Everybody Hates Chris

Parental Gender Roles as Depicted in the Movie

Parental Gender Roles代写 Parents play a critical role in the development process of their children (Hernández-Alava et al.,).


Child Development

As children grow, they undergo a series of development stages from infant to teens to adults. The development stage of a child is an essential aspect of personhood and include physical, intellectual, emotional, and social. Parents play a critical role in the development process of their children (Hernández-Alava et al.,). As they provide basic needs, life skills, encouragements, supports, and other things that are key in their development.    Parental Gender Roles代写**范文

It has been established that the first teacher to a child is the parent and remain one throughout the life of the child (Hernández-Alava et al.,). They act as coaches by exposing the children to age-appropriate hardships. That enable them to grow as they experience through exploration and learn from failures and successes. They are also given a chance to interact with the environment hence reinforcing the values instilled to them by parents.

Taking the case of Chris in the sitcom “Everybody Hates Chris,” by Rock (2006).  Parental Gender Roles代写

We can see how he grew up in very strict parents who believed in virtues of good parenthood. The child development experts have found that children grow through experiences as well as learning from each experience. The child development experts have illustrated the child grow in terms of the scaffolding of a building. The way a scaffolding is used to support the building being built. And after the structure has dried and is strong enough. They are gradually removed, the same way parents have to support their children until such time they are able to be on their own. If a child is weak, the parent has a responsibility to reinstate their support.

Parental Gender Roles代写
Parental Gender Roles代写

As depicted in the sitcom, presently, father’s and mother’s roles in childhood development is a modern issue.  Parental Gender Roles代写

As such, as seen between Julius and Rochelle, Chris parents, the understanding of the roles in parenting and their impact on the children development is vital. Children not only need to grow physically but also need emotional. And psychological developments fed through a positive environment and adequate care. From the movie, we see that a family is where children and everybody feel secure and peaceful. Therefore, the family needs to be happy and live in harmony for the healthy development of the children. Furthermore, parental gender roles are critical to ensuring every parent has played a part in raising a good family. The two essential roles being the husband/wife and a parent (father and mother).

Evidently, gender roles have been in existence and practiced throughout the history of humanity.  Parental Gender Roles代写

More so in traditional families setup where each family member had a role to play. That is, it has been a norm that the husband or father is the provider of the family. While the woman or wife stays at home and take care of the family, do daily routines like cleaning, cooking, and more. Although these roles and duties are in modern days being switched, they are perceived weird and unconventional. In which case, if a woman becomes financially more successful than her husband. The husband may feel insecure or start seeing himself as weak.   Parental Gender Roles代写**范文

In “Everybody Hates Chris” the theme of parental gender role is evident as being observed in the events happening between Julius and Rochelle. For us to explore the power of male in parenting as depicted in the movie, we need to break down Julius’s roles as the father into five characteristics of hegemonic masculinity. We can see him in terms of the frontiersman, control or force, heterosexuality, occupational achievement, and patriarchal hierarchy. First, I will expound on the male household norms then try to apply his characteristics in approaching his parental roles.

Julius as the Parent and the Father to Chris  Parental Gender Roles代写

The movie depicts him as a hard-working man in the family for the family. He is a father of three children bidding him work two jobs to sustain his family and wife. Because he works more hours that he is tired for anything else, he uses the free time to relax and sleep. Julius knows and accepts his role as the family provider. Being a hard-working man, he is aware of the hardships he undergoes to feed his family; he prefers cheap life by also being careful and smart in his spending habits. Unlike his wife, he understands the value of money and not ready to spend loosely. He knows that, if they live within what he can afford as well as spend wisely, he will not have to work harder to afford a living expense.

Consequently, in the review of Julius’s norms in fulfilling his household roles.  Parental Gender Roles代写

It follows then that I will apply the two characteristics which in my discretion will be important in understanding his character. As such, I will look at the occupational achievement and how he is able to take control of his force in the house.

Parental Gender Roles代写
Parental Gender Roles代写

From the previous discussion about the movie episodes, it is evident that Julius is the one who pays for the bills around the house. He works hard every day in order to earn income to provide for his family as well as parental play roles. Expressly, this shows his occupational achievements. As such, he has earned his voice in the family, thus as a man becomes the ultimate decision maker in big issues around the house.   Parental Gender Roles代写**范文

As a norm, he is not always involved in especially in small insignificant issues, but his intervention and input are sought in pertinent problems affecting the running of home as his say is always final. This role and character are directly related to his control or force in the house. Like any other husband and a father, his occupational achievements win him the voice and control of his household. Although his wife Rochelle is the voice in every decision made, by implication the family is aware of Julius contribution as the head honcho.

Rochelle as the Wife and the Mother to Chris  Parental Gender Roles代写

Besides being a wife and a mother, Rochelle has temporary jobs and most of the times when not working she spends her time at home serving her family. Occasionally she gets gigs but has tendencies of quitting at her convenience if things do not work her way. Her irresponsibility at work is vested in the husband ability to provide for the family adequately. She has a daily routine of getting the kids to school, prepare and feed the family, and cleaning the house as well as carry out the small chores and errands as the needs arise. Close analysis of the movie episodes depicts that, although she does not have to wake up early for formal work, her contributions and roles at home are immense and sometimes challenging to her.

Looking at their roles and contributions, conclusively she works as hard as her husband Julius do only that differently.  Parental Gender Roles代写

She makes her husband live easier by taking over the in-house routines which he cannot conveniently do. Because of her contribution, Julius does not have other life troubles beside working and providing for the family. However, contrary to Julius who is a little miser and try as much to spend cheaply, she makes his life harder by being a spendthrift. Which according to her husband can bring trouble to the family living. It seems that her view to the value of money is different from that of Julius because she is not the one toiling every day to earn it. Being a stay at home mother is sometimes boring to her, but she manages to play her part by making sure the house chores and other duties are attended.

Sitcom  Parental Gender Roles代写

The parental gender roles presented in every episode in the sitcom “Everybody Hates Chris” enlighten the audience on the various roles as parents have to the family. How to go on into fulfilling them, as well as raising a family where the children feel protected and supported. The audience is also able to learn about the life of Chris at home and how his parent scaffolded him to the maturity and be a man for himself. Moreover, the show aimed at presenting the stereotypes and hardships black families especially children were undergoing in their early life.   Parental Gender Roles代写**范文

The experiences in some ways hardened them to be who they were and stand for what they were. Chris experiences apply to in every young person who might be undergoing hardships to learn how to be strong and push on.  The sitcom is still applicable in today’s families especially in taking parental roles. And make families a nursery bed from which better people and families emanate and develop. The whole theme is encapsulated in humor and jumble of events makes the sitcom worth your time.

Work Cited  Parental Gender Roles代写

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