Interviewee 2 (Chau Anh) Age: Early 20 Female Want to visit Phuket

speech代写 Today I’m gonna interview you about the Phuket like about when your thought about images and stuff. of that place.

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Today I’m gonna interview you about the Phuket like about when your thought about images and stuff. of that place. So what does the word authenticity means to you? Like, what is an authentic trips?

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To me is something real and not faking it by like, not artificial, like all by made by nature, like in I mean, in terms of tourism has to be like local, either locally made or like in terms of food and food. And if it’s really a attraction, it has to connect have a deep rooted connection with the culture it conscious made up, or it can’t just be is not like entirely connected to the destination that you have to feel like you had had to negative environment. production. Yeah.

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And so have you been to Phuket?

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I’ve never had the opportunity to go to Phuket but I really want to visit one

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Have you ever heard of it?

I did. Yeah.

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So how do you know about it? Like Is it beautiful? like how

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yes 100% it is

mostly from Instagram travel like influence on Facebook and stuff yet and they like social media they do a lot of life they traveling at the same time they marketing for this nation. So that’s how I heard

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Yeah, okay, and so like so how does those information influence your feeling to it? Does it make you wanting to go there?

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Definitely. Definitely. I really want to go there. Especially I never travel alone before really wants to try and also wants to home you know, travel alone and meet strangers alone.

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on what sort of occasion ?

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you know it is like simple trips. It’s like I read a list of you have to do one before you die and it said travel alone. So I think travel alone is a good idea I never traveled before was would be worth a shot.

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when I asked you about Phuket so what is the first things that come to your mind, the first images ?

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it is really like it is stunning the coastal city with like the water is so clear that you can even see the sun underneath you and that’s how like how beautiful it is and how much effort they actually put in to protect the beach because some other pitches in Vietnam they they they don’t have any policy or anything in there like development plan on whatsoever so that people just keep throwing things around like we’re there people just littering on like on the on the surface and actually created really bad impression. But look at here and you all you can see just like really clear water but after, like behind that there’s a lot of work and a lot of effort to put into keep it clean. So that’s  another thing that I really worth appreciate.

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so based on what kind of activity do you think like, people can do there?

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Canoeing or traveling on boat. Yeah, on a cruise. Oh, maybe not on a cruise. Because I’ve never seen a cruise but yet relating to like water activity. Yeah, because I heard there is a beautiful sunset there is Oh, yeah. Yeah,

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when you go there , you might want to relax.

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Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. I actually like watching Sunset on the beach.


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So yeah, it’s like top list of mine.

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Yeah, top of the list. And so

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how about the food?

You ever thought about?

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Never had of the food before. But the general impression of Thailand Thai food is really spicy in hot and sour. Yeah.

So that is the general impression and ever Thai Thai food before though.

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when, when we go on the trip and start off we consider like, whether it’s cheap, some more expensive. So based on your opinion, do you think it’s going to be like? Because for some countries you go, they tend to like charge tourists extra Yeah?

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that’s, that’s something that you can avoid. It happens everywhere with you know, when people know that these people are the tourist I’m making like, charged extra like chipboard a boat is totally normal in every country. Yeah. It’s something that you should expect, actually. But the thing is that you can also avoid or eliminated by you have a local like, guide to actually like go like take you to places or you can make friends who are locals. They can introduce us. Yeah, yeah. So there’s a lot of ways to like, save money on that, sir. Yeah, I don’t think that should be a problem.

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How many day would you want to stay there?

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I love beaches. Those I think two weeks should be okay. Or maybe two weeks. Yeah, I can spend I can even spend my whole life there. Actually, we should do this. I just want you what I work that I would like I just going to apply for a job in a hole in a resort and take all the advantages of working in a hotel is pretty nice.

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good idea. has another question is about the otherness which is like what do you think like, it would be different from your country? like of course in Vietnam, their beaches as well Yeah? And so by comparing those two beaches, like you said before comparing that like a good environment, the food not so clean. So what are the things that you think you know, be different in terms of maybe of culture or life style?

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Like so what I know because we all like basically agent and we in no way or another we still have a lot of similarities. I never been there before so can’t really actually tell you what the differences are but I saw a lot of similarities the biggest they actually that it looks like a lot it really look alike with the with the Harlem by Yeah, it looks so much alike that I even thought and when someone do a video is about it. And we know about Phuket and even today

And it’s how amazing it is. It just, it just looks so familiar. It looks just love service of similar. Yeah, we have exactly the same kind of progress and kind of like, trees day and I get confused with this one to Phi Phi Island.

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And also in terms of like, the way people treating the other Do you think like?

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they’re gonna be like, friendly or so?

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I expect Thai people to be friendly Muslim are really friendly. Because some people are my world. They’re friendly. So of course,I expect to be there.

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I think people from different countries tend to have their own you know? Yeah, tourism stuff. Like in China, they tend to be more they don’t speak English and stuff. And they you know, Oh, nice friendly. Yeah.


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Well, it’s the point is that we’re not in their shoes so we don’t know what they actually there. Maybe in the Chinese country they don’t. They don’t like tourists. Because it’s already crowded enough and then they don’t want more people to like, you know, take the space, even if it is tourists, but here I think can’t really tell actually but never heard of like bad reviews about the people they ever so I think it should be good. okay for you to turn off

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Ok these are all the questions I am going to ask you and thank you very for your time.