Professional Development Reflection of the Advocacy Project


 The concept of societies plays a huge role in human civilization. Just like every other thing in existence···

Professional Development Reflection of the Advocacy Project

The concept of societies plays a huge role in human civilization. Just like every other thing in existence, societies too, have their flaws. One of these impediments of societies’ perfection can be said to be harassing other people due to possessing a misconceived notion that one is powerful. Bullying in short. This report attempts to delve into this notion. And looks at its impact both from an individual and societal point of view. This end will be achieved by looking at:

1.The concept of bullying as a whole. Examining the triggers of bullying in an individual and the side effects of this vice.

2.How teamwork was effective in tackling this issue. And what I learned from working with an outstanding team.

3.How insightful and powerful the experiences from this venture were .And how the lessons were beneficial to my personal development and growth.

4.Lastly, I am going to examine the impact of bullying in society .And how to reduce the negative influences it has on the community.

译文:倡导项目的专业发展反思 欺凌行为代写

社会的概念在人类文明中起着巨大的作用。 就像存在的其他所有事物一样,社会也有其缺陷。 可以说,社会完善的障碍之一是骚扰其他人,因为他们误解了一个强大的概念,简而言之就是欺负。 本报告试图深入研究此概念,并从个人和社会角度审视其影响。 通过查看以下内容可实现此目的:
1.整体上欺凌的概念。 检查个人欺凌的诱因和这种恶习的副作用。

Prevention Against Bullying 

We chose to focus on bullying as the premise of our mission . And particularly on how to prevent it in society. Although the prevalence of bullying has been receding over the years. The rate at which that has been happening has not been helpful in the fight against bullying. Due to this reason, the negative effects of this vice can still be easily identified.

Owing to this, we came up with an initiative that envisions a universe devoid of this vice. The initiative is known as the Community Against Bullying (CAB) whose mission is to bring bullying awareness, prevention. And intervention education to all communities. It is structured as a 3-hour class that is taught by trained volunteers who have the calling to make a difference in the community. Attendance of these classes is open to all and sundry so long as the said attendee is above 18 years of age.

The target population includes but is not limited to adults, school teachers, coaches, parents, youth group leaders, day-care providers, and after-school service providers. This is the target demographic within whom we are imparting the tools to help prevent, identify. And intervene in bullying incidents. Another aim is to inform community members on resources available in the community to help both the bullied and the bullies.

译文:防止欺凌 欺凌行为代写


The experience I got from this exercise made me appreciate how hard some people’s lives are.

It was heart-breaking to hear the ordeals that some of the victims of bullying have had to endure throughout their lives. I realized that merely sympathizing with them was not going to be enough to tackle this issue and that it was not going to ensure that no one else has to go through the same. In a way, the stories I heard served as the motivation for ensuring the campaign is successful at all costs.

This exposure made me aware of the hardships that many of us are going through. Thus I am more understanding and open to assisting anyone in need of aid. I have gained a new way to view and understand the world as I have gotten better at identifying what is ailing the society . And coming up with a solution to the problem. It has come to my attention that society itself is at fault for these social problems. And thus can be solved by the said society.

Moreover, this experience has revealed to me that corrective action is the most befitting response to these issues. Therefore, I resolved to become a more action-oriented individual as far as resolving these issues is concerned. These realizations have made me want to give myself more to the cause of eradicating bullying in the community . So much so that I intend to broaden the reach of the Community Against Bullying initiative to as far as I can.

译文:从这次练习中获得的经验使我意识到某些人的生活有多么艰辛 欺凌行为代写




Following the gravity of the situation on hand

My team and I tried to be as innovative as possible in tackling the issue. We incorporated the use of technology in our daily proceedings in the classes to ensure we reached as wide a demographic as possible. We used teleconferencing services to provide coverage to far off areas as well as using social media. Additionally, we set up a hotline whereby anyone could reach us quickly and conveniently.

All these avenues proved to be very important as they provided valuable reach to our target population. The resource that impacted me the most was social media. This is because that is where people felt most comfortable to share their experience. And as such the details and honestly expressed were very vivid and explicit. This extra expression of their reality made their stories more harrowing and sad. Thus, they resonated more strongly in the reader’s minds. As opposed to stories heard through other resources such as the hotline.

It is definite that such an experience would impact anyone in various ways. I found this experience eye-opening and the lessons were vital and very valuable. I learned to appreciate my life as there are people who have gone through worse and yet, they are stronger than I am. Additionally, I learned that these problems do exist only because we allow them to exist because we do not do enough in fighting them.

My outlook towards life and other people has been altered. As I have learned to be more accommodating and tolerant of other people. I have become more sympathetic to those who have gone through harassment such as bullying. And I have also become aware of how to assist them.


