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Construction Codes代写 Methods of Dispute Resolution:Dispute resolutions are critical in constructions contracts to avoid legal actions.


Methods of Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolutions are critical in constructions contracts to avoid legal actions. The dispute occurs when one party to the contract fails to honor the terms and conditions of the contract. Some of the reason that may lead to a breach in contracts include delays in delivery, dishonoring the agreement, and incomplete or unsubstantiated claims.

Discuss The Advantages and Disadvantages of Resolving Disputes Through the Court System  Construction Codes代写

Dispute resolution through the court system is advantageous as it offers legal expertise since judges are experienced in the law and the legal system for years. Through the court system, the offender is awarded a variety of remedies as compensation. Besides, the court system is publicly funded and therefore likely to be neutral to many cases. However, the court system has disadvantages which make it less preferred in dispute resolution. Some of the disadvantages include the slow justice process, lack of flexibility, the need for legal representation, and other contingent costs make it an expensive process.

Compare and Contrast Arbitration with Conventional Court Processes  Construction Codes代写

Arbitration involves two parties in the dispute in coordination by a neutral party and together try to get a resolution to the dispute. There can be more than one arbitrator who commits to hearing the case from both sides. On the other hand, the court process is the determination of the dispute using the court system and involve judge or jury as the neutral who here the parties and pass the judgment. Construction Codes代写**范文

Construction Codes代写
Construction Codes代写

The arbitration process is private as it involves disputing parties and the arbitrators and meet informally. The court process is a public and formal process which conduct its proceedings in the public courtroom. Also, arbitration is considered to be speedy in operation and cost less as compared to the court process which is expensive and time-consuming due to bureaucratic procedures.

Both arbitration and court system are similar in that for the case to be solved both parties present their facts and evidence for considerations. Both the judge and arbitrators are neutral parties and are not privy to the case. Besides, the primary intention is to offer justice for the disputed parties and remedies in the form of compensation if possible.

Compare and Contrast Arbitration and Mediation  Construction Codes代写

Although both arbitration and mediation have the same goal of fair dispute resolution, there are significant differences in their application. Some of the significant differences are that arbitrator listens to the parties and make a decision while in mediation, the process is negotiation and mediator does not make a decision but rather the parties involved in the dispute agree on a resolution.

Discuss The Importance of Documentation in The Construction and Civil Engineering Industry. What Are Method(S) Used to Ensure Proper Documentation During Construction?  Construction Codes代写

Documentation is critical in every contract for it to be legal and abiding. Therefore, it is the basis of a contract agreement which outlines the terms and conditions of the contract, rights of parties to contract, the amount payable for the contract, and the completion period of the contract. Additional documents like drawings and approvals are essential in assuring the project legality and adherence to standards of construction and engineering. In this context, to ensure proper documentation are available during construction, the parties to contracts need to engage legal agencies or lawyers.  Construction Codes代写**范文


BATNA Worksheet   Construction Codes代写

Issue Your MOST Favorable Your BATNA Their MOST Favorable
Pay $70,000 $55,000 $40,000
Vacation Dubai Dubai Within the U.S
Travels Outside the U.S. Outside the U.S. Within the U.S.
Working hours 7 hours Max. 8 hours max. 8 hours min.
Health benefits Health insurance Insurance Medicare
Educations benefits 10 percent of the basic salary 5 percent of the basic salary 2 percent of basic salary
Promotions After two years After three years After five years
Retirement benefits 10 percent of salary for years of services 7 percent of salary for years of services 5 percent of salary for years of services
Life Insurance covers $1000 $600 $400
Allowances 30 percent 25 percent 15 percent
Construction Codes代写
Construction Codes代写


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