Spectrum Sunglass Simulation

Simulation代写 In Spectrum Sunglass Change management Simulation, I played the role of a CEO of product innovation in the company.




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Q1: Simulation Performance —————————————————————- 3

Q2: What worked and what did not worked in pursing your objectives ———- 3

Q3: What could do differently next time ————————————————- 4

References ————————————————————————————- 5

Appendix —————————————————————————————- 6

Q1: Simulation Performance


  1. In Spectrum Sunglass Change management Simulation, I played the role of a CEO of product innovation in the company. I was in charge of getting spectrum to adopt a new sustainability initiative. There are 96 weeks to achieve a critical mass of 20 managers at spectrum to adopt my initiative. Each week I decided what action should be done in order to persuade colleagues such as walk to talk, get consultant’s support, get CEO’s public support and provide internal skill- building etc.Simulation代写
  2. By click the lever. The people who will be targeted have been identified properly, as some activities target everyone in the organization, and others only target a few people.  The organizational readiness, lever impact, and relationship networks of Spectrum Sunglass has been analyzed in the change management simulation.Simulation代写


  1. Overall, I failed in the simulate that convince employees to adopt that environmental sustainability is one of the keys to the firm’s future. There is only one adopter, 3 trials, and 2interesting of colleagues in Spectrum simulation after 96 weeks. No new adopter has been increased after 96 week, which is a significant fail in this stimulate of power and influence. I tried to focus on pulling top executives of the company at the same time, and finally pulled middle managers and frontline workers.Simulation代写
  2. Moreover, I tried to use relationship networks of company to increase the adoption of environmental awareness of my colleagues. Unfortunately, it does not work, and I did too many interviews of company top executives such as Henry Admas, Michelle Brath and Andre Chen.  I did not do any interview to middle managers and frontline works, the frontline workers has no awareness except Pual Schenian at the end of week 96.Simulation代写
  3. My credibility dropped at 4 after week 57, and it became hard to influence my colleagues to adopt my three specific goals.  This stimulation will address what worked, what not worked and what can be improved next time to increase the power and influence. Simulation代写

Q2: What worked and what did not worked in pursing your objectives


  1. One of my strategy in the stimulate was that persuading CEO Henry Adams as soon as possible, persuading Adams is my main objective in stimulate, persuading CEO was included almost every lever in the mobilization phase.  At the same time, I considered that it was important to persuade top exclusives such as Michelle Barth, Andrew Chen and Pual D’ Arcy.Simulation代写
  2. I tried to use their relationship networks to persuading others that related with them. At week 1, I chose walk to talk to increase the awareness of my colleagues, and it was not work very well (appendix1). No one took awareness of my suggestions of environmental sustainability.Simulation代写
  3. However, at week 2, I decided to persuade Henry Adams, Michelle Barth, Andrew Chen and Pual D’ Arcy particularly.  According to Seeger& Ulmer (2003), Communication between key people is needed for change, and the communication media of choice in organization leadership is also important.Simulation代写
  4. I issued e-mail notice (General bulletins media) to my target colleagues Henry Adams Michelle Barth, Andrew Chen and Pual D’ Arcy, and it increased 5 awareness people in the company (appendix2).  All awareness of target people has been increased as well as a frontline worker that has not been target called Pual Schenian.Simulation代写
  5. The action in week 2 successfully influenced my colleagues by issuing e-mail notice (General bulletins media) for top exclusives.  The key people communication strategy efficiently monitors the change for key people and others that influenced by key people.Simulation代写


