Chronic Neurological Disorder: Narcolepsy with Cataplexy

慢性神经系统代写 慢性神经系统疾病:发作性睡病伴猝倒

慢性神经系统代写 Population: According to Scammell (2018) narcolepsy with cataplexy or narcolepsy type 1 affects 25 – 50 people per thousand…

Population: According to Scammell (2018) narcolepsy with cataplexy or narcolepsy type 1 affects 25 – 50 people per thousand. Gender has no impact on the diseases as it affects male and female equally. Moreover, researchers haven’t found any substantial impact of race or socioeconomic on this chronic neurological order. What causes narcolepsy is a mystery and there’s no cure available for it (Nishino, Sato, Matsumura & Kanbayashi, 2015). The population affected by this neurological disorder often fail to live a rewarding life until they manage their condition properly.

Intervention: Fortunately, narcolepsy with cataplexy is manageable as the consultant may recommend changes in lifestyle with some stimulants like wake-promoting medicines. This intervention however is one of many available, as doctors sometimes may test after determining your tolerance of certain medicines (Sturzenegger, Baumann, Lammers, Kallweit, van der Zande & Bassetti, 2018).

译文:人口:据 Scammell (2018) 称,发作性睡病伴猝倒或发作性睡病 1 型影响每千人 25 – 50 人。性别对疾病没有影响,因为它同样影响男性和女性。此外,研究人员还没有发现种族或社会经济对这种慢性神经系统有任何实质性影响。导致发作性睡病的原因是一个谜,并且没有可用的治疗方法(Nishino、Sato、Matsumura 和 Kanbayashi,2015)。受这种神经系统疾病影响的人群通常无法过上有意义的生活,除非他们妥善管理自己的病情。 慢性神经系统代写

干预:幸运的是,猝倒性发作性睡病是可以控制的,因为顾问可能会建议使用一些兴奋剂(如促醒药物)改变生活方式。然而,这种干预是众多可用的干预之一,因为医生有时可能会在确定您对某些药物的耐受性后进行测试(Sturzenegger、Baumann、Lammers、Kallweit、van der Zande 和 Bassetti,2018 年)。 慢性神经系统代写


Comparison: There are plenty of material available

比较:有很多可用的材料 慢性神经系统代写

which needed a critical analysis to identify a method that majority of the researchers agree with as the best way to manage narcolepsy with cataplexy. However, due to the nature of the subject consolidating existing literature is only the half job done (Lammers, 2017). And to understand if the treatment the study would identify as best actually works, a sample of around 50 adults (male and female equally) will be recruited to used that treatment. This will help in converting qualitative data to quantitative data and will increase the credibility of this research.

Outcome: With critical analysis of the existing literature, this study hopes to consolidate all available reliable researches on the subject and extract one meaningful answer that the majority agrees as the best solution to treat/manage narcolepsy with cataplexy.

Time: This method has been chosen as it will help consolidate existing researches on the subject in less time. However, to test the finalized treatment on the sample population, the researcher will need six months. The researcher is going to monitor the changes in the sample population for six months to determine the effectiveness of the selected treatment.

译文:这需要进行批判性分析,以确定大多数研究人员同意的方法,作为管理猝倒性发作性睡病的最佳方法。然而,由于该主题的性质,整合现有文献仅完成了一半工作(Lammers,2017)。为了了解研究确定的最佳治疗方法是否实际有效,将招募约 50 名成年人(男性和女性同等)样本来使用该治疗方法。这将有助于将定性数据转换为定量数据,并将提高这项研究的可信度。 慢性神经系统代写

结果:通过对现有文献的批判性分析,本研究希望整合所有可用的关于该主题的可靠研究,并提取一个有意义的答案,大多数人都认为这是治疗/管理猝倒性发作性睡病的最佳解决方案。 慢性神经系统代写

时间:选择这种方法是因为它有助于在更短的时间内巩固对该主题的现有研究。然而,为了测试对样本人群的最终治疗,研究人员将需要六个月的时间。研究人员将在六个月内监测样本人群的变化,以确定所选治疗的有效性。 慢性神经系统代写


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