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Comparison代写 There is need to make comparisons between the two productions especially on how the latter has lived up to the text.


Lolita: Comparison Between the Novel and 1997 Movie


Recently, there has been a trend of movies being adapted from novels and produced with the modern settings. As such, there is need to make comparisons between the two productions especially on how the latter has lived up to the text. The primary aim of this paper is to view Lolita as a movie in the perspectives of whether its adaptation from the novel relate to the work of the original author through its setting, character, and storyline and how these make the two mirror each other in different eras in history. Comparison代写**成品

Lolita is a movie based on a novel “Lolita, of the Confession of a White Window Male” (Lyne). The movie was produced in 1997 directed by Adrian Lyne and written by Stephen Schiff as adapted from a novel authored by Vladimir Nabokov (James par. 1). The novel is about the story of a professor Humbert Humbert who was obsessed by a 12-year-old Dolores Haze. Comparison代写**成品

According to Vallely, (par. 2) the novel was controversial during its time for its inappropriate scenes of obsession. On the hand, the movie Lolita, which is American-French drama stars Jeremy Irons as Humbert Humbert Dominique Swain as the Dolores Haze. There are many similarities between the novel and the movie adaption, however, in as much there are seminaries there exist differences owing to the different setting in time and characters as well as the producer’s judgments.

Differences  Comparison代写


Both works seem to be going for a different thing. The novel mainly focuses on the love between Humbert and Dolores. The comical tone used in the novel makes it witty and more humorous. The movie shifts the focus from the love between them to the journey. This way the movie deviates from the romantic and sexual scenes in the novel. As such, the movie falls short of wit that was in the novel, but it has few emotional tolls from the novel.

Theme  Comparison代写


The novel portrays Humbert disgust for Charlotte, and he even intended to drown her in the lake. It shows how he contemplated on what do, that grabs her by the ankle dive with her (Nabokov 61). The text further shows the juxtaposition of the two extremes of being happy and clinging when she made contact with him. Contrary, the movie overlooked these details. In the movie, Humbert did not seem disgusted by Charlotte. Although it is obvious, he does dislike her; it did not reach a point of him contemplating on drowning her as depicted in the novel. Perhaps the scene was deleted to keep the audience hatred of Humbert.

Character  Comparison代写

The novel portrays the picture of Dolores’s life to Humbert as being a tomboy. Humbert says that he loves her because of her messiness (Nabokov 32). This evident because it only when Charlotte dies that he dressed Dolores in feminine garments. This not so in the movie, as Dolores is seen wearing feminine clothing. Presumably to make her have the allure of a woman.

Similarities  Comparison代写


Humbert is seen playing with Dolores just as an excuse to touch her. The touches as depicted in both the novel and movies are erotic and disturbing to the audience (Nabokov 42). The movie makes these moves tactful so as Humbert can touch her although some part is missing not to glamorize hebephilia.

Theme  Comparison代写

The novel presented the murder of Clare as elaborate and humorous which is also paralleled in the movie scene. The novel has offered a detailed and prolonged Clare murder by Humbert, and which was well displayed in the film showing it graphically as a perfect humorous murder (Nabokov 220).

Humbert wrote a beautiful memoir to Lolita which was so captivating to the extent of the audience sympathizing with him as he expresses sorrow, longing, and agony (Nabokov 183). Eventually, when Lolita left Humbert, the audience could not help but question why. The scene is vivid in the movie as well. Comparison代写**成品

To sum up. Although both the movie and the novel were produced at different periods, in different settings, characters and audience, the theme by the original author have been retained. The love, lust, and infatuation as displayed by Humbert helped bring out this theme clear in both works. Therefore, the movie successful mirrored the novel as well as its wholeness in term message to the audience.


Work Cited  Comparison代写

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