Environmental Protection Law

Environmental Protection Law代写 The page is detailed and linked to external links for more information about the implementation of RCRA correction actions.


The identified area is 3M Brownwood.

The profile page name contains facility information, facility detail report, Process classification, other names for the site and programs that the facility is regulating under the RCRA corrective action (Environmental Protection Agency n.d). The page also contains the site location aerial view map under the address 3M Brownwood, 4501 Highway 377 S, Brownwood, TX 76801. The website provides the cleanup progress summary and environmental impact summary of the contamination. Under environmental impact and summary is the status of the corrective actions taken and whether they are under control or not.  Environmental Protection Law代写**范文

Also, the page gives pollution and exposure overview, controls and reports. The reporting site provides the overview of the biennial report summary which contains the yearly reports from 2001 to 2017 about the generated tons of wastes, management in tons, and waste shipped. The report also provides the list of facilities used in the cleanup system. Besides, the site gives the link to the corrective actions programs initiated to around the nation. Overall, the page is detailed and linked to external links for more information about the implementation of RCRA correction actions.

According to the report  Environmental Protection Law代写

Environmental Protection Law代写
Environmental Protection Law代写

Chaudhuri and Srinivasulu on trends in underground water contamination in Texas between 1930 to 2010 found that underground water was at high risk of contamination and salinization (Sriroop and Ale 2014, 377). The report is an indication that human activities are causing harm to the environment which is leaching to the underground posing risk to human and water safety. According to FRS Facility Detail Report, the area was mostly contaminated with industrial effluent wastewater, gas emissions, and other greenhouse gases emitted from households and agricultural farms (Environmental Protection Agency n.d, table).  Environmental Protection Law代写**范文

The contaminations posed harm to both human and underground water. Therefore, the RCRA program was initiated in the identified area to restore and rehabilitee the condition. The first assessment was conducted on 11/30/1992 and cleanup process implemented in 7/24/2006. The agency used both institutional, and engineering controls to protect the area. The engineering controls used included fences, cement caps, and pumps. Institutional controls used include activity and use limitation and environmental use restrictions as well as legal controls. The whole cleanup process put the hazardous areas under control for any harm to humans and underground water.

Generally, the site is not readily accessible regarding information.  Environmental Protection Law代写

Most information is challenging to track down the site like getting RCRA report. The site is not well-formatted, accessibility and convenience to the community user and has a poor human interface. Some information in the external links are not easy to understand since they lack orientation and clear explanations. For instance, FRS Facility Detail Report is difficult to understand as it contains technical terms and references that are not familiar to me as the community member. Although the site provides information about the RCRA corrective action to the community, the information about the corrective action is not adequate, and there are a lot of missing links to the whole information.  Environmental Protection Law代写**范文

Some of the missing information includes the sources of the contaminations and names of the contaminants. As a responsible community member, I would like to know who and what is responsible for contamination in my area. As such, I would not recommend anyone to use the site as the references at professional levels since there is critical information missing and lack of clarity. However, the site can be used at a personal level for orientation about the RCRA correction actions. In this regard, the site needs improvement on the user interface, information layout, and landscape as well as accessibility besides working on the presentation of tables and content.

Bibliography  Environmental Protection Law代写

Environmental Protection Law代写
Environmental Protection Law代写

Chaudhuri, Sriroop, and Srinivasulu Ale. “Long term (1960–2010) trends in groundwater contamination and salinization in the Ogallala aquifer in Texas.” Journal of Hydrology 513 (2014): 376-390.

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Environmental Protection Agency. ” RCRA corrective action site progress profile.” 2019. Obipublic.Epa.Gov., Accessed May 1, 2019. https://obipublic.epa.gov/analytics/saw.dll?PortalPages&Action=Navigate&col1=RCRA_PROFILE_FINAL.HANDLER_ID&val1=%22TXD001806868%22&PortalPath=/shared/CIMC/_portal/CIMC&Page=RCRA+Profile+Page#contamination.


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