译文:跟随当前形势的严重性 欺凌行为代写





Lessons I gained from my team 

Getting to work in a wonderful team was perhaps one of the perks of this mission. I got an opportunity to interact with an inspiring group of individuals in dealing with the issue. I fully appreciated the benefits of working with people as the work-load was much easier. Thus everyone was more efficient. This realization made me more inclined to work in a group.

Additionally, I got to learn new skills from my team members as each of us was more skilled in different areas. Lastly, working in a team made me fully appreciate the concept of inclusivity and bein a family. Thus I was also able to extend that inclusivity to the individual who attended our classes. And those who needed help.

译文:我从团队中学到的经验教训 欺凌行为代写

在一个出色的团队中工作可能是这项任务的好处之一。 我有机会与一群鼓舞人心的人互动来处理这个问题。 我非常感谢与人一起工作的好处,因为工作量要容易得多。 因此,每个人都更有效率。 这种认识使我更倾向于在小组中工作。

此外,由于我们每个人在不同领域的技能都更高,因此我必须从团队成员那里学习新技能。 最后,在团队中工作使我完全理解包容性的概念,并成为一个家庭。 因此,我也能够将这种包容性扩展到参加我们课程的个人。 还有那些需要帮助的人。

Personal and Professional Awareness 

The activities involved in this exercise proved to be a rich resource of vital counseling experience. This is because interacting with both the perpetrators and victims of bullying required one to use a particular skill set. Therefore, this experience gave me a valuable opportunity to practice and internalize these skills. I learned that listening keenly and being attentive to even the most subtle of nuances from the victims helps in making them comfortable and thus they become more open.

Also, I was able to internalize the skill of identifying the main cause of the people’s problem and also giving them advice on how to deal with that problem. As I stated earlier, I also learned to be welcoming to everyone and not being judgemental. This is important to counseling because if one is judgemental, then the advice given to the victim may be biased and not truly objective.

译文:个人和专业意识 欺凌行为代写

事实证明,参与此活动的活动是重要的咨询经验的丰富资源。 这是因为与施暴者和欺凌者互动都需要使用特定技能。 因此,这种经验给了我宝贵的机会来练习和内化这些技能。 我了解到,敏锐地倾听并留意受害者最细微的细微差别有助于使他们感到舒适,从而使他们变得更加开放。

另外,我能够内化识别人员问题主要原因的技巧,并为他们提供如何处理该问题的建议。 正如我之前所说,我也学会了欢迎大家,而不是任人唯亲。 这对咨询很重要,因为如果一个人是有判断力的,那么给受害者的建议可能会带有偏见而不是真正的客观性。


I got to appreciate that it is important for a counselor to be strong for the people who are suffering out there. This is because these victims are very much dependent on these counselors and thus, counselors should try their level best not to disappoint them.

I got to realize that I can be sympathetic to people and their issues. I did my best to try and relate to the problems the victims were going through. Additionally, I found out I can give very effective advice; this fact made me more confident to help people which is my main objective.

Working in a team exposed me to the benefits of team-work such as ease of work and learning new skills from team members. This urged me to be a good team player to ensure that the objective is achieved. I have to admit that my team was a vital ingredient in the success of this exercise since without them, the impact would have been insignificant.

译文:除此之外 欺凌行为代写

我要意识到,辅导员对在那里遭受苦难的人要坚强很重要。 这是因为这些受害者非常依赖这些辅导员,因此辅导员应尽其所能,不要让他们失望。

我尽力去尝试和解决受害者所经历的问题。 另外,我发现我可以提供非常有效的建议。 这个事实使我更有信心为人们提供帮助,这是我的主要目标。

在团队中工作使我受益于团队合作的好处,例如易于工作和向团队成员学习新技能。 这促使我成为一个良好的团队合作者,以确保实现目标。 我必须承认,我的团队是这项工作成功的重要组成部分,因为没有他们,影响将微不足道。

Impact of the Anti-Bullying Campaign to the Society 

This campaign helped a lot of people and encouraged me to make plans to extend the reach of the program to other areas. I plan on carrying this exercise in other nearby cities to help even those affected in those areas. This will be done once some research on how best to carry out the campaigns in these areas is done. Some of the issues expected are; skepticism from the local communities in those areas, maybe governmental impediments such as acquiring licenses and funding of the campaign will limit how far the campaign can go.

Society needs to learn how to be alert, consistent, and quick to respond to prevent bullying behavior. Some of the ways that society can do this are; educating the masses on this, coming up with strict policies and laws, ensuring that children are taught about this vice in schools, etc. I intend to tackle these issues by spreading awareness of bullying and how to intervene and stop bullying. I will do this by carrying out these classes in various locations.

These activities are ethical and speak to my professional commitment and diligence to change the community. The values that are displayed show that I hold myself to the highest standards which are a requirement in this line of work. Additionally, showing compassion to others shows how humane I am, and such a characteristic is vital if one wants to be effective in helping others.

译文:反欺凌运动对社会的影响 欺凌行为代写