Heartful Awareness Chart Activity

Emotional chart代写 To build my heartfulness, I need to grow on my feeling good emotions and reduce the tendencies to feel bad emotions.

Feel Good

Optimistic, accepted, peaceful, loving, energetic, open minded

Feel Bad

Rejected, anger, hurt, lonely, humiliated

Feel good emotion words  Emotional chart代写

These emotional words reflect who I am when in feel-good situations. They help me in being heartful and mindful at home and school and in everything else I do. Being optimistic makes me more focused and have a positive mind and feeling good of tomorrow. The virtue of feeling accepted makes me proud and feel the need to accept others the way they are. It has helped me not to focus on peoples’ flaws but the goods and forge good relationships. I am also a loving person, and I feel this virtue makes me feel accepted. Being energetic and open-minded makes me receptive of new views and ways and a thrill to keep pushing on no matter the hard situation I find myself in.

Feel bad emotion words  Emotional chart代写

On the other side of me, some factors make me not to be heartful. These are feeling bad situations that I express inwardly and outwardly. The feeling of rejection breeds anger in me which some time I express thus hurting my heartful awareness to others and to myself. Being hurt hinders me from seeing the plight of the other person but myself. It detaches me from the virtue of love. And lastly, when I feel humiliated downgrade me to lower self-esteem. It makes me feel rejected and unaccepted.

To build my heartfulness, I need to grow on my feeling good emotions and reduce the tendencies to feel bad emotions. This requires a more in-depth understanding of myself and what hinders me from achieving heartfulness. The feeling good feeling need to more pronounced in me than feeling bad.

Heartful Awareness in Daily Life  Emotional chart代写

1.To more generative to the top of my emotional chart, I need to reflect more on being positive and engage my inner intuition to exude a positive attitude towards others and things I do.

2.I need to exercise every day after which spend a few minutes of my time in the morning reflecting on how I feel about everything, how I think, and what to improve.

3.Create a daily schedule of things I need to do. And avoid missing or postponing what stuff I need to do.

4.Action plan  Emotional chart代写

The main thing to do Steps to take Indicators of successful completion Start Target
Build my state of being positive Reading personal development book and articles

Regular physical exercise

Surround me with positive minds

Positive attitude

Energy and optimism in school and relationships

Less feeling of anger and hurts  Emotional chart代写

10/17/18 12/31/2018
Mind and physical exercise Trend

Outdoor running and cycling

Daily reflection

The feeling of rejuvenation in both the soul, body, and mind

Physical confidence and developed self-esteem

Self-awareness  Emotional chart代写

10/17/18 1/31/2019
Create a daily routine Time schedule

Avoid postponing

Strict adherence to the time set for each activity

Being able to adhere to the time

Good time management

Attain the target goal

10/17/18 2/28/2019

5.List of images.  Emotional chart代写

Feeling good

i. Optimistic:

Emotional chart代写
Emotional chart代写

The woman face show a person who is confident in life and sees better things

ii. Accepted:

Emotional chart代写
Emotional chart代写

The feeling of being accepted. The feel the whole world loves him. He is happy.

iii. Peaceful and loving:


The woman feels the ambiance of love which brings her peace in mind and soul.

iv. Energetic:

Emotional chart代写
Emotional chart代写

The thrill of feeling energetic which brings happiness.

v. Open-minded:


Being to the world of new things and views.

Feeling bad

i. Rejected:

Emotional chart代写
Emotional chart代写

ii. Anger:


iii. Hurt:

Emotional chart代写
Emotional chart代写

iv. Humiliated:


v. Lonely:

Emotional chart代写
Emotional chart代写


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