电子医疗代写 The use of information technology in healthcare organizations has increased with the passage of time. It has become imperative…

Introduction 电子医疗代写

The use of information technology in healthcare organizations has increased with the passage of time. It has become imperative for organizations to go digital in order to ensure that they are providing optimal service to the incoming patients. However, it comes with its own challenges. For examples, while the implementation of the eHealth systems is easy, the use can be at times a tall order. Why is it so? The reason is simple, employees need to be trained, and at times while the management focuses all of the resources on implementation of this technology, little thought is put into the actual training of employees.

This is one of the most important facets of ensuring that eHealth systems work well for your organization instead of becoming a hindrance. People are resistant to change, it is inherent in their nature, so it takes times for them to become receptive to it. Additionally, there are many financial constraints that healthcare organizations face.


For eHealth to achieve its full potential, it must improve the quality and efficiency of health care delivery while lowering its cost (Ben Gerber). Electronic health record is one of the most widely used eHealth systems, and it has significantly reduced the costs associated with the gathering and transferring the data of patients from one service provider to the other. While the initial cost of implementing eHealth may seem a bit high, but the return on investment is enough to keep the management happy. Not only that, it helps in increasing the satisfaction level of the employees.

In my organization, they are in the process of implementing Oracle based systems in order to record and maintain patient data. Not only is it effective in storing the records, but fetching information becomes easier as well, thereby, allowing us to provide better services to the incoming customers.

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