Concealed Weapons Viewpoints Essay – Part II

隐藏武器观点论文 – 第二部分

With the issuance of licenses that allowed the use of concealed weapons by American citizens for their protection···

Intro Pro Concealed Weapons

With the issuance of licenses that allowed the use of concealed weapons by American citizens for their protection. The debate regarding whether or not this was the right decision to be made. There are many pros and cons of having this license. Responsible citizens are a familiar source of support for the use of weapons (Lott, 2013). Those people who carry such arms have the responsibility to use them for the good, and some responsible citizens are able to help. And support other people who might be in need of protection.

According to the 2nd amendment. US citizens have the right to bear arms. When an individual possesses a concealed weapon. Then the likelihood of it being used to reduce crimes is increased. It is also a common way to stand up for injustice and focus on the wellbeing of others (Kleck, 2016). The sensible use of guns can help the police to deter criminal activities.  I believe that accountable and law-abiding citizens can assist in preventing crimes if they have concealed weapons.

译文:介绍 Pro 隐藏武器 生物武器

随着许可证的发放,允许美国公民使用隐藏的武器来保护他们。关于这是否是正确决定的辩论。拥有此许可证有很多优点和缺点。负责任的公民是支持使用武器的常见来源(Lott,2013)。携带此类武器的人有责任将它们用于利益,一些负责任的公民能够提供帮助。并支持其他可能需要保护的人。根据第二修正案。美国公民有权携带武器。当一个人拥有隐藏的武器时。那么它被用来减少犯罪的可能性就会增加。这也是挺身而出并关注他人福祉的常见方式(Kleck,2016 年)。合理使用枪支可以帮助警方威慑犯罪活动。我相信,负责任、守法的公民,如果藏有武器,可以帮助预防犯罪。

Premises Supporting View

Concealed weapons, when used by responsible and law abiding citizens. Definitely helps in deterring crime. States that implemented “shall-issue” concealed carry laws reduced murders by 8.5%, rapes by 5%, aggravated assaults by 7%, and robbery by 3% (Procon, 2018). When an individual has a concealed weapon and uses it responsibly. Then he or she can help in significantly reducing crime rates, because it can be used to defend oneself. And also to scare the offenders, thus, ensuring that the crime is prevented.

When National Opinion Research Center conducted a study. Their results indicated that 59% people who carry concealed weapons with them. Do so because it makes them feel safe and able to protect themselves if ever a need arises (Procon,2018). When a responsible citizen carries a concealed weapon with them. They are likely to never use it, except to scare away any attacker who might target them.

William Sturdevant presented a report which stated that adults. Who carry concealed weapons are less likely to be arrested for violent or non-violent offenses (Procon, 2018). This is because adults who carry concealed weapons are more responsible. And aware of the responsibility they have. They cannot simply misuse the weapon they have issued for themselves and their family’s security. This is why they are less likely to be caught up in non-violent or violent offenses, because they are conscious of it.

译文:房地支持视图 生物武器

隐藏的武器,由负责任和守法的公民使用。绝对有助于阻止犯罪。实施“应发出”隐蔽携带法的州将谋杀减少了 8.5%,强奸减少了 5%,严重袭击减少了 7%,抢劫减少了 3%(Procon,2018 年)。当一个人拥有隐藏的武器并负责任地使用它时。然后他或她可以帮助显着降低犯罪率,因为它可以用来保护自己。并且还可以吓唬罪犯,从而确保防止犯罪。当国家意见研究中心进行了一项研究。他们的结果表明,59% 的人随身携带隐藏武器。这样做是因为这让他们感到安全,并且能够在需要时保护自己(Procon,2018)。当一个负责任的公民随身携带隐藏的武器时。他们可能永远不会使用它,除非吓跑任何可能以他们为目标的攻击者。William Sturdevant 提交了一份报告,其中指出成年人。携带隐藏武器的人不太可能因暴力或非暴力犯罪而被捕(Procon,2018 年)。这是因为携带隐藏武器的成年人更负责任。并意识到他们的责任。他们不能简单地滥用他们为自己和家人的安全而发放的武器。这就是为什么他们不太可能陷入非暴力或暴力犯罪的原因,因为他们意识到了这一点。

Opposing Views

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research. States that allowed the use of concealed guns between 1977 and 2010, had a 2% or more increase in the murder rate. And at least 9% increases in rates of rape, aggravated assault, robbery, auto theft, burglary. And larceny (Procon, 2018). This research provides a trend analysis of how the crime rates have been affected ever since the issuance of concealed weapons. And the stats are not in favor of this law.

