MKT B363F Spring 2020

Extended Essay

Consumer Behavior代写 Include a brief analysis of characteristics of target consumers in terms of their attitude formation and decision making.

Consumer Behavior代写
Consumer Behavior代写


Weighting: 40% towards your final grade

Word limit: 1,000 – 1,200 words*

Essay Question: How to Market the New Apple MacBook Air

In March of 2020, Apple released the updated version of their laptop, MacBook Air to market (see the press release below). Given this situation, marketers at Apple are requested to develop an advertising campaign to market the new MacBook Air product. In your essay, develop the advertising campaign for Apple as if you were a marketer at Apple. You need to address how your proposed advertisement can achieve the company’s objective, which is specified in the following page.Consumer Behavior代写


Press release from Apple





According to the press release, although the new MacBook Air model has various advanced attributes, it is a challenge for marketers to deliver information regarding the new product to consumers. The good news to marketers is that once consumers decide to buy a new laptop, they are usually highly involved in the purchase situation due to the high cost associated with the laptop purchase. Hence, the objective of the advertising campaign is to improve the attitudes towards the new MacBook Air among consumers with high involvement in the laptop purchase. In the essay, you need to propose one version of the advertisement to achieve the current advertising objective.Consumer Behavior代写

Hints for necessary details to address

The following are the details that should be included in your essay.

  • Include a brief analysis of characteristics of target consumers in terms of their attitude formation and decision making. (Since Apple targets consumers who are highly involved in the laptop purchase, marketers need to understand the characteristics of consumers with high involvement.)Consumer Behavior代写
  • Illustrate the details of the advertisement by explaining your key decisions for the advertisement such as decisions related to source, message, and medium/channel. (You need to provide the details of your decisions as well as the rationale for your decisions.)Consumer Behavior代写
  • Discuss how the proposed advertisement can improve the attitudes based on theories regarding attitude formation/change. (You need to utilize the relevant theories to explain the effectiveness of your proposed advertisement in achieving the objective.)

Marking Guide:

  Judging Criteria Score Allocation  
    (max: 100%)  
  Advertising campaign components    
  (a) Analysis of target consumer segment 20%  
  (b) Key decisions for the advertisement 30%  
  (c) Application of the relevant theories to the proposed advertisement 20%  
  (d) Rationale for the effectiveness of the proposed advertisement 20%  
  Writing component    
  (e) Overall organization and language use 10%  
  Total: 100%  



1.The entire essay should be provided within the word limit of 1,000-1,200 words. If your answer exceeds the word limit (>1,200 words), 10% of your final score will be deducted.Consumer Behavior代写

2.It is strictly prohibited to copy and paste exact phrases from the lecture/tutorial slides, the textbook, and any other sources. You have to write in your own words whenever you refer to the contents/ideas/findings from the lecture/tutorial slides, the textbook, and other sources. Also, when you refer to contents/ideas/findings from sources other than the lecture/tutorial slides and the textbook, you should cite them properly and provide the list of references at the end of the essay. The reference list does not count against the word limit.Consumer Behavior代写


Consumer Behavior代写
Consumer Behavior代写



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