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环境学assignment代写 In a global society, every company is considered a miniature society with distinct cultures and organizations.

Introduction 环境学assignment代写

In a global society, every company is considered a miniature society with distinct cultures and organizations. Like large societies, companies also build their own cultural bearing that influences their operation and works environment. Employees are often attracted or repelled by a company’s working environment as it defines the employees’ job demands and overall wellbeing.

Personal carrier choice also depends on the average working environment of companies offering jobs for the carrier. Consequently, analysis of a company culture related to a specific job position provides a relevant overview of the company culture and carrier prospects. Furthermore, personal career growth often depends on the environment and available opportunities. Therefore, an environment that promotes growth will encourage the employees to improve their careers and an environment that stifles growth and stagnates the employee’s growth.

The paper will analyze Google’s organizational culture and its impact on the intercultural aspects of engineers working in the company. The engineering department’s overall culture and specific culture will provide valuable information on the carrier’s progress and employee welfare. Since most engineers prefer to innovate and build new technologies, the paper will focus on the company’s attitude towards innovation and demand for perfection.

Organization Context and Position 环境学assignment代写

Google is considered one of the best companies in the modern world. The company’s major product is the search engine and venture in other products such as self-driving cars and phones. Google strives to operate based on well-tested and statistically backed principles. Furthermore, Google has gained wide usage in the past years due to its customer-centric market approach and effective organizational culture. The company also implements various sustainable structures to improve its market share and build new revolutionary technology.

Due to its sheer size and ambitions, Google relies on many engineers to develop, test, and launch its products. Therefore, a large part of the organization’s culture affects the engineering department as they are the majority. Furthermore, Google operates in a highly paced information technology sector that requires constant innovation and a dynamic market approach to survive. Therefore, Google has to rely on advanced organizational culture to sustain its growth in the coming decade.

Google’s organization’s success is linked to its innovation culture and support for excellence among employees. However, Alvares (2019) indicates that most of the focus is channeled to the software engineers as they are the organization’s backbone. Most of the projects undertaken by google focus on big data and software and hardware to solve world problems.

Therefore, the organization must manage the relationship between engineers’ diverse fields to produce functional, multifaced projects that rely on hardware and software. Therefore, the organization’s engineering department’s complexity and size significantly influenced organizational culture’s choice to analyze.

Available Sources of Information 环境学assignment代写

Many kinds of literature are focusing on Google’s internal culture and practices. Most of the sources comprise online blogs, business journals, and books. Some of the available information is published by the company and the current employees. Many former employees have also expressed their opinion on Google’s organizational culture. Therefore, there is a diverse form of literature available for analysis of the company culture. Furthermore, most of the visible employees of google are engineers and senior managers.

Therefore, the employees’ work discusses the organization’s work environment from engineers’ and managers’ perspectives. Google has also published a further analysis of its business strategies and research work on different business elements. Consequently, it may not be possible to focus on all the available literature available. However, a diverse view of the literature will provide relevant information on organizational culture and its impact on engineers.

The available information must be filtered to extract only the available sources for analysis. Most of the literature focuses on the overall organizational culture, where I only need the organization culture and practices affecting engineers. However, most of the engineers in the company y directly work on the company production line.

Therefore, most of the literature with a significant focus on the organization culture on the production process was used in the paper. Furthermore, academic papers were given a high priority due to their credibility and detailed organizational culture explanation. Evaluation of the available journal, blogs, and articles provided a significant overview of the company culture and practices.

The Outline of the Sources 环境学assignment代写

Corporate culture must cover organizational processes and interrelationships between employees and stakeholders. According to Garvin (2013), every company has a significant challenge coordinating the relationship between employees. Therefore, every company must develop a strong corporate culture to succeed. According to Tran (2017), corporate culture entails managing production elements, organization structure, and technology to achieve the business goals.

Tran (2017) describes cooperating culture as the believes and norms that influence how the members think and interact with each other. Therefore, companies must develop a suitable culture for most of their departments to improve cooperation and productivity. Therefore, there is a wide variety of combined and sophisticated cultures running large organization workplaces such as Google.

According to Garvin (2013), to address all the elements, Google has a common goal that every subset of the culture must strive to achieve. Therefore, all activities and practices in different departments must align with the organization’s goals.

Google is one of the technology companies that has enjoyed a high level of growth without losing its major focus and customer base. According to ReWork. (2017) Google has developed a unique corporate culture that can serve many customers and manage a large workforce. Ivanković, Petrović et al. (2019) indicate that the organization looks at its employee management practices from a data perspective. Therefore, every new practice and process must be analyzed empirically before they are approved.

 Furthermore 环境学assignment代写

google constantly experiment with different cultural aspects that can improve employee’s welfare and overall productivity. Furthermore, the company uses data to evaluate the staff and guide them on improvement methods. Petrović and Ivanković (2018) indicate that software engineers receive regular feedback on their work.

Engineers are also encouraged to improve their workflow based on the feedback. Furthermore, Google strives to hire talented engineers who may not be influenced by cash benefits but overall organizational culture and practices. Therefore, Google must provide a working environment that aligns with the needs of talented engineers worldwide.

According to Petrović and Ivanković (2018), Google also has a framework to enable engineers to develop personal projects that the company can later absorb and improve. This way, they encourage their engineers to innovate and take part in projects related to their interests. Therefore, the culture governing engineers at google focuses on innovation, excellence, and individual wellbeing.

