Critique Questions


“The Complete Works of William Shakespeare”

戏剧论文代写 Many people believe that it is the accent and not the quality of the voice that is crucial to a play. 

Many people believe that it is the accent and not the quality of the voice that is crucial to a play. However, after watching the complete works of William Shakespeare, I must say that it is the vocal quality of the actor that is crucial for the success of any play. I will discuss the performance of Adam long, who begins by telling the audience about Shakespeare, and his life. His performance is not only funny, but the manner in which he acts, for example, acting surprised and confused when his notes become ruffled and disordered, he is able to captivate the audience. His speech is not only clear, but he is able to portray himself as part of the audience before he is called onto the stage. The diction he uses is not only conversational, but also makes the audience laughs when he twists his words and reads unconnected sentences.

The second actor I would like to discuss is Mr. Austin Thitchner, who’s voice clearly carried over the crowd and his dialogue delivery is immaculate. 戏剧论文代写

Every word is audible, and he is able to express each sentence, while keeping in mind where he needs to emphasize most. When reciting, “All the World’s a stage,” he is able to deliver words, not only through the quality of his voice as well as his accent, but also through his expressions. The diction he uses again is highly conversational, and the tone he applies during his acting is more garnered towards keeping it light and jovial while getting the message across to the audience.


When it comes to the technical aspects of production, I think that it was carried out brilliantly. The lights were used primarily to highlight the key elements of the scene. The sound was clearly audible to the audience, and everything was on cue, so that when the scenes cut and changes from one angle to another, the transition seemed smooth, and nicely done. The set was designed in a simple Victorian fashion, so as to make it reminiscent of the times of Shakespeare, however, I do feel that better props should have been used, as it would have made the play even more engaging. On the other hand, the costumes complement the narration that is being made by the actors, with more focus being on dialogue delivery, which again is cleverly done throughout the play.

After watching the play, I must say that I am even more interested in watching plays from the comic genre, as it was light and fun to watch.

I immensely enjoyed this style of play, and the one thing that I genuinely liked about this type of production was the simplicity with which it was produced and completed. With its simplicity, they were able to keep the audience engaged for a duration of 90 minutes, which in my opinion, is a huge feat, and I would like to watch productions like these again in future. The one thing I would like improved is perhaps the costume, but apart from that, I think everything was very good.