Challenges Facing Institution of Higher Learning

澳大利亚essay代写 Higher learning institutions play a significant role in equipping students with doctorates, masters, and degrees programs in Australia.

Executive summary

Higher learning institutions play a significant role in equipping students with doctorates, masters, and degrees programs in Australia. The institution of higher learning in Australia offers a wide range of programs such as law, social science, arts and commerce. The majority of the Australians institution has been ranked as the best institution offering environmental sciences, accounting, finance, medicine, and other courses. However, with the rapid changes in the global market, the effectiveness of the university in providing component skilled personal has gone low. The decrease is due to the challenges faced by university leaders in managing their respective institutions.

The university management is facing challenges such as the budget cut, increased cost and shift in finances. The challenge of evolving jobs, imbalance of income and expenditure and the market, among others. These challenges have decreased the overall student performance at the universities in Australia. There are, however, some practical measures that the university management can use to mitigate this problem. For instance, it is recommended that the universities managers ensure that their institutions equip learners with updated skills required in the current market.

Introduction 澳大利亚essay代写

Managing the university is one of the most critical and complex tasks the university managers face in Australia. With the increases in intake of the student. And the rapidly changing economy due to technological advancement, the management of the universities is increasingly becoming hard for the university administrators in Australia (Declaration et al., n.d). The challenges are experienced when it comes to the management of both the students and the staff. The management of the student requires the management to have enough finances; however, most universities in Australia are experiencing a problem with finances due to some of the strict measures that the government has imposed on universities management.

For instance, the government has reduced all the universities’ financial help, increasing the financial crisis among many universities. Due to financial constraints, the university management also finds it challenging to motivate. And improve the working standard of their employees (Palvia et al., 2018). The work is structured in discussion challenges faced by leaders in managing institutions of higher learning in Australia and provides recommendations of possible ways to mitigate this challenge.

Challenges facing institution of higher learning in Australia

The increased cost and shifting funds. 澳大利亚essay代写

The cost of running the institution of higher learning in Australia has been increasing rapidly compared to the increase in the inflation rate. The rapid growth in running coast has compelled the Australian government to experience a problem of expenditure under pressure due to the rise in the financial crisis in the country (Marshman & Larkins, 2020). The majority of the students in Australia are increasingly becoming responsible for paying their university fees. However, it remains a challenge to the government to ensure that the universities education in Australia remains stable. The rapid technological change has also increased pressure on university managers.

It is because high technology requires the workforce at the university to adopt it and remain productive for longer. Achieving this is expensive hence posing pressure to the university funding.  There is a need for the universities leaders to be constantly creative and intellectual in striving to come up with alternatives means that will keep the institution ahead of time (Biak et al., 2019). This principle will enable the universities to improvise alternative means of survival that will sustain the university in a situation where the financial cost of running the institution has become a big problem.

Imbalance of income and expenditure due to the effect of covid 19 pandemic. 澳大利亚essay代写

The outbreak of the covid 19 has severely affected the management of the universities in Australia. During the pandemic, no more enrollment of international students was done in Australian universities due to the restriction of movement through banning all travel. The situation has led to a considerable decline in the total revenue of the universities in Australia. According to Thatcher (2020), the revenue declined by $17,359,452,714 by the end of the year 2020. The enrollment of international students is expected to continue to decline with the increase in the pandemic in the future. This situation has become a significant challenge to the leaders of the institution of higher learning in Australia.

With the severe decrease of the income generated by the universities from the enrollment of the universities, most universities managers are experiencing a problem of managing the expenditure. Most crucial universities programs have been paralyzed due to a lack of finances. The number of employments of the university staff has also declined due to an imbalance of university income and revenue. According to the research the most universities have also failed to manage their employees due to inadequate finances (Thatcher et al., 2020).

As a result, the universities have lost their well-skilled employees due to their inability to continue sustaining them during the covid 19 pandemic. 澳大利亚essay代写

Therefore, the imbalance between the income. And expenditure in the universities in Australia due to the outbreak of the covid 19 is one of the most critical problems facing universities leaders.

With the continued increase of the pandemic in the future, the situation may continue to be worse. Dealing with this challenge calls for the need of university administrator to include the theory of management science in their strategies. The theory helps the managers deal with all the current global events that are affecting the organization (Bowser, 2017). Covid 19 pandemic is one of the most international events that significantly impact the management of universities in Australia. With the aid of management science theory, universities managers can come up with alternative ways of handling this situation as it addresses various ways of dealing with problems. For instance, the universities can increase the enrollment of international students in online classes to reduce the imbalance of income. And expenditure in the organization.


