Physiological Aspect of Disability

Part I. Personal Information



Physiological代写 Derrick Coleman is a famous football player well known for overcoming his deafness to become a champion in the…

Derrick Coleman

Derrick Coleman is a famous football player well known for overcoming his deafness to become a champion in the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks. He was born on October 18, 1990, in Los Angeles, California. He went to school at Troy High School in Fullerton, California. Derrick developed hearing impairment at the age of three and diagnosed with genetical Unilateral Hearing Loss (UHL). His other ear also became deaf when he was just in elementary school therefore had to wear hearing aid.

The life then was difficult because he was bullied and ridiculed by other children. But later in life he became used to it and started to focus in his career. He had a love for football and always played for his high school team. During this time, he an outstanding player always emerging one of the good football players. He started seeing himself as a special person who made him excel. Besides him having a hearing impairment, his both parents were caring and loving. It reached a time when Derrick requested permission to play professional football. Although his mother was not for the idea because she feared for his health, his father encouraged him.

德里克·科尔曼(Derrick Coleman) Physiological代写

译文:德里克·科尔曼(Derrick Coleman)是一位著名的足球运动员,以克服失聪而成为NFL西雅图海鹰队的冠军而闻名。 他于1990年10月18日出生在加利福尼亚州的洛杉矶。 他在加利福尼亚州富勒顿的特洛伊高中上学。 德里克(Derrick)在三岁时出现了听力障碍,并被诊断出遗传性单侧听力损失(UHL)。 当他刚上小学时,他的另一只耳朵也充耳不闻,因此必须佩戴助听器。

那时的生活很艰难,因为他被其他孩子欺负和嘲笑。 但是后来他习惯了,开始专注于自己的职业生涯。 他热爱足球,并且一直为他的高中队效力。 在这段时间里,他是一位杰出的球员,总是会成为一名优秀的足球运动员。 他开始把自己看作是使自己脱颖而出的特殊人。 除了听力受损外,他的父母双方都充满爱心和关爱。 到了德里克(Derrick)请求允许参加职业足球比赛的时候。 尽管他的母亲因为担心他的健康而不是一个主意,但他的父亲鼓励了他。

Due to determination and passion for football

he was one of the key players in high school before he joined the University of California to study political science. He also played for Bruins where he played 11 games and was ranked second in the team, before being picked to play for Minnesota Vikings. At college, he also played for the special team, and he emerged three times as one of the best special players winning him UCLA’s Prothro Award for Outstanding Special Team Player.

He hoped to play for the national team when he was picked to play for the Seattle Seahawks. It was a groundbreaking yet another history of him being the third deaf player ever to play in NFL. He was also the first to play in the Super Bowl where they won Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014.

由于对足球的决心和热情 Physiological代写

译文:在加入加州大学学习政治学之前,他是高中的关键人物之一。 他还曾为布鲁因斯效力,他参加了11场比赛,并在球队中排名第二,之后被选为明尼苏达维京人队的球员。 在大学期间,他还曾为特殊团队效力,他曾三度成为获得加州大学洛杉矶分校(UCLA)普罗斯罗斯杰出特殊团队奖的最佳特殊球员之一。

当他被选为西雅图海鹰队球员时,他希望为国家队效力。 他是美国橄榄球联盟(NFL)的第三位聋人球员,这是开创性的又一历史。 他也是第一个参加超级碗比赛的人,他们在2014年赢得了超级碗XLVIII。


Part II: Disability Information


UHL defined

UHL is a disability of one ear impaired, and the other ear is having a normal threshold for hearing. The impaired ear can have a varied degree of hearing loss to total deafness. UHL mostly affect children at birth or after birth which may become worse as they grow and develop, this according to an article by Chen et al. (2017). The prevalence of the condition varies from moderate, severe, and profound irreparable hearing loss. At each of these levels, the person has varying degrees of hearing. The Chen et al. research was aimed to have early interventions for the condition before it becomes worse and turns to disability.

Hearing impairment may impede the child learning of speech, academic performance, as well as psychological disorders. The causes of UHL are meningitis, ear canal malfunction, congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV), enlarged vestibular aqueduct syndrome (EVA), and premature birth. There are some cases where the cause of impairment cannot be well known as that of Coleman with genetical connections. The genetical hearing loss is inherited from the either of the parents. In in a condition such of Coleman, there is no cure except for the hearing aid. As a result of this disability, the person becomes disadvantaged in various aspects of life dependent on hearing.

