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Critical Thinking代写 How Facebook Targeted Ads Work:Ads targeting is a new way of reaching out to customers through customized ads.


How Facebook Targeted Ads Work

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Ads targeting is a new way of reaching out to customers through customized ads. Facebook Inc. use ads targeting to advertise its clients’ products. Ads targeting use browser history and internet usage to determine the type of products an internet user might require or may be interested. Facebook collects personal data from inputs on its website and listens to the sites a person visits in the background. The information is then used to generate ads related to personal web use history.

Reason Why P&G is Choosing to Move Away from Facebook’s Targeted Ads  Critical Thinking代写

According to P&G chief marketing officer, ads targeting has limited effectiveness. Therefore, there was a need for the company to target a broader audience (Terlep & Seetharaman, 2016). Reason being that ads targeting is too narrow to reach out to the overall market.

Recommendation on the Type of Calculations that P&G and Other Advertisers Can Use to Evaluate Whether to Use Targeted Ads or Ads That Reach a Broad Audience.  Critical Thinking代写

P&G and other advertisers should consider the cost per person they would incur to reach out to the targeted market. They should choose the method that cost less person in advertising and yield more in sales.

Criteria to Determine Whether to Run Targeted Ads or Ads with Broad Reach  Critical Thinking代写

Determining the type of advertising can be challenging especially to the large companies with different brands. The type of advertising to use is primarily by the type of product and target market. For consumer goods, a mixed approach to marketing is more effective as compared to the use of ads targeting alone. If the target customers cannot be accessed through online platforms, then ads targeting may not work. In essence, marketing should be dynamic and robust in response to the changes in market needs and accessibility.

References  Critical Thinking代写

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