Concentration代写 In the process of applying the psychologist recommendations, I stabled on the five tips on how to improve concentration by Sam Horn.


Since the time I was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, my life has never been the same.  Concentration代写

Before I know this of myself, I could not concentrate on virtually anything. I was usually finding my mind wandering between the current issue and life worries. I found it hard to read and concentrate. I could not do one thing at a time. Most were the times I used to procrastinate and guess what I was always late in everything I did. That is when I choose to see a psychologist who tested my concentration capacity and was surprised to be diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. That was six years ago, and I was still young in my early schooling.

Tips  Concentration代写

The psychologist recommended a few tips which could use to increase my concentration capacity while reducing the possibilities of always worrying too much. In the process of applying the psychologist recommendations, I stabled on the five tips on how to improve concentration by Sam Horn. Horn called them five tips on how to concentrate more effectively which included five more rule, one thinks at a time, conquer procrastination, use your hands as a blinker and see as if for the first time or last time (F.O.C.U.S).  Concentration代写**范文


I used them as a supplement to the three strategies of concentration by Levey and Michelle including mindfulness, meditation and mind fitness (Levey p. 57). The combination of these strategies helps me out of my deficiency in concentration.

Additionally, as I was practicing my concentration strategies, I had to fight the state of being too worrisome.  Concentration代写

It set me searching for a way to be less worried about what is happening in my life. In that process, I came across an article by Kim Pratt called “Psychology Tool: Schedule Worry Time.” Reading through and trying to practice the tool my worrying subsided and mind was able to shift from worrying too much all the time to a particular time I set as “worry time.” I learned about the difference between thinking and worrying which is often misunderstood. I set “think time” as the time I could think about useful things and concentrate. Then I set 30 minutes per day as worry time where I could think about all the worries I have without an apparent reason for getting a solution. Concentration代写**范文

I have to acknowledge that my life has never been the same ever since I began this self-therapy on how to concentrate and worry less. Now I can think constructively and have become productive. I am also punctual in attending my duties. These strategies worked for me, and so they are worth trying.


Work Cited  Concentration代写

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