Capitalism, the Environment, and the Future

Environment代写 The ecological and economic resources the world population is dependent on is likely not to be available in equal measure going forward.

Our Current Way of Life

The world is enjoying over 1 billion unprecedented improved standards of living over the last century. Despite the improved standard of living majority of prominent leaders have said “No.” Their argument being. The more prosperous the world become, the less sustainable it will be. The ecological and economic resources the world population is dependent on is likely not to be available in equal measure going forward. Consequently, as these resources become scarce, our way of life will be disrupted leading to societal imbalance and collapse.

Reason for Unsustainability Environment代写

Our production and consumptions habit cause more harm than good to the environment. In his website Center for Industrial Progress, Apstein explains how the level of pollution has gone down in most developed countries, but there is an increase in emissions which has resulted in a slow increase in global warming. The global warming thus has led to global climate changes which have negatively impacted on the natural resources like forests, water, and animals. Environment代写**格式

Another reason for unsustainability of the current life is the fact that the natural resources are non-renewable and limited while the human needs are insatiable. Hence, to satisfy the growing unending human needs and lifestyle, more and more pressure is put on the natural resources. The people are consuming/using the natural resources at higher levels that they are available. Environment代写**格式

According to the article by Chouinard et al. (52), they observed that regardless of the effort made by some reputable businesses in reducing the damages they are doing to the environment, the negative impact continues. They illustrated the need to have a sustainable economy where all business pays for the cost of repairing the damages they cause to the environment during production (54). They referred their concept as “pricing the priceless”.


Responses to Climatic Changes Environment代写

The world environmental agencies have been at the forefront in advocating measures in a bid to reducing the magnitude of climatic changes. The world is receptive of these measures, but we are yet to achieve a significant drop in global climate change. In the bid to respond to climate changes the world needs to adopt the concept of green economy (SChildberg 2). This will ensure minimum emissions which has at large contributed to global warming. Further, the communities and individuals need to reduce their carbon emission footprinting by adapting to low-emission technologies like solar panels and biogas. Environment代写**格式

There is a need to develop the renewable energy which to a large extent reduce the greenhouse gas emission. Beside adaption of the green economy, businesses need to build a culture of environmental care and ethics and practice sustainable business practices which conform to the environmental sustainability and sustainable livelihood (4, 5). In so doing, the natural resources damages can be restored as the businesses will pay for the price of restoration.

Barriers to Caring Sustainable Economy Environment代写

Striking a balance between the caring, sustainable economy and increased need for human satisfaction and needs is becoming difficult. According to SChildberg (6, 7), the natural resources have become financial assets where traditionally was under the care of humans. As such, commercialization of these natural resources has led to outsourcing the care of the market forces. Due to lack of control, awareness, and greediness of many business players, these resources end up being overexploited thus the efforts for sustainable economy become futile. Capitalism代写**格式

Another block beside transfer of care is the increase in demand to feed the ever-growing human population. Population growth is a pressure to the economy to produce more for consumption. As the pressure is on businesses, they tend to increase the level of production sustain the market. Given that the resources are not renewed, and the rate at which they are consumed is very high they may end up depleted. To balance between caring, sustainable economy and the growing pressure population growth is difficult and mostly businesses sacrifice caring for natural resources for economic gains.


Work Cited Environment代写

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