Life代写 More often than not, people find themselves in a foreign country with the confusion of needs to experience happiness and adventures.

A Life of Adventure and Delight by Akhil Sharma Life代写

More often than not, people find themselves in a foreign country with the confusion of needs to experience happiness and adventures.

The hopes are especially with young men, energetic and full of life and ready to explore what the world has to offer.  The phenomena of delight and rewarding life are mostly with young men born and raised in a patriarchal setting where they believe women are for pleasure. However, it is not always the case as sometimes the visit might turn to be sad and full of regrets. The assertions are well depicted in the short story by Akhil Sharman. Contrary to the people expectations, particularly foreigners, the life of disgrace and life of anguish with the expectation of adventurous living can be devastating.Life代写**成品

The short story is about an unhappy, awkward, overweight young man and a son of an Indian immigrant in America. Life代写

The story “Life of adventure and delight” focus of on the young man who deceives himself and engages in odd behavior when navigating through how to be good, how to make better relationships and strengths and pitfalls of self-interest. Contrary to his expectations, he finds himself in a grotesque situation that he could not have fathomed before. He was expecting a life that is full of happiness and exploration, but it turned out to be enraged and unforgiving.Life代写**成品


The story is a lesson to young people, especially men, on coping with multiculturalism. Life代写

Guatama was an Indian young man who seems conservative to perpetuate Indian culture in the American context which worked against him. The story also warns of promiscuities with young people, especially on prostitution, pornographic and fornication. Though it does not explicitly state the worse side of each behavior. The story point to the repercussion of such behavioral orientations.Life代写**成品

It is also a lesson for young people about love. It turned out that, Guatama was not patient with Nirmala when he started viewing her as complicated like any other girl he has met before. Also, Sharma intended to teach young people a lesson about courtship before settling for a serious relationship. For instance, it started as a joke between Guatama and Nirmala, and it turned out to be serious when he began feeling something about her, and she could introduce him to her friends. People started regarding them as couples because of the public romances they had been making.

In summary Life代写

“A life of adventure and delight” is a descriptive title of ups and downs in a life full of romance and grieve. Life is composed of stages, and each stage has its challenges as observed with Gautama’s life. As such, life can be an adventurous and delightful but can be full of disappointments. Therefore, it depends on the ways an individual can cope with each stage crisis, particularly during the youthful stage. Life can be said to be beautiful, funny, and sad story wrapped in the same box.Life代写**成品

Work cited Life代写

Sharman, Akhil, 2016. “A Life of Adventure and Delight.” The New Yorker. Available at


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