Client Termination Summary



Client Termination Summary

Summary代写 Summary of the Presenting Difficulties:This was the first psychotherapy consultation with a mental health consultant.


Summary of the Presenting Difficulties

The client name is Maryann a 36 years old German origin. At the time of the consultation, she was living with her boyfriend who together were planning to get married. Maryann sought psychotherapy for she was feeling social discomfort and had a lifelong issue of being unable to express his feelings and experiences to others including her boyfriend and she does not want the problem persists in marriage and career. Also, she felt that the problem is interfering with her work life and expressed concern that it might limit her advancement in business consultant career. Summary代写**范文

Besides, Maryann experiences periods of intense anxiety which sometimes led to panic attacks. She described the problems began after she decided to move in with his boyfriend. According to her, in the Italian tradition, leaving home before marriage is considered against family norms and hence her decision brought conflicts with parents and her boyfriend. This was the first psychotherapy consultation with a mental health consultant. The therapy began in September, 15th 2018 and was anticipated to last for seven months.

Areas Addressed During Treatment   Summary代写

In the course of treatment, it was discovered that the client was experiencing severe insomnia. Thus, the therapy also addressed her problem together with insomnia (Wheeler, Kn.d). Also, notable for consideration was the death of her boyfriend’s father who dies in the course of therapy.

Treatment Process  Summary代写

The therapy with the client was planned once a week to provide supportive-dynamic psychotherapy together with cognitive-behavioral techniques which aimed to address her panic attack and insomnia (Dunlop, 2016; Haverkampf, 2017). Although the treatment was smooth, the client presented difficulties in expressing herself. The early therapy revealed that she was insightful, sensitive, and innately expressive which called for time so that she can express herself and articulate her inner feelings. The general conclusion was that she lacked space to express herself and desires. Summary代写**范文


At the initial stage, the client gained psychological and emotional awareness and was able to express his past relationships and how she felt about them. The self-awareness helps her disentangle mistrust and begin to see sense in sharing (Lutz et al., 2014). Tremendously the client was able to have emotional autonomy and psychological independence. It was later revealed that the client yearned to fulfill the family expectations for her. She realized that her previous decision was a way of reasserting herself because she lacked the space to express her feelings. Summary代写**范文

The panic attack was associated with the feeling of guilt. Therefore, the therapy helped her to draw a line between her desires and wishes from those around him particularly the family. She also realized that her work in the family business led to some of the stress because she was overqualified for the tasks given and hence felt underutilized.

Nature of Termination  Summary代写

Since the client showed the signs of improvement, she expressed the need to terminate therapy. She expressed the feeling of satisfaction throughout treatment. She also felt the beginning of a new life full of responsibilities. The termination date was set for March 20th, 2019. She failed to attend the termination session but gave an apology and appreciation for the help accorded to her.


The client showed a significant gain during the treatment sessions and expressed her satisfaction. Early in the treatment she reported being self-aware and realizing the mistakes she made. She also reported gaining relational and expression functions.

Limitation of Treatment  Summary代写

The therapy could not fully address the client’s problem of cultural conflict.

Remaining Difficulties/Concerns

The client did not express any difficulty or concern, and the professional did not identify any issue that needed address before termination.

Recommendations  Summary代写

Although the client made tremendous progress, for maximum psychological well-being and self-awareness, she needs psychodynamic therapy follow-up.


There was no indicated follow-up, but the client was free to contact for any needs



References  Summary代写

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