The Springtime Entrepreneur Gala: Business Plan Competition Application

Competition Application代写 Please complete the following application to apply for the Springtime Entrepreneur Gala: Business Plan Competition.  

Please complete the following application to apply for the Springtime Entrepreneur Gala: Business Plan Competition.  

Today’s Date: 30th Jan 2019

Your Name:

Proposed Business Name: Dulex Fashion

Proposed Business Location: New York

Competition Application代写
Competition Application代写


Description of Business Concept:

Dulex is brand name for Dulex products. Unlike other fashion design stores, Dulex Fashion will be producing custom made apparels, shoes, handbags, and other products. Our customers are expected to come with product description and the company will design and produce to their tastes. Competition Application代写**格式

Dulex Fashion will target the fashion companies which sell custom made products and individuals seeking uniqueness. Our services will not only be on fashion store but also produce for other fashion distributers.

Please answer the following questions about your new business

1.What is the product or service to be provided by your business?  Competition Application代写

Dulex will produce and sell fashion products ranging from clothes, shoes, handbags, and other leather products. All our products will be custom made for both retail and wholesale.

2.What is the problem you want to solve, or the need that needs to be fulfilled? Competition Application代写

A custom-made fashion is considered a luxury and they are usually costly. Dulex Fashion seeks to offer affordable and high-quality designs and style to the world.

3.How does your business differ from other companies that may be providing the same products or services? Competition Application代写

Dulex is unique in its products design and pricing strategy. We believe that people need quality and affordable custom-made products and Dulex Fashion serve them well.

4.How will your business help you grow personally and professionally? Competition Application代写

Dulex Fashion will utilize my decision-making skills, logical skills, customer relation skills and love for fashion. Applying these skills will help me grow professionally through hands-on experiences. The business will also earn income for personal use.

5.How will your business help contribute to social responsibility initiatives? Competition Application代写

Businesses have a social responsibility as a way of giving back to the community. As such, Dulex Fashion will be participating in donating some of its products to the homeless and the poor. I also anticipate organizing fashion gala for fashion competition from around the world. Fashion designers will have the opportunity to showcase their creative designs and fashions.

Competition Application代写
Competition Application代写


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