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Article Evaluation代写 The article outlines the essence for literacy and the role of different players such as sponsors in enhancing learning.

Why is Study Important      Article Evaluation代写

The article informs on the development of literacy and how it came to be an integral part of the growth in economies, politics, and ideologies.  It also emphases on the need for sponsors who motivated the need to learn through various means. The article outlines the essence for literacy and the role of different players such as sponsors in enhancing learning.

The article targeted both the sponsor who in the modern days are pivotal, in the learning process. Literacy is acquired through sponsors who are in modern days are the parents, government agencies, benefactors, teachers, industries, and much more.  It is an appreciation to the sponsors for the role in literacy processes and a call to create an enabling environment for people to learn.

Notably, the essay has significant implication for the parents as they are the first sponsors to their children. Parents learn of their impact to the success or failure of their children in the acquisition of literacy skills. Early exposure to learning material and other facilities is key to the developing literacy.

Article Evaluation代写
Article Evaluation代写

The contribution of the Study    Article Evaluation代写

Writing and literacy are the same things. By learning how to write one become literate. Literacy is a skill acquired through apprenticeship and experiences and support by a mentor or any other learning agent (Brandt 166). The article approach literacy holistically and the role of sponsors without aligning to the specific construct of writing. The article debunks the myths that good writers are born that way and that writing is always hard. The article proves that with necessary support and resources, one can learn how to read and right. The writer does not offer new construct but reinforces on the need to support literacy learning for economic, social and political progress.

Way Forward for the Research      Article Evaluation代写

Initially, the writer raised the question on the role of sponsors literacy and went on to answer the question using various cases (Brandt 167). The question on the part of the government in the literacy process can also be raised. Therefore, research on measures to reduce disparities in literacy skills can be conducted. Ultimately, researchers can use the article as a reference for studies on the acquisition of knowledge and the enabling environment.

Work Cited    Article Evaluation代写

Brandt, Deborah. “Sponsors of literacy.” College Composition and Communication 49.2 (1998): 165-185.

Article Evaluation代写
Article Evaluation代写

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