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Article Summaries代写 In his opinion, this will be a way of discriminating the same people contributing to the growth of the U.S economy.


Article 1: “English Only’ Laws Divide and Demean” by Blumenfeld. Article Summaries代写

The article is about how America is tremendously turning to be an English only nation, the presence of cultural and language diversity notwithstanding. According to Blumenfeld, America is a place where people from different languages converge and thus makes it a multilingual country. Therefore, making English the only official language will be taking the country to the old abyss but also will be marginalizing and demeaning to the none native English speakers. Article Summaries代写**格式

In his opinion, this will be a way of discriminating the same people contributing to the growth of the U.S economy. Instead, promote bilingualism as well as the use of other languages which help embrace the cultural richness and heritage of the United States. In this regard, the U.S government is urged to recognize the legitimacy of other languages by not making English the only legal public language in America. In so doing, other cultures and languages will have a place in the nation building, none natives will not feel discriminated, and national unity will be embraced.

Article Summaries代写
Article Summaries代写

Article 2: “American ‘Multilingualism’: A National Tragedy.” by Franklin Raff  Article Summaries代写

On the other hand, Raff in his article “American ‘Multilingualism’: A National Tragedy” support scrapping of Multilingualism in America. In support of his argument, he gave an instance of language misunderstanding which had led to grave mistakes. According to him, even though the government wants to make immigrants feel accepted and integrated into the country, the trends because of language barriers proves otherwise. Article Summaries代写**格式

Therefore, the most strategic way into solving the problems resulting from multilingualism is making English the official language in America. As a result, none native English speakers will see the need to learn the English language besides their native language.

Work Cited  Article Summaries代写

Blumenfeld, Warren. “”English Only” Laws Divide And Demean”. Huffpost, 2013, Accessed 31 Oct 2018.

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Article Summaries代写
Article Summaries代写

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