OMIS6220 – SRM – Exam

案例研究报告代写 The exam is a test of your understanding of basic concepts relevant to supply relationship management.

Exam – Description

The exam is a test of your understanding of basic concepts relevant to supply relationship management.

It covers all course content, e.g., cases studies and assigned readings from the recommended text(s).

The exam will be a camera ON, ZOOM, open book case study analysis of the Case 13-2: STERN AEROSPACE (Johnson – Purchasing and Supply Management –16th Edition, Page:394).

The duration of the exam is 120 min.

Exam: 案例研究报告代写

Submission Format

The exam should be typed double-spaced with 1-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman font.

All exams are to be submitted electronically by email to:

The email subject line and the PDF submission file name should be: OMIS6220_LastName_FirstName_StudentID_Exam_Submission_Date.pdf .

Exam – Case Study Report

Organization Strategy and Economic Environment Analysis (10 Points)

Analyze STERN’s Organization and Supply Chain strategy.

Analyze the economic environment in which STERN operates.

Alternatives and Recommendations (20 Points)

The ALTERNATIVES section refers to the new SUPPLIER PERFORMACE EVALUATION SYSTEM. Is the SUPPLIER PERFORMACE EVALUATION SYSTEM described in Exhibit 3 the best system for STERN? The ALTERNATIVES section has to role to demonstrate due diligence in the selection of the recommendation(s).


The recommendation(s) should be validated from a strategic perspective.

A recommendation(s) feasibility analysis is expected.

Implementation and Monitor and Control (15 Points)

The Implementation section should detail the actions outlined in the Recommendations section and indicate the timing and organizational buy-in.

The Monitor and Control section should present the methods to evaluate the success of the recommendation(s) and implementation plan, the management feedback mechanism, and contingency plans.

Theoretical (20 Points)

Your ability to draw on concepts and methods studied in this course and in other courses will be evaluated.

Answer ALL the Questions (35 Points): 案例研究报告代写 

  1. What is the purpose of having a supplier scorecard? How can a supplier scorecard be used?
  2. How much work do you think is required to keep the proposed scorecard up-to-date? Does this investment in time provide value?
  3. How would you use the scorecard proposed by Ryan? Can it be used to improve the performance of Stern’s supply chain? Would you use it to award new business or to take business away from suppliers?
  1. What are the problems with the original scorecard? What is Jessica Frisch’s concern? Does the proposed scorecard address her concerns adequately? What is different between the current scorecard and the proposed scorecard?
  1. What criteria should Ryan use to decide which suppliers should be included on the scorecard?
  2. Who is really getting measured by the scorecard – the suppliers or Ryan Berry and the Stern supply function?
  3. How do you think the suppliers will react to the proposed scorecard? How will the scorecard change the dynamics of the buyer-supplier relationship?