America’s Pop Culture Influence on Latino



America’s Pop Culture Influence on Latino

Article Review

Article Review代写 The article is informed by the assumption that white culture forms the basis on which popular culture is defined.

Basic Assumptions Of The Article

The article is informed by the assumption that white culture forms the basis on which popular culture is defined (Quinones Rivas & Saenz, 2017). Therefore, any culture and behavior that is different from these popular cultures are deemed unpopular. Another assumption is that the popular American culture influences the Latino culture as they are left with no option but to follow American culture as the popular culture.

What are the Major Organizing Ideas? Article Review代写

One of the organizing ideas is that Latinos have continued to be subordinated in America through stereotypes. The stereotypes brand Latinos as sexist, lazy and uneducated compared the ordinary white American (Quinones Rivas & Saenz, 2017). The Latinos are therefore negatively portrayed to the public which has affected the very fabric of the whole Latino community. Also, the media has played a critical role in perpetuating stereotypes across American society. Through movies and shows, Latinos are portrayed negatively compared with white counterparts. Therefore, Latino stereotypes have been perpetuated by popular cultures in America.

What are the Subordinate Ideas? Article Review代写

The subordinate ideas that support the main ideas are the overall effects of Latino subordination in American society as well as the portrayal of Latinos in the mainstream media. The stereotypes have adverse impacts on the Latino community as they have distorted families trying to fit the American popular culture. Latinos are left with no choice but act like an American and hence lacking personal identity in the dominant white culture.

Also, the stereotypes against Latinos have resulted in racism discrimination against them which hurt their freedom as the American Citizens. Besides, the portrayal of Latinos as weak and lazy race in American soil has been adopted by the media where characters depicted as Latinos are given stereotypical scenes. Notably, to be objective about the issue of popular culture stereotypes, the article also points out biases and stereotypes against other groups like Hispanic and African Americans (Quinones Rivas & Saenz, 2017).

Article Review代写
Article Review代写

What Serious Question Does this Article Raise? Article Review代写

What is the role of Latinos in the perpetuation their stereotypes by the American popular culture? In other words, Have the Latinos contributed to the stereotypes and what have they done against the stereotypes? Another question is: What has been done against the detriments of racial stereotypes? Or is it a culture itself for the American popular culture to stereotype other races?

How Important are the Conclusions of the Study?

The conclusion derives the stand and the finding of the author as well as restating the thesis of the study. At the conclusion, the author gave the opinion regarding the Latino stereotypes through American popular culture besides giving an opinion on his recommendation. Generally, the conclusion brings the reader to the end of the research and an opportunity to decide whether the article is persuasive and accurate or not.

Are there Any Serious Omissions? Article Review代写

The author has not discussed the role of Latinos in perpetuating the American popular culture that conveys the biases and stereotypes. That is, through media, Latinos are depicted as lazy, uneducated and criminals, but the same media use Latinos themselves to propagate these agendas which gives the irony of the case.

The omission does not alter the author position but rather make the whole article subjective. The author clearly said is a Latino youth which makes the piece subjective as it did not critically question the role of Latinos in the American popular culture.

The implication of the Article to My View Article Review代写

The article reinforces and extends my view on the various stereotypes against races in America. The article has used modern examples to illustrate the real-life biases which were very convincing. For instance, when the author used Jane the virgin for illustration, I was surprised to learn more about the series depiction of racial biases.


Quinones Rivas, A. E., & Saenz, B. (2017). Pop Goes La Cultura: American Pop Culture’s Perpetuation of Latino Paradigms and Stereotypes. Ursidae: The Undergraduate Research Journal at the University of Northern Colorado, 6(3), 1-22.

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