  1. The effective communication in a company has been created by rich communication for complex changes, and by routine communication for routine changes. The type of media includes face-to-face, interactive, personal ‘memoing’ and general bulletins communication.  I did not use as that much as communicate media way for convincing my colleagues.Simulation代写
  2. The majority communication way that I used is interview with people, and I interviewed top exclusive and CEO more than three times, which consequences my failure in the leadership stimulate. The two-way process communications in organization is important, for example,  I tried to get CEO support in week 22 and week 56(appendix 3 and 5), but the action had no affection on origination.Simulation代写
  3. Moreover, emotional aspects is important for communication and leadership in Spectrum sunglass simulation, the emotion can induce negative and positive responses. I ignored the resisters in week 22, which was a huge mistake.  I refused to know the feedback from resisters and ignored the resistances and feedback that directly consequence my failure in simulation.Simulation代写
  4. I continuity focus on persuading top exclusives after some of them were resisters and have negative emotion about the innovation. There was not any effective communication for overcoming the resistance in the leadership stimulates.  Additionally, I presented good credibility level in the first half of innovation.Simulation代写
  5. However, due my incorrect decisions and ignoring the resistance, my credibility reduced from 7 all a way down to 1 from week 46 to week 96 (appendix 3, appendix 4 &appendix5). I cannot make any influence when my credibility was 1, and it is hard to influence my colleagues any more.   Simulation代写

Q3: What could do differently next time

Firstly, next time rather than using inefficient levers in stimulate, I would organize levers first with clear directions.

  • I would classify levers into 2 types, analyzing and using specific levers type for different stages of target audiences.  There are enabling levers and substantive levers. Enabling levers are used to raise awareness of targets first, such as invite eternal consultant to extoll change, imitate town hall meeting and provide external training experience.Simulation代写
  • Then, I would use substantive levers facilitate adoption by target audience, such as align the reward system to with change initiative, privately confront a resister and tell as success story to colleagues. When I have clearly direction in each week of decision, the result would be better next time.Simulation代写

Secondly, The effective and ineffective of communication of change need to be considered more in next stimulate of leadership.

  • According to Yates (2006), effective internal communication practices produce superior financial results and enjoy greater organizational stability.The choice of the effectiveness media depends on the complexity of change involvement in strategy development process.Simulation代写
  • Next time, the complexity of change would be evaluated before making a decision of communication. Moreover, I would use variety communicate media target all audiences, rich communication for complex change, not just taking interviews with top executives. All target audience need to be targeted specifically in which communicate ways they can be persuaded better.Simulation代写
  • I will change my strategy next time and get more support and adopt of the middle managers and bottom employees. My strategy in this simulation was focusing on the CEO and top executives while I ignored the middle managers and the frontline workers, and I did not communicate a good lever to them in the company. The middle manager plays an important role to connect top exclusives and the frontline workers.Simulation代写
  • The result will be better if I convince the middle manager first by the variety communication ways that includes face-to-face communication, interactive, personal ‘memoing’ and general bulletins communication.Simulation代写

Thirdly, the reflection and feedback of target audience need to be considered significantly at next leadership stimulation.

  • The resisters should be analyzed that why target audiences refuse to accept a product innovation, and what is their opinions for making a change. Rather then interview people several times who refuse to make change, I would focus on how to overcome the resistance.Simulation代写
  • For overcoming the resistance next time, an efficient communication way should be delivered to target audience. For example, the relationship network communication strategy for overcome resistances should be considered, the resistances would be overcome by relationship network communications. The strategy persuades people who are related to resisters first in order to change the attitude of resisters.Simulation代写


Seeger, M. W., Ulmer, R. (2003). Explaining Enron: Communication and Responsible leadership. SAGE Journals, 17(1), 507-525. Retrieved from https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/0893318903253436

Yetes, K. (2006). Internal communication effectiveness enhance bottom-line results. The Journal of Organization Excellence 25(3), 75-79. Retrieved from https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/joe.20102


Appendix 1: walk to talk does not work in week1





















Appendix2: Issue e-mail notice (General bulletins media) to my target scolleagues Henry Adams Michelle Barth, Andrew Chen and Pual D’ Arcy,






















Appendix 3: week22, walk to talk does not work























Appendix4: Week 46 revises reward system made an affect
























Appendix 5: Continuing ignore the resistance, my credibility dropped significantly.























Appendix6: Credibility dropped at 1, failed in the stimulate.





















Appendix7: Fail in persuading colleagues to adopt sustainability products.





















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