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technology development代写
technology development代写

technology development代写 ecent years, the development of IT field and electronics industries are so rapid, which bring out much benefit for our life

Recent years, technology development代写

the development of IT field and electronics industries are so rapid, which bring out much benefit for our life, making our living standard improved enormously,making the society progress quickly, then there are much demand for the social production,technology development代写

people need more product than before, there are more cars, more electrical products(like phone, computer, Pad etc), many high-tech service emerged, at the same time, the problem is coming, to satisfy the demand of human being, the government need to  increase the input of fundamental infrastructure, the industry need to produce much product to satisfy the demand of people, the company need to provide the suitable service for their customers.

In such a process,

the government, the industry,the company must make their producing plan according to the data they have, the meaning of the data include many things,like the city road data, economy development data, stock market data, the people that have cancer in some areas,etc. When we mentioned the data, actually it’s another very popular concept—big data,which means the massive data stored in hardware.technology development代写

To deal with such a large-scale data, of course, we can use our PC or buy a personal server to deal with it. However there is a inspiration is that can we provide the service for those people who need to deal with enormous amount data or those people who want deal with their data at the same time they want their computer is free then they can use it to do other things?

And how can we do this?

The answer is cloud computing. What is the cloud computing? According to the definition of National Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST), cloud computing is a pay-as-you-go model that provides usable, convenient, on-demand network access and access to a configurable pool of computing resources (resources including network, server, storage, application software, services) These resources can be delivered quickly, with minimal administrative effort or little interaction with service providers.The emerge of cloud computing make our producing process accelerate enormously.

Is there any other technology that can breakthrough the challenge faced by cloud computing?technology development代写

The answer is yes, the new technology is blockchain. Most of us may not be familiar with the blockchain technology, but if I mentioned the bitcoin, most of you may know it. The relationship between the bitcoin and blockchain is that if there is no the blockchain technology, there is no bitcoin. But if there is no bitcoin, with the apply of blockchain technology, there would have other digital coin.

Actually the blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually every thing of value. Then we may be strange? How can be combine these two technologies, before we introduce how can they combine together, we should have a general comprehend about the two technologies.

2. Cloud computing technology and its propertytechnology development代写

First we will introduce the cloud computing technology, as the definition of cloud computing:cloud computing is a pay-as-you-go model that provides usable, convenient,

on-demand network access and access to a configurable pool of computing resources (resources including network, server, storage, application software, services) These resources can be delivered quickly, with minimal administrative effort or little interaction with service providers. Cloud computing make a big change from the original business thought about the IT resources.

What can we do with the cloud computing? And why only in no more than ten years, there come out so many cloud computing service companies? And why so many institutes( like government, industry, service company, university) turn to cloud computing services?

As we can see from the above figure,

cloud computing platform is just like a tool box, there are many tools in it, you can use it to do so many creative inventions as you want,cloud computing can provide so many service as you can imagine, We can use it to create new apps,in cloud computing systems, you can quickly build , and deploy scale spplications—web,mobile and API—on any platform.You can use it to test your applications and build your applications.

By using cloud infrastructures that the time needed can easily be scaled up or down. When those institutes that have so enormous size of data need to be stored, cloud computing platform should be helpful, you can use the cloud computing platform to store, back up and recover data.

For those researchers or scientists, they can use the cloud computing platform to analysis their data, for the companies that live depend on film and television output, they can use the platform to stream audio and video,for those service companies, they can use the cloud computing platform to do embed intelligence, using the intelligence models to help engage the customers and provide valuable insights and views from the data they have. technology development代写

There are several types of cloud computing,

the first is Public cloud, Public clouds are owned and operated by a third-party cloud service providers, which deliver their computing resources like servers and storage over the Internet. Microsoft Azure is an example of a public cloud. With a public cloud, all hardware, software and other supporting infrastructure is owned and managed by the cloud provider.

You access these services and manage your account using a web browser.The second is the Private, a private cloud refers to cloud computing resources used exclusively by a single business or organisation. A private cloud can be physically located on the company’s on-site datacenter. Some companies also pay third-party service providers to host their private cloud.

A private cloud is one in which the services and infrastructure are maintained on a private network.The third is hybrid cloud,from the name we can see that it’s combined with private cloud and public cloud,which allowed data or information to be shared between them,allowing the data moved from the private cloud to public cloud or public cloud to private cloud.This type of cloud computing make a great flexibility to business, more deployment selections can optimise user’s existing infrastructure,security and compliance.

Cloud computing have many advantages,

first cloud computing can turn capital investment into flexible input,instead of investing heavily in building data centers and servers, you can use cloud services, so you only pay when you use computing resources, and you pay only for what you use.Second using cloud computing you can benefit from large-scale economies,With cloud computing, you get a lower variable cost and are much stronger than you do.

