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RFP is required to prepare income statements that are compliant with the Generally Acceptable Accounting Guidelines.

Like any other business entity

RFP is required to prepare income statements that are compliant with the Generally Acceptable Accounting Guidelines. The income statements are of the three statements used for reporting a company’s financial performance over specified accounting period. Through the statement, Cooper will be able to know how the company has been performed . And allow him to make strategic decisions regarding RFP.

A comprehensive income statement follows two fundamental GAAP principles . Including matching principle and revenue recognition. Matching with compliant that expenses should show up on the income statement in the same accounting period as the related revenues. Financial statements may be greatly distorted if expenses are recognized earlier rather than later . And vice versa and hence jeopardize the quality of the statements . And providing an unfair representation of the financial position of the business.

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像任何其他业务实体一样,要求RFP编制符合“通用会计准则”的损益表。 损益表是用于报告公司在特定会计期间的财务业绩的三份表。 通过该声明,库珀将能够知道公司的表现,并允许他做出有关RFP的战略决策。
全面的损益表遵循GAAP的两个基本原则,包括匹配原则和收入确认。 符合条件的是,费用应在与相关收入相同的会计期间显示在损益表中。 如果提前确认费用而不是以后确认费用,财务报表可能会严重失真,从而损害财务报表的质量并提供不公平的业务财务状况表示。损益表报告代写


On the other hand

it is the principle of revenue recognition. It states that one should only record revenue when it has been earned, not when the related cash is collected. If there is doubt in regard to whether payment will be received from a customer, then the seller should recognize an allowance for doubtful accounts in the amount by which it is expected that the customer will renege on its payment.

Therefore, the company will use the income statements to determine whether to continue with the expansion or not. If Cooper chooses to expand, he must be certain that the company will be able to meet costs associated with the termination of the tenancy contract. This report details of income statements as per the GAAP as well as give recommendations on whether Cooper should expand or not as well as the cost of terminating the contract.

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这是收入确认的原则。 它指出,只有当获得收入时才记录收入,而不是在收集相关现金时记录收入。 如果对是否会从客户那里收到付款存有疑问,则卖方应确认可疑客户的准备金,其金额应为预计客户将放弃的付款额。
因此,公司将使用损益表来确定是否继续进行扩张。 如果库珀选择扩张,他必须确定该公司将能够负担与终止租赁合同相关的费用。 该报告根据GAAP详细列出了损益表,并就Cooper是否应扩大经营范围以及终止合同的成本提供了建议。损益表报告代写