UHL定义 Physiological代写

译文:UHL是一只耳朵受损的残疾,而另一只耳朵的听力阈值正常。 听力受损的耳朵可能会出现不同程度的听力丧失,从而导致完全性耳聋。 根据Chen等人的文章,UHL在出生时或出生后对儿童的影响最大,随着儿童的成长和发展,这种情况可能会变得更糟。 (2017)。 该病的患病程度为中度,重度和严重的不可弥补的听力损失。 在这些级别的每个级别,此人的听力都不同。 陈等。 研究的目的是在病情恶化和变成残疾之前对病情进行早期干预。

听力障碍可能会阻碍儿童学习语言,学习成绩以及心理疾病。 UHL的病因包括脑膜炎,耳道功能不全,先天性巨细胞病毒(CMV),前庭导水管综合症(EVA)和早产。 在某些情况下,损害的原因无法像具有遗传关系的科尔曼病那样广为人知。 遗传性听力损失是从父母双方遗传而来的。 在这种情况下,除了助听器外,其他任何方法都无法治愈。 由于这种残疾,该人在取决于听力的生活的各个方面都处于不利地位。


Features of UHL

A person diagnosed with UHL has identifiable characteristics. First, they cannot hear and follow the conversation from their impaired side (Mondelli, dos Santos & José, 2016). That is, a person has to turn the ear to the source of the sound to capture the voice. Second, the person is not able to localize the sound. Sound localization is the ability of the listener to detect the source of the sound as well as the distance from the source and direction. Also, with UHL it is hard to understand or follow through conversation in the presence of noise. The auditory processing becomes affected by noise, hence unable to understand the sound entering the ear.

Moreover, the speech and language development of such individuals tend to be slow and problematic. Most of them end up reading lips and other body languages unless they are in assistance of hearing aids. Beside physiological, there is psychological feature identifiable on a person with hearing impairment. The person may develop personal and social problems as well as lack of concentration is open and large environments. One may also tend to be reserved to themselves and feel unaccepted.

UHL的特点 Physiological代写

译文:被诊断患有UHL的人具有可识别的特征。 首先,他们无法从残障人士那里听到和追踪对话(Mondelli,dos Santos&José,2016)。 也就是说,一个人必须将耳朵转向声音的来源以捕获声音。 其次,人无法定位声音。 声音定位是听众检测声音来源以及与来源和方向的距离的能力。 同样,使用UHL,在有噪音的情况下很难理解或跟进对话。 听觉处理会受到噪音的影响,因此无法理解进入耳朵的声音。

此外,这些人的言语和语言发展往往很慢且存在问题。 除非他们在助听器的帮助下,否则大多数人最终都会阅读嘴唇和其他肢体语言。 除了生理以外,听力障碍患者还具有可识别的心理特征。 该人可能会出现个人和社会问题,以及缺乏集中注意力的开放大环境。 一个人也可能倾向于对自己保留,并感到不被接受。

Economic Issues Associated with UHL

Besides social and emotional problems, people with hearing impairment have economic challenges (Konstantinova, 2015). Securing formal employment is difficult. Thus they may end up living poor if no one to stand by them. Due to the nature of the job, a deaf person might not be favored by various circumstance associated with that job. Others undergo stigmatization and biasness because of their disability. They may also find themselves getting low pay whereas they are doing the same work as people.

Too many also, it becomes difficult to actively take positions in the business world because of the communication barrier. In business, communication is key, and it might be challenging for a deaf person to communicate with clients in the corporate arena. And finally, when a disabled person lacks the necessary support to establish themselves in life, they end up languishing in poverty in the lowest social-economic class.

与UHL相关的经济问题 Physiological代写

译文:除社交和情感问题外,听力障碍者还面临经济挑战(Konstantinova,2015年)。 确保正规就业是困难的。 因此,如果没有人支持他们,他们最终可能生活贫困。 由于工作的性质,聋人可能不会受到与该工作相关的各种情况的青睐。 其他人则因自己的残疾而受到侮辱和偏见。 他们可能会发现自己的薪水很低,而他们从事与人相同的工作。

还有太多,由于沟通障碍,很难在商业世界中积极地担任职务。 在业务中,沟通是关键,聋哑人在公司舞台上与客户沟通可能具有挑战性。 最后,当残疾人缺乏必要的支持以建立自己的生活时,他们最终将在最低的社会经济阶层中陷入贫困。

Impact of Disability to the Family Life

According to Reichman, Corman, and Noonan, (2007), the entire family with disabled persons is profoundly affected in various aspects of their life. The whole family shares experience in raising a disabled child. A positive impact is that the family becomes more aware of their cohesion for the support of one of their own. This realization brings the family together their bond becomes stronger than ever as well as being connected to the community.

