Environmental Analysis



Environmental Analysis代写 Both external and internal environment analysis inform the content of SWOT analysis and recommendations.

Executive Summary

The external environment is a fundamental concern of any organization. In this report, details on Flickerfest environment of operations are analyzed. The event is affected by politics, legal, economy, social culture, and environmental issues. Australia’s political and legal environment is favorable to the event. Political stability has contributed to the growth of film industry. The event is bound to adhere to legal frameworks like copyright laws and consumer protection laws. Flickerfest gets its revenues from fees and sponsors. When the economy of Australia is performing well, so does the festival. Films considered for entry in the festival have to fulfill certain thresholds. Environmental Analysis代写**格式

The company favors local films over international to promote local contents that reflect both social and culture of Australians. Also analyzed is the technology that influences the delivery of marketing messages and consumer experience at the event. More on competition is discussed especially the main international and local competitors. Both external and internal environment analysis inform the content of SWOT analysis and recommendations.

Environmental Analysis  Environmental Analysis代写

Flickerfest is celebrating its 29th birthday this year. Since it started in 1991, the event has become Australia’s leading competitive international short film festive. The next event will be held on 10th January 2020 at iconic Bondi Beach, and plans are to have more than 50 tours around Australia. Visitors are looking forward to glam opening night and closing night parties under the stars at the beach and a panoramic Pop Up Beach Bar. The Flickerfest events have become celebrity spotting.

Flickerfest is an accredited academy and recognized by BAFTA. Films shortlisted for the festival gain acceptance for entry in BAFTA in the United Kingdom. Since 2003, FLickerfest has been recognized by Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science. The festival has international, Australia, and documentary awards. Environmental Analysis代写**格式

Since, 1995, Flickerfest has had a national tour to showcase competitive programs and exclusive programs and sessions. The festival gives regional and metropolitan people a rear opportunity to view best collections of short films. More than 2,700 entries have been whittled down to a line-up of 200 short films for the festival at Bondi Pavilion (Flickerfest 1b, n.d). The celebration is culminated by the presentation of prestigious awards to the most innovative the filming and storytelling. Therefore, the report will focus on the analysis of Flickerfest event environment. The discussion will inform the SWOT analysis and recommendations that will assist improve the promotion and positioning of the activity.

Environmental Analysis代写
Environmental Analysis代写

Macro Environment  Environmental Analysis代写

The broader context in which Flickerfest works is the macro environment and consist of all the forces that shape opportunities but also pose a threat to its existence. Its success is mainly dependent on its ability to adapt and relate to the changes in the macro-environment. The analysis of these external factors helps the event understand the dynamic nature of its macro environment. The PESTEL analysis focus on Political, Economic, Social-cultural, Technological, Environment, and legal changes.

Political and Legal Factors  Environmental Analysis代写

Flickerfest operates in Australia and hence bound by its legal and governmental regulations and forces. The region is safe for Flickerfest and thus works with high degree of certainty. The country’s political and regulatory environment is stable, open and progressive. The legal framework is efficient and transparent. The event is bound by the Australian Consumer Laws (ACL) which stipulates the legal responsibilities of the event (Corones, 2011).

As such, Flickerfest needs to be aware of the event cancellations, advertised acts failing to perform and the lack of advertised goods and services at the festival. Since the event attracts visitors and competitors around the globe, the organizers should give truthful information. Misrepresentation of an event may attract fines and prosecution as well as discredit Flickerfest. Environmental Analysis代写**格式

Moreover, the event is regulated by censorship and copyright laws that prohibit filming obscene materials in public and adherence to the rights of film owners respectively. Therefore, the event has to take a keen interest in films presented for the festival to ensure they up to the standards required by the law.

Economic Factors  Environmental Analysis代写

The film industry is tremendously growing, and quality films being produced, and more people appreciated the local contents. The growth potential of the industry has steered Flickerfest to the pinnacle of being one of the most recognized film festivals in the world. The popularity of the festival attracts guests and filmmakers from around the world. The event charge participation fee, which is one of its main revenue streams. Environmental Analysis代写**格式

The general entry per film is $35.00 and other payments from guests and nationalities (Flickerfest 1b, n.d). Also, the event has sponsors and partners including Australian government, Australia Now, Sydney City of film, NSW government, Screen Australian among others (Flickerfest 1a, n.d). However, Australia’s economic performance has not been on the decline and slow (Jerico, 2019). The trend is likely to affect investment decisions, especially by film industry investors. Nevertheless, the event has been on growth trend since its inception in 1991.

Social-Cultural Factors  Environmental Analysis代写

The culture of Australia is primarily a western culture. However, there are cultural inputs from Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, and other people in Australia. The Australian film industry is controlled by social and cultural values especially issues on homosexuality and Aboriginal documentaries. The changing gender roles affect the portrayal of actors and acts to remain gender-neutral. Mostly, the event targets all Australians and visitors and hence, entry fees are relatively low since the majority of Australian are poor. The diversity of culture and dynamic nature of the society makes it favorable for the event to thrive.

