Interviewee 1 (Thuy Ha Nguyen) Age: early 20 Female want to visit Phuket

Speaker代写 Hi, so today the interviews I want to interview you about the I tourism destinations which is Phuket. 

Speaker 1  0:01 Speaker代写

Hi, so today the interviews I want to interview you about the I tourism destinations which is Phuket. So, the first questions I want to ask you is, what does the word authenticity means to you?

Speaker 2  0:27

For me the word Authenticity is something.

Something unique, genuine, trust

Speaker 1 0:42 Speaker代写

So you mean trustworthy? Okay, and so have you ever heard of Phuket before?

Speaker 2  0:50

Yes, I did.

Speaker 1  0:51

Um, have you ever been there?


Speaker 2 Speaker代写

Um, no, I never.

Speaker 1

Okay, so how do you know about this Phuket? By my friend from a friend?

Speaker 2

Yeah, they visited there like, a lot of time.

Oh, and also by YouTube and the Google

Speaker 1 1:15 Speaker代写

what are the things that you found there like what are the activity like you’ve learned? You can do in Phuket?

Speaker 2 1:23

There are a lot of things to do in Phuket, like shopping and try the new thing like eat a lot of street food.

Speaker 1  1:35

So, when I asked you about Phuket, what is the first thing that comes to your mind, what was the first image?

Speaker 2  1:50 Speaker代写

The first thing that comes into my mind is nature. They got beautiful beaches down there. It has many mountain and an Island called Phi Phi island Okay, it is the most beautiful place must visit down there.

Speaker 1 2:13

So to you. What type of tourists or destination place would you consider as authentic? How does it influence your feeling like your interest in the city? Does it make you want to go there? Or do you feel?

Speaker 2  2:44 Speaker代写

I want to see the place down there with the fantastic trees, foods and the nature that they got from the mountains in 100 years there and the main thing everything is so cheap down there.

Speaker 1  2:58

Okay, so on what sort of occasion would you go there?

Is it during holiday?

Speaker 2  3:07  Speaker代写

during holiday

Speaker 1  3:08

holiday with your boyfriend?

Speaker 2  3:12

with friends and family

Speaker 1  3:13 Speaker代写

Okay. So how many days would you spend there? Roughly?

Speaker 2 3:21

Maybe on six days

Speaker 1  3:32

do you think it’s going be a an expensive or cheap on trips?

Speaker 2  3:43 Speaker代写

I think it’s gonna be the cheap one. When we’re talking about the whole country, Thailand. Asian country is I mean, like everything cheaper than our country.

Speaker 1 3:59

what about the food? Do you think what kind of food you will have ? Have you do any research about a food?

Speaker 2 Speaker代写


Speaker 1

So what sort of food like what is the main condition of Thailand? Food? traditional food?

Speaker 2


Speaker 1 Speaker代写

Okay, So regarding to Thailand? So what kind of people do you think they are? Like, what kind of people do you think? Are they friendly?

Speaker  2 4:40

I think Asian we are friendly, kind and polite to the tourists

Speaker 1  4:59

Do you think they would charge you extra just because you’re a tourist from other country?

Speaker 2  5:03 Speaker代写

Yes, but not that much it


Speaker 1  5:05

Okay. So when you go there?

Speaker 2  5:10

I would go during holiday

Speaker 1 5:13 Speaker代写

Last question, do you think they will consider you as an outsider people like, you know the word otherness and its meaning? You are someone who from a different country. So they would treat you a differently? And so how, how, what do you think would be different from your country? That you can think of  in terms of the culture, the life style, etc.

Speaker 2 5:40

A peaceful lifestyle I guess, I think the main thing is they not going think that im that much of a different  since I’m an Asian as well. And my country tradition and culture is quite similar.

Speaker 1 5:48 Speaker代写

So they mostly similar to your country?

Speaker 2


Speaker 1

How about comparing to Australia?

Speaker 2 5:53 Speaker代写

are very different.

Yeah, in my country when everyone don’t  let other women to hold her hand. And I’ll show you they shake the hand.

Speaker 1  6:18 Speaker代写

Ok. So that’s all that’s the question that I’m going to ask you today. Thank you for your time!