Critical Reading Response



Critical Reading Response

Critical Reading代写 It shows the problem of social injustice in schools with black girls being psychologically tortured in school.

Black Girls and School Discipline Policies in the Afterlife of Slavery Critical Reading代写

The study illustrates the problems of discrimination in schools in America (Wun, 2016). Notably, the paper explains how disciplinary actions are not equally applied to all students with black youths being the victims of constant surveillance to adhere to school rules and regulations. It shows the problem of social injustice in schools with black girls being psychologically tortured in school. The schools are viewed as conduits to prison for black youths who have been found guilty and expelled from school.

The text uses facts collected from the victims. It is proof that racism still exists in modern American society and has extended to learning institutions. The article forms a basis on which policies can be made to rectify the trend in U.S schools. The article also helped to address the plight of the black woman in modern society. However, the article has the shortcoming of not being able to sample the responded from diverse cities and schools.Critical Reading代写**范文

Only a few victims were interviewed. Notably, a small number of respondents may not give correct information as one may tend to defend their actions. It is also important to note that discipline is applied to all students regardless of the race. In this regard, it is of paramount importance to research on the prevalence of black girls to indiscipline.

Second-Generation Dominican, West Indian, and Haitian Youth in New York City Critical Reading代写

The researcher, López (2002), is concerned of the gender gap that is widening in educational attainment by the second-generation immigrants. Her research illustrates a social problem where fewer men are excelling in education than women. She identified this as a race-gender problem, where Black and Hispanic women attain higher education status compared to men. The issue is intertwined between race, gender, and schooling. In this case, black men are tagged to be violent and criminals, which makes them more prevalent to victimization.Critical Reading代写**范文

Therefore, most of them do not complete school, and they end in the streets. The study offers a good reference for solving a social problem of low education attainment that has affected most black men. The article uses data to demonstrate the contrast that has persisted in modern society’s American education. However, the researcher has failed to show the onset of the issue has also not given a solution to the issue.

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Critical Reading代写

The Anomaly of Women’s Achievement Critical Reading代写

The work of Mickelson (1989), is exciting to read as it exposes the problem of gender stratification in career growth regardless of women having better credentials than men. The article raises the issue of women continued effort to excel and advance in education the anomaly notwithstanding. The author observed the most career women regardless of their excellent academic credential have continued to be ranked lower in the career ladder compared to men. The research vividly explains the society where men are gratified at the expense of a woman. The article also portrays the society where masculinity is considered superior which in actual sense all genders are equal.Critical Reading代写**范文

The gender equality notwithstanding this trend does not seem to come to an end any time soon. The modern woman has to continue with the fight for her role and contribution in the society. The argument brought out in the article is important in understanding why modern society still discriminates against women in career advancement. It is also a perfect proof that women are equal to men, but society tends to ignore.

Adolescence Masculinity and the Fag Discourse Critical Reading代写

The article by Pascoe (2005) touches on a pertinent of sexuality. It explains how boys realized and develop a sense of being masculine because of the “fag” or “faggot” identity. The “fag identity” is the tendency of a man to have a feminine like character. It is associated with homophobia. In this context, a boy is self-aware of his behavior not to be seen acting like a faggot. In this case, the boy wants to act like a boy or like a man create his masculine image.Critical Reading代写**范文

The article paints a society where homophobia is an insult to the masculinity and no straight boy want the tag. Therefore, the boy wants to prove their masculine nature not to appear weak and feminine. In as far as this argument was valid in century ago, however, it is not applicable in modern society where homophobia has gained acceptance. In my opinion, the article is an insult to contemporary society where everybody regardless of their social orientation has to feel accepted and has freedom of expression.

The Role and Influence of Environmental and Cultural Factors on the Academic Performance of African American Males

The article studies the reason why black males are more prevalent to negative behaviors (Noguera, 2003). The main issue is the role played by the environment and culture in shaping the black men and how this has contributed to poor performance in school and contribute to indiscipline. In this context, the environment is where these men grew in, what they undergo in life, their relationships, et cetera. On the other hand, culture is the common and accepted behaviors in the black society.Critical Reading代写**范文

The article shows a society where black men undergo hardships of various kinds, which consequently affect their behavior as well as education performance. These hardships depend on the environment they grow in, black men culture, and the neighborhood. The author associates their bad experiences with poor academic performance. The article has also successfully showed the connection that exist therefore the argument is valid.Critical Reading代写**范文

In essence, this article is important to the correction centers, schools, and specialist dealing with male blacks. The outcomes can be used to rectify the situation through affirmative actions and policies. However, the author has failed to provide real data that shows the prevalence of this issue.

Critical Reading代写
Critical Reading代写

References Critical Reading代写

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