Context of Information Sources 环境学assignment代写

Literature on Google’s corporate culture provides an essential overview of the company processes and employee organization. However, most of the authors focus on the overall culture of the company instead of specific departments. Therefore, to evaluate organizational culture’s information affecting engineers, one has to synthesize the information and extract all relevant information. Furthermore, many authors view google as a giant company that has conquered different organizational challenges to get to its position (Petrović and Ivanković, 2018).

Therefore, most of the analyses are not purely objective because the authors majorly focus on the company’s goodness and corporate culture. However, few authors look at the negative impact of Google’s corporate culture. Some of the engineers may be attracted to the company based on the widely available positive reviews. However, when analyzing the information available, one should look out for both sides of the analysis to obtain a relatively objective view of the company.

The positive biased of the authors might provide a skewed picture of the company culture and practices. 环境学assignment代写

Furthermore, most of the authors obtain their information from company documents and news articles. Therefore, a proper review of the internal organization process should be done to improve the information’s credibility.

Many organizations integrate different internal culture elements into a single unit that can be applied to everyone within the organization. Therefore, literature on Google’s overall culture would properly evaluate all the organization’s cultural elements. Furthermore, most of the organization project is managed by diverse teams that must have a uniform culture to collaborate.

According to Winters, Manshreck, and Wright (2020), engineers must interact with other organization members such as human resource managers. Therefore, a bad culture in the human resource department is expected to impact the engineers’ work environment significantly. Therefore, analysis of the overall organizational culture can improve one’s carrier choice.

Difference Between the Organization and My Context 环境学assignment代写

Being a global organization, Google’s organizational culture is expected to be different from small firms serving a few clients. Furthermore, google majorly focuses on technological advancement and development of large-scale projects. Therefore, it has to develop a robust corporate culture that will facilitate the development of large-scale projects. Furthermore, the scale of the project necessitates high accuracy and execution to accomplish.

Therefore, the project teams must highly motivated to tackle the challenges and develop the desired product. Therefore, the corporate culture that is found in the engineering department is significantly different from my current environment and culture. Motivation to tackle new challenging tasks is a major hindrance to my productivity.

However, Google has a robust structure to improve employee motivation at all times. Furthermore, the financial support of Google engineers is significantly different from my current financial support. Therefore, I may not manage to develop a project at the same scale as Google engineers. Google also has a robust and reliable structure to guide engineers in their daily activities.

Some of the common structures include code review and coding conventions. However, I cannot access a system with a robust structure to guide my software development activities. Google’s organizational context is significantly different from my current context due to the difference in organization size and experience.

Global Leadership or Global Relationship 环境学assignment代写

Google leadership has withstood the test of time and proved to be valuable to the organization. Google conducts regular research on its leadership approach and possible ways to improve the organization’s leadership. Research conducted by Google in 2008 found eight key elements of an effective manager.

The findings were incorporated in their management training program that sought to develop highly effective managers. Implementation of the research finding proved beneficial to the organization in different areas such as employee satisfaction, performance, and turnover. However, as the organization grew in size and complexity, the managers experienced a new set of challenges that needed a different leadership approach. Furthermore, Google employees wanted to see effective cross-organization cooperation and a robust decision-making process.

Therefore, Google had to change different elements of its leadership to address the new challenges and demands. 环境学assignment代写

Google sought to reduce micromanagement by empowering teams and having few managers in a single team. Micromanagement was found to impede most engineers’ workflow who wanted to focus on production and avoid organization politics.

Furthermore, Google trained its management team to be result-oriented when managing the engineering teams. The focus on results has seen google implement recreational facilities within its offices to improve employee wellbeing. Engineers are also allowed to work based on their schedule as long as they can deliver the desired product.

Therefore, Google has been a benchmark on employee management, more so on engineering teams. Google also developed a robust system to support employees’ carrier development. Most of the organizations do not take an active role in improving the employees’ carrier development. Therefore, google is a model organization based on its active participation in employees’ carrier development.

Anticipated Conflict When Working for Google 环境学assignment代写

Misalignment of unique culture and organization culture sometimes leads to conflicts as the organization will expect the employee to conform to the internal culture. Google strongly believes in quality and efficiency. However, quality and efficiency can only come through a culture of perfection and the ability to work tirelessly on a particular product.

My current personal culture does not have strong support for quality and efficiency. Therefore, I will have a hard time adapting to the company’s quality control systems. However, to reduce the conflict’s impact, I will put in more work to improve my workflow and output. Furthermore, most of the projects done by google are large and need large teams to execute. Therefore, most of the project teams are large and complicated. I am not used to working with complex and diverse teams.

However, I intend to improve my adaptation through engaging the leaders as much as possible and consulting with my colleagues to understand the team dynamics. Furthermore, due to the projects’ complexity, conflicts might arise due to a mismatch of expectations. However, a careful perusal of the project documents is expected to reduce the chances of such conflicts. Communication with the project leader can provide a valuable solution whenever a conflict arises.


Conclusion 环境学assignment代写

Corporate culture forms the backbone of the organization because it dictates all the operations. Therefore, job seekers must evaluate the corporate culture of their target company. Corporate culture also determines employees’ career development. Therefore, organizations should strive to develop corporate practices that support employee development.

Google has a comprehensive corporate culture that supports innovation, employee growth, and flexibility. However, there are some elements of Google’s corporate culture that may affect individual morale and adaptability. For instance, googles focus on quality may be conflicting to some engineers. However, open communication and healthy relationship within the organization can improve the organization’s workflow and reduce interpersonal conflicts.

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