Technological Factors  Environmental Analysis代写

The event should aim to meet the needs of modern festive goers. The reason being, attendees expect a tech-savvy and personalized festival experience. The emergence of location awareness technology has just started to make events more entertaining (Event Tech, 2016). The location-awareness technology works with small wireless beacons that give event-goers notifications on their phone when they are within the radius. Environmental Analysis代写**格式

Various technologies can be harnessed to create awareness about the event. Another technology is the radio-frequency identification for attendees’ identification. The technology can replace issuing of tickets. Others technologies likely to impact Flickerfest include the use of artificial intelligence, live streaming, and latest bio-reactive concert (Dass, 2018). The advancement in technologies, especially those affecting the film industry is an advantage to the Flickerfest.

Environmental Factors  Environmental Analysis代写

Flickerfest event decisions are made depending on environmental conditions. The events are held during summertime since most people can enjoy Bondi beach. Temperatures are also favorable for both day and night activities. The event is also supposed to observe environmental conservation measures like waste disposal around the beach.

Competition Analysis  Environmental Analysis代写

The competitive analysis evaluates competitors by identifying who they are, the services they offer, market share, strategies they use, their strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. Flickerfest operates in the events and entertainment industry. The market is widely spread and target global filmmakers and compete both locally and internationally. Non the less, the event is recognized around the world.

The leading international competitors include Sundance Film Festival and the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival.

The two are chosen since Flickerfest is a globally recognized event.

Comparison of the event Sundance Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival Flickerfest
Started 1981 1985 1991
Location USA France Australia
Type of films Short films Short films Short films
Strength Globally recognized Globally recognized Globally recognized
Awards to films Yes Yes Yes













Sundance Film festival is held every winter in Utah and has since it’s beginning in 1981 been a venue for original storytellers and audience seeking new voices and perspectives (Sundance Institute, n.d). The company targets short filmmakers around the world. The participants get awards after being voted with the best film or documentary. The critical strength of Sundance Film is global recognition and acceptance. The essential factors of success are the programming team that brings the best in the Indies storytelling to the audience at the festival and around the world every year. Environmental Analysis代写**格式

Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival is another globally recognized short film festival. It is the second largest after Cannes in France. The event strength is global recognition and support. Also, CFISFF has been in the industry since 1985 and hence has managed to have a strong foundation of audience and professionals from around the world (Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, n.d). The festival offers awards to the competitors in various categories.

Moreover, Flickerfest has local competitors, including the Sydney film festival, Melbourne International film festival, St Kilda film festival.

Comparison of the event Flickerfest Melbourne International film festival St Kilda film festival
Start 1991 1952 1983
Location Sydney Melbourne City of Port Philip
Type of films Short film Films and cinemas Short films and dramas
Strength Local and International recognition International recognition and accreditation Local recognition
Awards to films Yes Yes Yes














Melbourne International film festival, founded in 1952 is one of the oldest film festivals in Australia (Melbourne International Film Festival, n.d). The event takes place around Melbourne. It is also one of the largest in Australia and southern hemisphere. The key to its success is it being the largest showcasing new Australian cinema. The event is accredited by the American Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science as well as the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. St Kilda film festival is one of the longest-running short film festivals in Australia. Environmental Analysis代写**格式

It has been operating since 1983 to screen dramas, comedy, and documentaries (St Kilda Film Festival, n.d). The festival has an awarding system that recognizes best films in all categories but considers Australian based films the most. Flickerfest needs to devise strategies to get through this competition. A good plan will take advantage of competitors weaknesses to create opportunities to thrive.

Market Analysis  Environmental Analysis代写

Flickerfest main focus on the Australian film market. The event favors local films over foreign. The event has grown to support local contents as well as international films. As such, it has gained accreditation by BAFTA. Any film that has won a slot in Flickerfest, it increases consideration to participate in BAFTA. Australian film and cinema markets are growing as internationally recognized films are being produced and aired. Also, more people are consuming the now quality films and movies which can be rated at the level as Hollywood films and cinemas.

Internal Resource Analysis

Flickerfest was owned by Balman High School. Most of its resources came from the community and the school itself (Flickerfest 1c, n.d). It is before it rose to internationally recognized film event. Since 2018 the event is directed by Brownyn Kidd. Shane Rennie is the production and tour manager since 2000. The industry Liaison and coordination did by Leigh Russel. The main asset is Bondi Beach which acts as the main festival venue.

SWOT Analysis  Environmental Analysis代写

Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
Local and international support and recognition.

Accreditation by BAFTA

It favors local films over international films.

Limited market coverage in Australia

Include movies and longer films in its festival.

Explore other regions in Australia

Competition from other events.








Environmental Analysis代写
Environmental Analysis代写

Recommendations  Environmental Analysis代写

Flickerfest maybe locally and internationally recognized, and the local people fail to feel its impact in the film industry. The marketing manager needs to explore the broader Australian market by having the event in other regions. The event should also market different categories like films running more than 1 hour. The move includes different types will be to diversify and promote the broader entertainment industry and the same time address the consumer needs.

Equally, the manager should conduct global marketing to create full awareness of the event. Comprehensive coverage can be guaranteed if the event harnesses the power of social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (Reic, 2017). Increase in market scope, film categories, and international marketing will see Flickerfest more competitive to stand out in the global entertainment and film industry.

References  Environmental Analysis代写

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