CS348: Introduction to Database Systems

(Fall 2019)

Assignment 3 (due Tuesday November 12 by 5pm via submit)

Database Systems代写 Introduction to Database Systems.RegistrarInfo consists of there application programs with simple command line interfaces.


Database Systems代写
Database Systems代写










You are to use your accounts and DB2 to implement the RegistrarInfo system. RegistrarInfo consists of there application programs with simple command line interfaces. The requirements for the programs are given in the following sections. A specification of the underlying schema for the database is the same as for Assignments 1 and 2 and appropriate DB2 create  table commands are provided on the assignment web page.  Note that all submissions must use this schema.  Either  C (or C++) must be used together with SQL and the static embedded SQL protocol to implement RegistrarInfo.

Assignment Submission Database Systems代写

A submission of the following items are to be made before or on the assignment due date:

1.Source of each of the application programs comprising RegistrarInfo. These are to be submittedonline in files named sqc, conflicts.sqc, and gpa.sqc.

2.Ashell script named compile.  Typing “./compile” should suffice to compile all application

Applications Programs Database Systems代写

2.1 schedule

This application is to print a schedule of current classes for each student and/or professor whose snums and/or pnums are given on the command line (schedules for multiple persons can be re- quested). Assume that the snums and pnums are social insurance numbers (SIN) represented as integers.Database Systems代写 Note that there may be persons that are both a professor and a student in the current term: in that case a combined schedule should be produced. For each SIN the program should print the following information:

Schedule for “name” (sin) and term <term>


MONDAY: cname (cnum) section time room

MONDAY: cname (cnum) section time room

TUESDAY: cname (cnum) section time room


The schedules must be in order of days and, within days, in order by time. An example output may look as follows:

$ ./schedule 123456789

Schedule for “David Toman” (123456789) and term <F19>


TUESDAY: “Intro to Databases” (CS348) 1 10:00 MC4059
TUESDAY: “Intro to Databases” (CS348) 3 11:30 MC4059
TUESDAY: “Intro to Databases” (CS348) 2 16:00 E21732
THURSDAY: “Intro to Databases” (CS348) 1 10:00 MC4059
THURSDAY: “Intro to Databases” (CS348) 3 11:30 MC4059
THURSDAY: “Intro to Databases” (CS348) 2 16:00 E21732







In the case when the SIN on the command line does not identify a student nor a professor, the application should output

Schedule for (sin) does not exist.


2.2 conflicts Database Systems代写

This application is to find conflicts in the schedule of current classes for a single student and/or professor whose snum and/or pnum is given on the command line and fix them.

The policy is as follows: Two distinct schedule records conflict if they are scheduled at the same day and time in the same term; each such conflict should be resolved by applying conflict resolution policies in the following order:

  • schedulefor a professor’s class assignment takes precedence over schedules for student’s class assignment (in the cases when a person both teaches and takes classes),
  • schedule lower for level classes in the same department takes precedence over schedule upper classes,
  • schedulefor a section of a class with a lower number is preferred over a section of the same class with higher number, and
  • scheduleconflicts for classes in different departments or conflicts due to concurrent schedule in multiple rooms cannot be automatically

Note that the application does not need to worry about overbooking rooms. Database Systems代写For each conflict found the application should print out the pair of conflicting schedule records as follows:

DAY time: cnum1(section1) room1 — cnum2(section2) room2 — <resolution>

where <resolution> is one of “cnum(section)  deleted” or “cannot  be  resolved”.  An exam- ple output may look as follows:

$ ./conflicts 349143576

TUESDAY 10:00: PM245(1) MC4556 — CS123(2) MC1111 — cannot be resolved

WEDNESDAY 11:30: CS348(1) MC1234 — CS448(2) DC3245 — CS448(2) deleted

THURSDAY 16:00: CS245(1) DC2289 — CS245(2) MC3245 — CS245(2) deleted

FRIDAY 16:00: CS245(1) MC4556 — CS245(1) MC3245 — cannot be resolved

The conflicts should be presented in chronological order and report invalid ids similarly to the output of schedule.

2.3 gpa Database Systems代写

This application is to report the overall GPA and the GPA for each past term for a student whose snum is given on the command line as follows:

GPA for student “name” (sin) is overall-gpa term gpa

where the terms are ordered chronologically and the gpa is calculated to one decimal place. An example output may look as follows:

$ ./gpa 345612345

GPA for student “John Doe” (345612345) is 77.2 F02 75.3

W03 77.1

S03 76.3

W04 80.0

Database Systems代写
Database Systems代写


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