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Mathematic Autobiography代写 When I first joined the High school, I had a negative attitude towards mathematics. I had this dislike for···

When I first joined the High school, I had a negative attitude towards mathematics.

I had this dislike for math because I had been performing poorly. I always struggled with fractions and multiplication in elementary school. At some point, I even dreaded attending a Math class. I always wanted to perform well in mathematics but I found it very difficult to understand.

My parents always encouraged me that I could do well and even took their time to help me with my homework. My dad used to tell me that he had the same problem but he improved and managed to get an A in High School.

Mathematic Autobiography代写
Mathematic Autobiography代写

In the middle of High school, my attitude gradually improved. Mathematic Autobiography代写

I had a very nice Calculus Professor who helped me see math in a new light. Though he was very strict, I enjoyed his classes and actually understood most of what he was teaching. This must have been a turning point in my relationship with math. I started loving math, particularly, the idea of being able to find a solution to a problem gave me great satisfaction. I realized that with practice, I could solve the problems that seemed difficult before.  I always thank my parent for encouragement and my High School professor who assisted me.

I do find math very important in our daily life. This because our world revolves around money, whether it is paying my bus fare or in sports, numbers are used everywhere and I believe that Mathematics is the most important class for anyone to take in school.

With regard to my learning style, I prefer going through examples and later trying to solve them to see if actually, I understood. Mathematic Autobiography代写

When working on a problem alone, I sometimes get stuck. If I can’t find someone to help me out, I usually spend a lot of time trying to figure out where I went wrong. It is in such instances that I find the idea of working in groups being much helpful since I can consult and save much time. Also, I prefer working in groups since as I explain to my friend I find that I understand more. From my High school experience, I learned that the first step to avoiding mistakes in math is being organized. Therefore I always strive to ensure that my work is organized. With regard to procrastination, I would admit that this is a weakness I am still struggling with. I’m hoping to overcome this soon.

I am so excited to have this class year and I’m hoping to learn new ways of solving math problems. Mathematic Autobiography代写

I’m also hoping to be able to relate math concepts to real-world situations. I have high expectations coming into this class having worked on the negative attitude I previously had. I know it will not be easy but I am willing to work for the grade I desire. I am looking forward to meeting new people in this class and also learning from them as well. I am hoping to cooperate well with my peers and my math professor in order to achieve this.

Mathematic Autobiography代写
Mathematic Autobiography代写