Because the cloud brings together thousands of customers,

providers like amazon web services can take advantage of economies of scale to turn this feature into a lower pay-per-use price.The third is that you don’t need to guess the required capacity to store your data or run your program,no longer have to guess the infrastructure capacity needs. If you determine capacity before deploying your application, you can generally avoid expensive idle resources or you don’t have to worry about limited capacity. With cloud computing, none of these problems will arise.

You can access resources of any size,

more or less, and expand or shrink as needed, all in just a few minutes.As we mentioned above, with the using of cloud computing service, the time to finish our project decreased, and the working efficiency increased violently,In a cloud computing environment, new IT resources can be configured with the click of a mouse, which can save significant time and reduce the time it takes for developers to provision resources from weeks to minutes.technology development代写

This greatly increases the flexibility of the organization as the cost and time for testing and development is significantly reduced.The fourth is that you don’t need to invest in data center operations and maintenance. Focus on projects that make your company unique, not infrastructure. Cloud computing allows you to focus on your customers and remove the heavy lifting of installing and maintaining servers.

Finally, to those big companies, you can extend your business to the world in a matter of minutes,easily deploy your app in multiple areas of the world with just a few clicks. This means you can easily help your customers get lower latency and a better experience with minimal cost.Those advantages make the cloud computing technology so popular, from the emergence of cloud computing technology, there are so many companies working with the cloud service, nowadays, we can say that without cloud service, so many internet companies may break down, for they have so many business in cloud platform.

3.The emergence of blockchain and why it become so popular

The arise of blockchain technology is no more than ten years, however, nowadays, it become more and more popular and a large number of companies pay their attention to developing blockchain products, why so many companies scramble for this technology?

The main reason is that the emerge of blockchain technology solve many challenges we can’t solve or will spend much cost to solve it. When we mentioned the blockchain technology, technology development代写

we should also mention another invention—bit coin,which is a digital coin invented in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, and blockchain technology is the fundamental technology of bit coin. From the following figure we can see that from the invention of bit coin until now, the price of bit coin increased rapidly.

technology development代写
technology development代写

Since the emerge of bitcoin,

its price increased more than 1 million times compared with its peak. (It seems it’s so crazy but the value it’s true). From this we may can imagine why the blockchain technology attract more and more attentions from the world. The blockchain technology actually is a new application mode of computer technology with distributed data storage, point to point transmission, consensus mechanism and encryption algorithm.It is essentially a de-mediated database. It is a string of data generated by cryptography. Each data block contains information about a bitcoin network transaction.

Verify the validity of its information and generate the next block.

What is the blockchain system consist of? In general, a blockchain system consists of a data layer, a network layer, a consensus layer, an incentive layer, a contract layer, and an application layer. The data layer encapsulates the underlying data block and related data encryption and time stamping basic data and basic algorithms; the network layer includes a distributed networking mechanism, a data propagation mechanism, and a data verification mechanism; the consensus layer mainly encapsulates the network node.

Various types of consensus algorithms;

the incentive layer integrates economic factors into the blockchain technology system, mainly including the issuance mechanism and distribution mechanism of economic incentives.the contract layer mainly encapsulates various scripts, algorithms and smart contracts, and is a blockchain. The basis of the programmable features; the application layer encapsulates various application scenarios and cases of the blockchain. In this model, time-stamp-based chain block structure, distributed node consensus mechanism, consensus-based economic incentives, and flexible programmable smart contracts are the most representative innovations of blockchain technology. Because of the Sophisticated cooperation relationship of these layers, it generates such a powerful system.

There are several properties of blockchain technology.

It’s decentered. Due to the use of distributed accounting and storage, the system does not have centralized hardware or management organization, and the rights and obligations of any node are equal. The data blocks in the system are jointly maintained by the nodes with maintenance functions in the whole system. Second it’s  openness. The system is open.

In addition to the private information of the parties to the transaction being encrypted,

the blockchain data is open to everyone. Anyone can query blockchain data and develop related applications through a public interface, so the entire system information is highly transparent. Third it’s autonomy. The blockchain uses consensus-based specifications and protocols (such as a set of transparent and transparent algorithms) to enable all nodes in the entire system to exchange data freely and securely in a trusted environment, so that trust in “people” is changed to The trust of the machine, any human intervention does not work.The fourth is that the information cannot be tampered with.technology development代写

Once the information is verified and added to the blockchain, it will be stored permanently. Unless more than 51% of the nodes in the system can be controlled at the same time, the modification of the database on a single node is invalid, so the data of the blockchain is stable.Finally it’s anonymous. Since the exchange between nodes follows a fixed algorithm, the data interaction does not need to be trusted (the program rules in the blockchain will judge whether the activity is valid), so the individual does not need to open the identity to let the other party trust himself,which is very helpful for the accumulation of credit.

technology development代写
technology development代写

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