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文化艺术代写 My choice to pursue further studies in culture management is backed by my interest in and passion for arts. And culture, along…

My choice to pursue further studies in culture management is backed by my interest in and passion for arts. And culture, along with cinematography. My ability to notice the tiniest of things in great detail. And capture moments that go on to become one of the best memories of a person’s life, led me to complete my bachelors in art. Where I majored in Communications – Mass Media. The decision to study culture management at the University of Melbourne is one that is influenced by many factors. Primarily the reputation of the university in honing the skills of its students to the best of their abilities. I would like to become a part of such an esteemed organization to become better than what I am and what I used to be.

Culture management is something that I have always been inclined to do, as it is an area that interests me greatly. From providing services and advices for improvement of dining hall, to helping people solve their problems. To editing videos and arranging parties, I am always finding new outlets for my enthusiasm. Arts has always been a very important part of my life. As a child I always found solace in making videos from my handy cam.

I always liked tweaking my surroundings, taking into account how it will look appealing not only to me but also to others. One of the greatest inspiration to me, was my grandmother, who was always making something new. Sometimes painting, and at others, simply baking things, while making them look beautiful. She taught me to pay great attention to detail, for it is those tiny things that have a profound impact on the viewer.

译文:我选择继续深造文化管理是因为我对艺术的兴趣和热情。和文化,以及电影摄影。我能够非常详细地注意到最微小的事物。捕捉那些成为一个人一生中最美好的回忆之一的时刻,让我完成了我的艺术学士学位。我的专业是传播 – 大众传媒。在墨尔本大学学习文化管理的决定是受多种因素影响的。主要是大学在尽其所能磨练学生技能方面的声誉。我想成为这样一个受人尊敬的组织的一员,成为比现在和过去更好的人。


我总是喜欢调整我的环境,考虑到它不仅对我而且对其他人都有吸引力。对我来说最大的灵感之一是我的祖母,她总是在创造新的东西。有时绘画,有时,只是烘烤东西,同时使它们看起来很漂亮。她教会我要非常注意细节,因为那些微小的东西对观看者产生深远的影响。 文化艺术代写



From an artistic point of view, I have a great love and passion for photography and videography.

I wish to study in the University of Melbourne because I believe that after studying arts in my bachelors, this is the right place for me to further enhance my skills. My internship at the Nanjiang Normal University allowed me to gain exposure to professional video editing. And further peaked my curiosity to pursue my career in this field. I feel that the program being offered by the University of Melbourne is one where I can improve my skill set the most. Additionally, my tenure at the Granny’s House instilled in me the ability to empathize with people and be kind to them. Inherently, humans have a tendency to overlook simple matters such as kindness and smiling to strangers; my experience here helped me realize just how important it is to remember to be nice to all those who are around us. And I live by these principles every day.

从艺术的角度来看,我对摄影和录像有着极大的热爱和热情。 文化艺术代写


Apart from the professional experiences I have gained so far.

My educational background has also helped me in deciding the path that I need to take for my future. It has played a critical role in instilling the values and skills required to excel at this career. As I studied digital production, cinematography, cultures communication. And communication studies, I learned new techniques and skills that allowed me to try out various effects for my projects. Cinematography taught me a lot about different effects, whereas. Cultural communication taught me how to appreciate the beauty of different cultures. And how to capture moment that speak for themselves. Art and culture is one area which I really want to study and further explores. And I feel that no other university can offer me a better chance to do this than the University of Melbourne.

Therefore, I think that this is the right place for me to shape my future, and my vision of who and where I want to be.


译文:我的教育背景也帮助我决定了我未来需要走的道路。它在灌输在这一职业中脱颖而出所需的价值观和技能方面发挥了关键作用。当我学习数字制作、电影摄影、文化交流时。和交流研究,我学到了新的技巧和技能,使我能够为我的项目尝试各种效果。电影摄影教会了我很多关于不同效果的知识,而。文化交流教会了我如何欣赏不同文化的美。以及如何捕捉不言自明的时刻。艺术和文化是我真正想研究和进一步探索的领域。我觉得没有其他大学能比墨尔本大学为我提供更好的机会来做到这一点。 文化艺术代写