common factor theory has a long history in the practice of psychotherapy, it does not eliminate the essential knowledge gained from advanced counseling theories mainly when dealing with individuals and families. Although different approaches and evidence-based practices in clinical psychology practice of psychotherapy and counseling share common factors, the advanced counseling theories offer better insight to approaches regarding various setting and situations which are dependent on the individual and family issues and behavior (Wampold, 2015).

Even though I am competent in common factor theory without coupling it with advanced counseling theories, problem-solving in complex isolated cases may be challenging. Beside using common factors, as a specialist, I need to understand individual factors and other variables that might affect counseling therapy. psychology代写


Myers, K. J. (2013). Counseling theories converge Person, client, therapist. Counseling Today.

Wampold, B. E. (2015). How important are the common factors in psychotherapy? An update. World Psychiatry, 14(3), 270-277.




辅导的理论方法对于在实践中与精神病患者合作至关重要。高级咨询理论的能力使我适应了主要的传统和现代咨询实践方法,包括心理动力学,以人为本,理性情绪行为疗法,多元文化,女权主义和以解决方案为中心的方法(Myers,2013年)。这些理论中的每一种都适用于特定的环境和情况,因此它们为我提供了方法咨询的广泛参考。因此,高级咨询理论的知识和能力使我能够应对涉及个人和家庭的各种复杂的咨询问题和行为。此外,我可以通过治疗关系与客户解决专业咨询问题。此外,我将能够应对心理治疗现有的角落和缝隙中遇到的任何挑战。此外,特别是理论方面的知识使我对自己的实践充满信心。 psychology代写


尽管公因子理论在心理治疗的实践中历史悠久,但它并没有消除主要是在与个人和家庭打交道时从高级咨询理论中获得的基本知识。尽管心理治疗和咨询的临床心理学实践中的不同方法和基于证据的实践具有共同的因素,但高级咨询理论可以更好地洞察与个人和家庭问题及行为有关的各种环境和情况(Wampold,2015) 。即使我擅长于将公因子理论与高级咨询理论相结合,但在复杂的孤立案例中解决问题仍可能具有挑战性。除了使用常见因素外,作为专家,我还需要了解可能会影响咨询治疗的个体因素和其他变量。