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法学代写 A Japanese saying states, “The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.” The saying means that one has to act like other people…

Conforming for Cover Up 法学代写

A Japanese saying states, “The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.” The saying means that one has to act like other people and not to show off, or else. The saying aligns well with Yoshino’s essay on covering and the hidden assault on civil rights for the culture of covering and conformity to the social norms (Yoshino p. 556). His article squarely agrees with that of Munoz, “Leave your name at the border” which explore how Mexicans change their names to be accepted in English world which is perceived to be a world of opportunities (Munoz par. 15).

Both Yoshino and Munoz wrote about covering and the cost of covering due to the loss of identity (Yoshino p. 555 and Munoz par. 17). In this regard, covering of self-identity is cost and an assault to the civil right and human autonomy that the law seeks to protect. 法学代写

Since he joined first grade, Zack always had passion for scouts. For twelve years, weekend for him and his family was full of activities including swimming, hiking, riding and going to walks and dinners. But all these activities were not full until Zack do any scouting activity whatever, sewing, searching for racoon, tracking during their hikes, races, and more. His passion for scouts, though, was not full for him living in the cover-up, they asked him to keep quiet.

He was a child of two longtime married lesbians: 法学代写

Trisha, a medical doctor and Jackie, a nurse. Zack was one among the millions of children brought up by same-sex couples in America and around the world. A same-sex parent is a group that has grown tremendously over the last few decades within the LGBT community. Like any other child in this community, Zack had to learn how to cover up for who and what he was and where he comes from. He knew not of the rule that being a gay boy scout leader was not allowed. Although there were many gay scouts and leaders, they kept a low profile because being open about sexual orientation meant being kicked out of the scout organization as a lesson that the organization was not ready to promote gay agenda.

There are numerous examples of the suppressed identities covering and seeking assimilation. To many suppressed identities, fitting becomes the greatest barrier to belonging to the society. Many are trying to fit and adjust to the mainstream life while meeting the expectation of the community hence one is denied the autonomy, freedom. And power to exercise own ideas and stand out as a dignified human. Self-repression can lead to repressing own ideas and capabilities. And hence one become a lost opportunity of a creative mind. 法学代写

According to Yoshino, although everyone covers, there are those who cover for fear of self-expression and the likelihood of facing rejection. People cover for various reason, but some are against the very civil right and human right the constitution seek to protect. According to his argument, some emerging social issues like homosexuality and lesbianism should not be accepted and assimilated for equality but by them being a human right.

Gay people suffer in silence and the cover affect them psychologically and emotionally.

Their potential is suppressed and hence becomes self-destruction effected by the societal system and culture. Additionally, this type of cover affects not only the person involved but also the very fabric of society. The marginalization of nonconformist either by self or others is a cost to the society of trying to fit in. 法学代写



Besides, lack of assimilation of the individuals or groups with certain characters. Or traits is a failure to accord them the same right that is stipulated in the constitution. According to Yoshino, the law protects individuals and groups from any harm of discrimination that is degrading to the human rights and freedom. In this sense, traditional civil rights like race, sexual orientation, religion, and disability are protected by the law. And hence any act that contravenes their enjoyment is deemed against the human rights (Yashiro 558). Covering to conform and fit in the society is against civil rights that are protected in the USA constitution.

Therefore, there exists a relationship between covering and civil rights. Gay people shy away from society to conform and try to fit for acceptance. Every human being should practice autonomy and freedom to choose to the extend the act. And freedom does not infringe on another person’s rights. Thus, having the right of expression protected by the constitution, gay people should uncover their true self. And society should not discriminate them for who they are. That said, any person looking down on a gay person and passing judgement should be aware that the person is exercising a protected civil right. As such, society needs to embrace diversity and assimilate everyone in mainstream life.



Civil Disobedience

In his “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” Martin Luther King Jr. supported the principal of being a non-conformity to that is unjust. He termed that which uplifts the human personality as just and that which downplay human personality as unjust (King par. 13). He argued that civil disobedient is needed for the laws that are unjust. And degrading to the human rights and dignity (par. 17). Furthermore, he said that, for civil rights to be applied equally, humans have to practice moral law. Which overrides the existence of “law” that is unjust and enacted to please the majority. It is true that being imprisoned for breaking the law. That causes injustice to the marginalized is in a real sense a way of expressing the highest respect for the law.

The King ideology of nonconformity was derived from Thoreau essay on “Civil Disobedience” in 1849.

Thoreau was a nonconformist himself as he believed that the government is there but as an expedient (Thoreau par. 1). He saw the government as a necessary evil and a self-inflicting pain yet essential that people use to keep themselves standing (par. 2). The government is the direction and control exercised over the citizens of a country or members. The government use law engendered by the constitution and protected by the judicial system. According to him, the government is the rule by the majority and cannot be based on justice as mostly they rule only where expediency is applicable.

It is true that men should be guided by a conscience that is innate in humanity. Before any man is subjected to any law, his conscience should be cleared. That is, the obligation to the law should not supersede what is right in the eye of moral judgement. Some laws were made based on the judgement of the majority which tends to be wrong and against the civil rights of the minority. The application of law should apply indiscriminately in cognition of the right for all. Therefore, civil disobedience aimed at creating human rights for all and individual authenticity is by itself adhering to the law. 法学代写

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