Teaching Philosophy and Goals

Teaching Philosophy代写
Teaching Philosophy代写

Teaching Philosophy代写 As a teacher, my ultimate goal is to instil knowledge and concepts into my students’ minds which can be used in such a way

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Appendix              Teaching Philosophy代写

       1.Enamel is:

       a.Avascular and 96% mineralised

        b.Avascular and 86% mineralised

        c.Vascular and 96% mineralised

        d.Vascular and 86% mineralised


       2.Abrasion is:

       a.Loss of hard tissue through chemical means not involving bacteria

      b.Loss of hard tissue through friction from toothbrushing and/or toothpaste

     c.Loss of hard tissue through tooth-to-tooth contact

     d.Loss of hard tissue through chemical means from cariogenic bacteria

    3.Ameloblasts and Tomes’ process are both responsible for the deposition of:          Teaching Philosophy代写




      d.Alveolar bone


    4.The enamel rods extend the entire width of the enamel from the outer surface of the enamel to the:

      a.Cementoenamel junction (CEJ)

      b.Dentinoenamel junction (DEJ)

      c.Dentinocemental junction (DCJ)

      d.Periodontal ligaments


      5.Dentin is:          Teaching Philosophy代写

       a.Non-vital, and harder than bone, but softer than enamel

      b.Non-vital, and harder than enamel, but softer than bone

      c.Vital, and harder than enamel, but softer than bone

      d.Vital, and harder than bone, but softer than enamel


   6.________ dentin has a thick outer layer, large collagen fibres and is deposited at the dentinoenamel junction (DEJ).






     7.True or false: The Hydrodynamic Theorysuggests that cold drinks/food cause outward flow of the tubular fluid contained within the dentinal tubules.


     8.The incremental lines that stain darkly in dentin and that can be likened to the Lines of Retzius in enamel are:

       a.Contour lines of Owen


       c.Neonatal line

       d.Imbrication lines of von Ebner


       9.Pulp is classified as:           Teaching Philosophy代写

       a.nervous tissue

      b.epithelial tissue

      c.connective tissue

      d.muscle tissue


    10.The coronal pulp is ________ to the radicular pulp.






      11.Functions of the _______ include the support and maintenance of dentin, and the nutrition of the dentin :






     12.Sharpey’s fibres are:           Teaching Philosophy代写

a.Parts of fibroblasts that help to produce collagen fibres

b.A portion of the collagen fibres from the periodontal ligament that are each partially inserted into the outer part of the cementum

c.Located within the cell-rich zone of the pulp


     13.True or false: Cellular cementum contains cementocytes and is deposited mainly on the apical third of the root.


     14.Bone forming cells are known as:





    15.The function of the oblique group of periodontal ligaments is to resist:

 a.intrusive forces and rotational forces

b.tilting, intrusive, extrusive, and rotational forces

c.extrusive and rotational forces

d.tilting and rotation

Teaching Philosophy代写
Teaching Philosophy代写


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