On the other hand, disability can lead to financial constraints to a family. The family may spend money on the treatments of the disabled person or in the provision of specialized equipment which enables him/her live a normal and comfortable life. The treatments and equipment may be expensive to the family which can lead the family to the financial crisis (Konstantinova, 2015). Beside logistical complexities, the family is likely to suffer physical and emotional stress which are associated with raising the disabled person. The effects to the family depend on the needs and level of care the person needs.

残疾对家庭生活的影响 Physiological代写



Impact of Disability on Person’s Education

Although disability is not inability, there are situations where the person with a disability requires special treatment to achieve in life (Hussain, Lone, and Bhat, 2018). First, due to stigma and ridicules in school, he/she may find it difficult to concentrate in a class (Chan et al. 2017). Most of them are self-aware and feel like everybody is looking at them for who they are.

They tend to be withdrawn from the public which affects their social life as well as personal growth. Others require specialized equipment and facilities at work or at school which makes them feel treated abnormally. While in other areas the special logistics may be lacking hence limiting what a disabled person can do. All of the above have either physical or emotional impact the disabled hence affect their education and careers growth.

残疾对人的教育的影响 Physiological代写

译文:尽管残障不是残障,但在某些情况下,残障人士需要特殊治疗才能实现生活(Hussain,Lone和Bhat,2018年)。 首先,由于在学校的耻辱和嘲笑,他/她可能发现很难集中精力上一堂课(Chan et al.2017)。 他们中的大多数人都具有自我意识,觉得每个人都在看他们的身份。

他们倾向于从公众中撤出,这影响了他们的社会生活以及个人成长。 其他人则需要在工作或学校中使用专门的设备和设施,这会使他们感到异常对待。 而在其他地区,可能缺少特殊的后勤服务,因此限制了残疾人的工作能力。 以上所有因素对残疾人的身体或情感都有影响,因此会影响他们的教育和职业发展。

The issue in UHL on Quality of Life

People living with UHL need a hearing aid to follow conversations. This aid is not temporary but permanent which they have to learn to live with for the rest of the life. Another issue is being able to fit in the community where their disability may take time to be accepted and for them to feel integrated into the community life (Tough et al. 2018). Also, the quality of life of a disabled person mostly depends on their self-acceptance and self-image. Like Coleman, one has to ambitiously focus in life and change his/her attitude towards self and every aspect of life.

UHL关于生活质量的问题 Physiological代写

译文:患有UHL的人需要助听器才能跟进对话。 这种帮助不是暂时的,而是永久的,他们必须在余生中学会与之生活在一起。 另一个问题是能否融入社区,使他们的残疾可能需要一些时间才能被接受,并使他们感觉融入社区生活(Tough等人2018)。 而且,残疾人的生活质量主要取决于他们的自我接受和自我形象。 像科尔曼一样,人们必须雄心勃勃地专注于生活,并改变他/她对自我和生活各个方面的态度。

Issues of UHL on Person’s Independent

The independence of a person is very important especially for adults. However, persons with UHL disability may find him/herself dependent on others. One of the issues that affect their independence is the need for financial support. Majority of deaf people may be discriminated or not favored when seeking employment.

Most end up being unemployed and only end up being dependent on others for support (Konstantinova, 2015). Another issue needs to have psychological support due to them being delicate emotionally and personality which may affect their lives (Hussain, Lone, and Bhat, 2018). Additionally, the use of the special device to assist in hearing make them dependent on the speakers’ gestures and other cues during communication, the absence of which the communication will not be effective.

关于人的独立性的UHL问题 Physiological代写

译文:一个人的独立性非常重要,特别是对于成年人而言。 但是,UHL残障人士可能会发现自己依赖他人。 影响其独立性的问题之一是需要财政支持。 寻求工作时,大多数聋人可能会受到歧视或不被青睐。

大多数人最终会失业,而最终只能依靠他人寻求支持(Konstantinova,2015年)。 另一个问题需要心理支持,因为他们的情感和个性微妙,可能会影响他们的生活(Hussain,Lone和Bhat,2018年)。 另外,使用特殊的设备来帮助听力使他们在交流过程中依赖于说话者的手势和其他提示,否则,交流将不会有效。


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