Angela Duckworth’s Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

Perseverance代写 The book by Duckworth is profoundly talking about the power of grit which is a combination of perseverance and passion.

The book by Duckworth is profoundly talking about the power of grit which is a combination of perseverance and passion. The author is a psychology scholar with interest in how people succeed while others fail in different fields where talent is considered necessary, that is grit and self-control. Angel Lee Duckworth is an American scholar, science author, and psychologist. She is a distinguished professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania.

Theme Perseverance代写

The theme of the book is embedded in passion and perseverance which embrace the virtue of grittiness for success. In her perspective, grit means having the virtue of perseverance and passion for what one does and putting effort to do it well to succeed (36). She defined passion and perseverance as the consistency of the objectives held for long and able to overcome setback through hard work respectively.Perseverance代写**成品

In the context of grittiness, passion is not about intensity nor enthusiasm that comes for sometimes then it ceases, but it is an endurance that persists throughout success. On the other hand, perseverance is about being able to finish what you started without giving up.


Argument Perseverance代写

In her argument, grit is a predictor of success even when talent and intelligence are controlled (36-99). That is, when two of the same talent levels are measured, the person with higher grit is more likely to succeed. Although talent and intelligence are considered the essential ingredient to success, according to Duckworth they are not sufficient for better achievement. To those who are talented, combining talent and effort give more mileage of success.Perseverance代写**成品

Moreover, if a person is not talented in a particular field, exhibiting grittiness can exceed those with talents but fail to put effort into the talent. She used a military training scenario to illustrate how grit can be used to predict who stays for the whole period of military training and those likely to quit.

No correlation between success and talent together with intelligence Perseverance代写

She further argues that there is no correlation between success and talent together with intelligence. She attributed success to the people who are more grittier thought hard work and passion. Strictly putting everything into perspective, people tend to fetishize talent because it protects their ego (100-204). That is what Angela argue out by comparing Albert Einstein and Tom Brady.

That is, when we look at other people’s successes which are as a result of natural talents, then we become disadvantaged because we cannot measure up them and thus don’t feel bad about it. Just because Albert Einstein had inborn talent which made him a genius, it makes people feel that they cannot do what he did thus no need to work hard. According to Angela, this becomes a fallacy, first because success does not count without effort; similarly, the skill which is also attributed to being talented may not count without effort.Perseverance代写**成品

Therefore, effort in the form of passion and perseverance counts twice in a person’s achievement. Generally, she gave the four components attributable to being grit that includes interest, practice, purpose, and hope (456-484). All these components combined work towards more significant achievements. In this regard, to become grittier, one has to develop the culture of grittiness which will then become a social norm of being gritty (485-1414).


First part Perseverance代写

In her endeavor to achieve the above, Duckworth has organized the book into three parts namely: what is grit and why it matters, growing grit from the inside out, and growing grit from the outside in. The three parts are further each develop the idea into sections. In the first part, Angela tries to explain the reason why grit is superior to have besides talent and intelligence.Perseverance代写**成品

In her early research, Duckworth worked to predict success in various fields like the military, sales, business, and sports. The chapter also lay the foundation on exploring the issues of grit being the essential ingredient of success. Further, she explains how we get distracted by talent and forget to add effort for better achievements. Therefore, she challenges the reader to evaluate their state of grittiness and if not present have an opportunity to grow it because it matters even where the talent and intelligence dominate.

Second part Perseverance代写

The second part focuses on the inner locus of control of a person in the bid to grow grittiness. In this case, Duckworth outlines four essential components that one need to grow grit from inside out which include interest, practice, purpose, and hope. Interest takes the beginning of pursuit for grit. It is therefore through interest the passion gets in and starts to grow.Perseverance代写**成品

Practice is a focus of the need for improvement by doing something repeatedly to gain confidence. Beside interest and practice, a person needs to have a purpose by doing something for a reason for the well-being of others. That is, extending the benefit of achievement beyond oneself. Moreover, lastly, the need to have hope that grit depends on having the power to improve. Hope sustain passion and zeal that one will succeed in the new future; thus it becomes worth all the efforts made.

Last part  Perseverance代写

In the last part, she explains how grit can be developed from outside in. In this case, grit development is environmental. External forces like culture and parenting influence their growth. The writer views successful parenting in the angle of it being supportive and demanding. As such, a parent has in developing grit of a child. On the other hand, is how one can develop grit culture. This way by creating a norm will force one to be gritty.

Criticisms Perseverance代写


However, although the concept presented therein is powerful and provide a framework on which chances for success can be improved, the book has some criticisms. One, it can be argued that it has unclear causality of grit. In other words, we can say that correlation does not mean causation. The text keeps on repeating the idea of grit being the determiner of success.

However, for sure it can be coincidental like some qualities making a person grittier but also make him/her successful. In other words, she fails to prove how grit is increased or how it increases outcomes. For instance, the gold standard for proving causation is the double-blind, randomized control. She argues that it was not done for ethical reasons, but it was generally satisfactory.

Second Perseverance代写

Second, the book failed to quantify the magnitude of how it influences success. The effect is that the magnitude seems to be larger than said in the research by portraying grit as more important than the science depict it. For example, in the issue of dropout prediction in West Point cadet, the writer makes grit distinguishing factor of men who made it through.Perseverance代写**成品

However, there was another predictor of completing the program including fitness which formed the necessary entry quality. In the spelling bee, the writer qualifies grit as the predictor of success but not verbal intelligence. However, there exists no correlation between verbal intelligence and grit (Resnick). According to Duckworth et al. report, they showed that verbal IQ is much more needed in spelling than grit.

The book also makes some of its studies basin on elite groups like West Point cadet and spelling bees, but the question that arises is whether it can apply to the whole population. That notwithstanding, Duckworth’s psychological approach on how to increase personal achievement by not focusing too much on talents and intelligence but also incorporating grit, is a great deal of success.

Work Cited Perseverance代写

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