Challenge of attracting and maintaining the best talent

For the university’s running to be successful and practical, the university must recognize the importance of maintaining a rich and diverse workforce. Most universities in Australia face the challenge of creating a more successful team that can help the institution get more wins in the research share income and attract the best junior academics and students to the university (Saito & Pham, 2019). Even though most universities in Australia are coming up with effective strategies that can be used to reward the staff, the drivers of the staff motivation are still not cleared implemented. Most universities in Australia tend to believe that motivation is only linked to the employees’ salaries. 澳大利亚essay代写

As a result, many universities leaders in Australian universities have put more focus on employee’s salaries, forgetting that they are other essential factors that can be put into consideration when motivating the staff (Declaration et al., n.d). This situation has made many university administrators experience a problem of maintaining and attracting the best talent, leading to failure. The universities managers need to make use of the management by objective (MBO) practice to deal with the situation. With the effective use of the MBO practices the universities managers can come up with effective goals, come up with the action plans, review the organisational plans and appraise overall employees’ performance (Bowser, 2017).

The result from the appraisal can help the university leaders understand all the strengths. And weaknesses of their employees and factors that need to be improved on in the institution. This will help the organization adjust its operational strategies and develop practical ways to motivate the staff to help them improve their productivity and retain them in the organization.

The budget cut 澳大利亚essay代写

Most of the universities programs in the United States have been paralyzed due to the government cutting 2.2 billion from the university funding. The government of Australia restricted the commonwealth grants for teaching. And learning hence restricting budgets severely at all universities in Australia. The government decision has put a lot of pressure on university management (Subraamanniam et al., 2021). The universities leaders in Australia are facing the challenge of capping students’ places. Since the government has restricted the commonwealth grant funding, most universities cannot increase the enrollment of more students in their universities (Jackson, 2017).

The universities leaders in Australia face the challenge of financial planning due to the loss of 10 million dollars from the projection income. Most of the public funding universities in Australia are experience a lot of financial dilemmas. Which is thought to be the contributing factor to increased poor performance in that country.

An evolving job markets 澳大利亚essay代写

Due to the rapid increase and improvement of technology in Australia, the job market has been continually evolving. The advancement of technology has enhanced the process of creativity and innovation among the citizen of Australia’s a result, more technologically advanced industries have been opened in the market (Saito & Pham, 2019). Since the drives are entirely using the new technology in production, there is an excellent need to employ qualified personnel with the necessary skills to work effectively in the latest technology (Saito & Pham, 2021). Training employees with up-to-date skills becomes a significant challenge to the university. Therefore, the university managers face a significant challenge working extra hard to see that their institution provides all the necessary skills required in the job market.

According to Saito & Pham (2021), universities leaders need to continuously research and be informed of the changing trends in the job market in Australia.

Accomplishing this objective is time-consuming and expensive hence becoming a significant challenge to the leaders. The universities managers can apply the theory of scientific management when dealing with the situation. The scientific administration theory focuses on individual worker productivity (Bowser, 2017). Therefore, with the aid of this theory, the managers can assess the individual teaching staff to ensure that they equip learners with all the necessary skills required in the current market.

The assessment can be based on the teaching methodology and related to the new technological world. Through the theory of scientific management, the university managers can help the lectures do away with all the outdated skills that are not required in the current market. And help them equip learners with more practical and informed skills that the industry demands.

Conclusion 澳大利亚essay代写

The management of the institution of higher learning in Australia is increasingly becoming a challenge, especially to the university’s leaders. Most universities are going through many challenges that hinder their ability to run the universities well. And enhance good performance among the learners. Some of the challenges that the university leaders in Australia face in managing the universities include the budget cut, increased cost of running the universities, the challenge of the evolving job market, and others. As a result, the university management is going through many financial constraints and pressure that hinder performance effectiveness.

Most of the universities program have been paralyzed due to lack of finances due to the government’s decision to restrict the financial aid in the financial institutions. The advancement in technology has also increased pressure on the university’s management. Aecause the demand in the market placer requires universities to give them graduates with more updated necessary skills in the technological economy. Various principles and theories of management such as scientific management theory need to be effectively used by managers to manage some challenge.


To curb and mitigate this challenge, I recommend that the following measures should be put in place. 澳大利亚essay代写

  • The university should ensure that it incorporates different techniques in its teaching. And embrace the use of the new technology to support the learning process. This will help the university prepare graduates with all the necessary skills required in the market. And apply them to future generations. Embracing new technology in teaching will help the university equip the learners with all the essential skills needed for the changing market.
  • The universities leaders, such as the vice counselors, must ensure that the educators in their institution are doing away with the outdated skills that are not required at the market and only focusing on the most needed skills. The educators at the universities must be willing and ready to adapt the curricula. And use them to equip the students with the most necessary skills required in the market. This strategy will help the university supply the market with the most competent graduates with all the essential skills required.

  • The universities administrators in Australia should come up with the most effective strategies of motivating the employees’ reward should not only be linked to the salaries of the employees but also on other factors. For instancing apart from increasing employees’ salaries. The university can also motivate the employees by creating an enabling environment where the employees can develop their practices. And build up their reputation hence contributing to the increased performance in the university.
  • The government should also increase their financial help [p to the universities and enable the financial aid organizations to give their financial aid to the university management. Equipping the universities with enough finance will allow the administrators to plan effectively for the institution’s smooth running, minimizing the financial crisis.
  • The government can help maintain the affordability of university learning in Australia by regulating the number of schools and other financial requirements to ensure that all the universities get the finances that can comfortably support the running of the programs.

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