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Impact of the Internet on Music Sales Decline in Sony Music Entertainment

Presentation script代写 Hello. (Greet the audience). (Then introduce yourself) My name is (your name) a student of (your program or course title).

Greet the audience

Hello. (Greet the audience). (Then introduce yourself) My name is (your name) a student of (your program or course title).

Regarding music assessment three research proposal. I am going to present to you a research problem of “impact of the internet on music sales decline in Sony Music Entertainment”. The research aims to identify the potential impact of the internet on declining sales in Sony Music and make appropriate recommendations that will help the company increase sales.

General context of the company  Presentation script代写

(Give a general context of the company and the industry it operates. Also important is mentioning the trends in the music industry regarding the internet and music sales.) Before going to more detail about this research. It is essential to lay down a general context to the research problem.

Sony Music is one of the largest music records in American and is owned by Sony Inc. Sony Music operates in various parts of the world, including Europe, Asia, Australia, and America. The company operates in the music industry as the record label for musicians. It employs more than 8,200 people in its music sections around the world. The turnover for the company has been on the decline since the emergence of digital music, and as of March 2019, it was $3.8 billion. Presentation script代写**格式

The revenue represents an 8.6 per cent drop year-over-year. The reason I have an interest in conducting this research is that I work as a sales representative for Sony Music in Brisbane, Australia.

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Looking at the last few decades, they have ushered in the digital and internet era which have revolutionized the world media and communication. Including music production, marketing, and sharing. Indeed, the internet platform has drastically developed to lower the time in transfer, sharing, and dissemination of the information. In the perspective of music distribution, the ease of access and cost has been advantageous to music consumers where they enjoy a variety of products at lower costs. Presentation script代写**格式

According to the IFPI Global Music Report (2019), music revenues of $19.1 billion represent growth by 9.7 per cent. More than 34.0 per cent growth is contributed by development in internet streaming. Digital music streaming and downloads largely attribute the growth in the music industry.

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However, this has been a significant setback and likely undoing to the music labels, notably Sony Music. The turnover for the company has been on the decline, and as of March 2019, it was $3.8 billion. The revenue represents an 8.6 per cent drop year-over-year. We can say that companies had anticipated the growth on the internet and have feared the growth of the digital and internet world which is the source of the music pirating and a threat to the music industry revenues (Pause). The market shifts and drops in sales over decades prompted me to conduct as research on the cause of sales decline and hence be able to offer recommendations. Presentation script代写**格式

Therefore, it is critical first to understand the internet growth, and the information digitization in regards to the music industry. And how the music is distributed to the end consumers to appreciate the effects it has to the welfare of the main stakeholders. Copyright protection and limitation to music access are inevitable in promoting creative art and the welfare of the stakeholders. (Pause)

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How are the laws regulating the music industry? (Make a transition to your response to the question)

Unfortunately, we see that weakened music copyright has caused havoc in the music industry. Where music privacy has thrived, mainly due to internet growth. From the perspective of the general public. It is paramount to understand the generic effects of the internet, which have led to the digitization of music. Digitization of the music and increase in music piracy in the distribution channels is a demotivation to music producers, especially due to lower revenues generated from music.

(Continue discussing music piracy due to the internet and how it has impacted the industry)  Presentation script代写

Additionally, we can ask ourselves what the impact of music piracy on the music industry is. (Let the audience ponder the question) In this perspective, there are extensive studies in the empirical literature focusing on the effect of music piracy in the industry. Studies have found how the internet has led to the digitization and thus increase in music piracy by looking at the level of sales made over time by the producers. (Pause) Presentation script代写**格式

Therefore, I will try to find the correlation between internet growth, an increase in piracy and a decline in sales of Sony Music. That is, the research will be based on the hypothesis. That the internet has enabled the ease to access and sharing of unlicensed music and hence caused a decline in sales revenues.

(Try to explain your hypothesis)  Presentation script代写

In the last two decades, the internet has offered an alternative to licensed digital music. Where consumers access MP3 and video music downloads from free-illegal online channels. Technology has facilitated illegal file-sharing and download and hence affected sales revenues of music labels like Sony Music. This is dependent on the number of illegal music on the sale of a particular artist. Some customers may be interested in paying for a specific song in an album instead of buying the whole album from authentic sources. The file-sharing and downloads of individual songs from a particular album can be considered to affect more on the album sales rather than the song sales.

Now, here comes the need for this research. (Pause)  Presentation script代写

Much of the recent empirical studies have failed to illuminate on the impact of the internet on music sales and the transcending effects on specific music labels. Thus, it is at the heart of this research paper to answer the question of the impact of the internet on music sales decline in Sony Music. The first question to ask is how the consumer perceives the unlicensed music download being the alternative to the licensed purchase of online music channels. Presentation script代写**格式

In this respect, I will evaluate the issues of the displacement of music sales by illegal online downloads. And the trade-off that exists in the economics of the copyrights — also. The paper address how online music downloads have affected the buying behavior of consumers. Finally, evaluate what the management of Sony Music can do to increase sales.

The research will be based on a particular methodology. (Pause)  Presentation script代写

The study will use a research survey, which is the most effective and efficient as well as the most suitable approach regarding the target population and research question. Besides that, mixed-method will be used to analyze and present data. Presentation script代写**格式

The study will present a structured questionnaire to the music consumers where few relevant questions will be asked to assess their online behavior. The research will target a population sample of 1000 young internet users and music consumers in Brisbane city. Brisbane population is the most convenient and economical for the researcher. Also, city dwellers are more exposed to the use of the internet. Which has turned to a significant distribution channel in the music industry.

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Regarding the course material, it is also vital I justify my sample and methods used.  Presentation script代写

The samples will be selected randomly and non-probabilistic in the city. That is, respondents will be chosen at random selective to get the particularly those conversant with internet use and music lovers. Random sampling is cheap and fast to get the respondents and to solicit answers. On the other hand, nonprobability sampling allows discrimination of the participants to get those competent in internet use and music streaming. Researchers will go around the city, selecting participants randomly. The data collection will need 20 researchers. Presentation script代写**格式

The participants will be expected to answer the questions presented without giving personal information. Limiting the amount of personal data will assure them of privacy.

Thus, to ensure my research observe research ethics, I keep the following measures:

  • Each participant will be informed of his/her rights to voluntary take part in the study.
  • The questionnaire will not collect personal information and only age, and sex details are required.
  • The participant can opt-out of the research anytime.
  • No information shared by the respondent will be shared with the third party.

 The questionnaire will focus on music purchase preferences between licensed and unlicensed, sources, their rates of download, music format. And their opinion on the effect of the illegal music downloads.

(Discuss the questionnaire in brief)  Presentation script代写

(Final remark) This research is essential to the company since it will offer the basis on which to make recommendations to increase music sales revenues.

I am looking forward to your input and approval of this research proposal so that I can go ahead with the actual research.

Thank you.

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