COVID-19 Pandemic Review Paper

COVID-19 Pandemic代写 Coronavirus emerged in December 2019 in Wuhan China and was declared a global pandemic in early 2020.

Coronavirus emerged in December 2019 in Wuhan China and was declared a global pandemic in early 2020. The disease was names severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 because it was a class of diseases that affect respiratory system of human being mostly lungs and throat. After its spread in the Wuhan China and other parts of the world, the disease was renamed COVID-19 and World Health Organization declared it a world threat.  COVID-19 Pandemic代写**格式

Since then, COVID-19 has rapidly spread around the world and infected millions of people and cause thousands of deaths. Currently, there were 7.2 million recorded cases of these, there were over 408,000 deaths, 3.5 million recoveries, and 3.3 active cases. The high infection, spread and acuteness prompted world health scientist and researchers to seek understanding of the novel disease. As a result, there are many published journal articles regarding COVID-19 spread, treatment trials and management.

Research Questions  COVID-19 Pandemic代写

1.How does COVID-19 spread and how the spread, deaths and active cases be forecasted for various countries and regions?

2. How the level of treatments if any or management of COVID-19 infection/spread correlate with the number of confirmed cases and deaths across various countries and regions?

3. What is the susceptibility of the disease to among males and females?

Literature Review  COVID-19 Pandemic代写

Epidemiology data of COVID-19

The studies about coronavirus began in China which was the beginning and epicenter of the disease in late 2019. Initially, the disease was mainly reported among older people between the age of 65 years and above. The rate of infection among the elderly people increased exponentially before adequate measures were taken. Chen et al. (2020) conducted a study to find out the epidemiology and clinical feature of covid-19. The researchers used single-center study and included all the confirmed cases of coronavirus in Wuhan China between 1st to 20th January 2020. They used real-time RT-PCR to analyze epidemiology, demography, clinical, and radiology characteristics and tests data.  COVID-19 Pandemic代写**格式

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COVID-19 Pandemic代写

According to Chen et al. (2020), the 99 patients they identified with COVID-19, people aged above 65 years were more prevalent to the disease with small increase among children. Although there were no significant gender differences in the rate of infections, the number of male patients was higher at the initial stage of infection. Nonetheless, 49 percent of the samples were found exposed to the seafoods out of which 47 percent were salesmen while the rest were shoppers.  COVID-19 Pandemic代写**格式

The mean age of the infected men was 55.5 years with standard deviation of 13.1. Chen et al. (2020) suggested that lower chances of female viral infection could have been attributed to the protection from X chromosome and sex hormones which provide innate and adaptive immunity. Additionally, the chances of infection increased among patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and diabetes. Generally, the infections and deaths were inline with MuLBSTA score, a model that predicted the rate of death in viral pneumonia.

After the out the outbreak of novel covid-19 in China, the disease spread across the world.  COVID-19 Pandemic代写

The U.S recorded the highest number of infections followed by Italy, Spain, Germany and France. Italy had the highest number after outbreak in China. The rate of deaths among the elderly people was higher as was observed in China. The case fatality rate of Italy of 7.2 percent was higher than that of 2,3 percent in China. Although the morality rate of people aged over 70 years was higher in Italy than China, its characteristics of infections and deaths was similar between the two countries. As such,

Mechanism of COVID-19 in the body  COVID-19 Pandemic代写


Body response to COVID-19


Explanation of differences between adults and children in COVID-19


Conclusion  COVID-19 Pandemic代写


COVID-19 Pandemic代写1
COVID-19 Pandemic代写


Chen, N., Zhou, M., Dong, X., Qu, J., Gong, F., Han, Y., … & Yu, T. (2020). Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of 99 cases of 2019 novel coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan, China: a descriptive study. The Lancet, 395(10223), 507-513.

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