In response to the premise I presented for my view. A study was published which stated that a person carrying a concealed weapon was over 4 times likely to get shot than someone. Who did not have a weapon to begin with (American Journal of Public Health, 2009). This is an argument which I find may be true, because a criminal is likely to attack someone when they think they will be attacked using a concealed gun first.  Just out of panic or simply anger.

译文:反对意见 生物武器

根据国家经济研究局的数据。 在 1977 年至 2010 年间允许使用隐蔽枪支的州,谋杀率增加了 2% 或更多。 强奸、严重袭击、抢劫、汽车盗窃、入室盗窃的发生率至少增加了 9%。 和盗窃(Procon,2018 年)。 这项研究提供了自隐藏武器发布以来犯罪率如何受到影响的趋势分析。 统计数据不支持这项法律。在回应我的观点的前提下。 发表的一项研究表明,携带隐藏武器的人被枪杀的可能性是其他人的 4 倍以上。 谁一开始就没有武器(美国公共卫生杂志,2009 年)。 这是一个我认为可能是正确的论点,因为当犯罪分子认为某人会首先使用隐藏的枪支进行攻击时,他们很可能会攻击他们。 只是出于恐慌或只是愤怒。

While it may be true that the weapons that are owned by responsible citizens may not be used irresponsibly

However, allowing concealed weapons to be owned may result in the weapons falling in the wrong hands. As even background checks and the application requirements cannot prevent the wrong people getting license for the weapon. Between 1996 and 2000. The Violence Policy Center states that concealed handgun permit holders in Texas were arrested for weapon-related offenses at a rate 81% higher than the rest of the Texas population (Procon, 2018).

While I evaluated the premises for and against my position. I realized that I was being influenced by the confirmation bias, which was making me agree with the points that were in support of my point of view. even though there was compelling evidence against it. Additionally, I also experienced the anchoring bias, even though its influence was strong.  It was still there, since I formed an opinion based on the initial piece of observation I had made. Additionally, since I am a part of the majority of the people who believe that concealed weapons should be allowed. Therefore, I feel that this identification with the group of people who agree with me, led me to strongly believe this notion as well.

译文:虽然负责任的公民拥有的武器可能不会被不负责任地使用 生物武器

但是,允许拥有隐藏的武器可能会导致武器落入坏人之手。因为即使是背景调查和申请要求也无法防止错误的人获得武器许可。 1996 年至 2000 年间。暴力政策中心指出,德克萨斯州隐匿手枪许可证持有者因与武器相关的犯罪被捕的比率比德克萨斯州其他人口高 81%(Procon,2018 年)。虽然我评估了支持和反对我的立场的前提。我意识到我受到了确认偏见的影响,这使我同意支持我观点的观点。尽管有令人信服的证据反对它。此外,我也经历了锚定偏差,尽管它的影响很大。它仍然存在,因为我根据我所做的最初观察形成了意见。此外,因为我是大多数认为应该允许隐藏武器的人的一部分。因此,我觉得这种对认同我的一群人的认同,也让我坚信这个观点。



After viewing all of the evidence that has been presented in this paper, for and against my view.  I believe that it is indeed difficult to come to a sound decision of whether or not concealed weapons should really be allowed as they have both benefits and drawbacks. While I do feel that the benefits stand to be more, the data that I have gone over says otherwise. And I feel that perhaps I need to revisit the way I think about it.

In order to ascertain whether or not allowing the use of concealed weapons is right.  I will conduct more research. While my view hasn’t changed for now, I still feel that there is more to be considered than just a couple of points. And I will read up on it further in order to ascertain whether my belief is correct or not. Hence, it has forced me to think about it further, even though I still believe that when in the hands of a responsible person. Concealed weapons will be used to deter crime and help the authorities.

译文:结论 生物武器

在查看了本文中提出的所有证据后,支持和反对我的观点。 隐蔽武器有利有弊,我认为究竟应不应该允许,确实很难做出合理的决定。 虽然我确实觉得好处更多,但我查阅过的数据却不然。 我觉得也许我需要重新审视我的思考方式。为了确定允许使用隐藏武器是否正确。 我会进行更多的研究。 虽然目前我的观点没有改变,但我仍然觉得需要考虑的不仅仅是几点。 我将进一步阅读它,以确定我的信念是否正确。 因此,它迫使我进一步思考它,尽管我仍然相信当在一个负责任的人手中时。 隐藏的武器将用于威慑犯罪和帮助当局。


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