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电子商务论文 E-business refers to a commercial transaction or business activities mainly conducted through the online platform or the internet ···



E-business refers to a commercial transaction or business activities mainly conducted through the online platform or the internet (Lin et al., 2020). There are so many opportunities associated with e-business that make it competitive. When it comes to marketing goods and services on the online platform. One of the greatest opportunities associated with e-business is the one to do with direct sales. The Companies or firms that utilize the E-business technique have got an opportunity to sell their products. And services directly to clients or consumers through the online platform (Beerbaum et al., 2017).

The customers also enjoy the same opportunity as they can acquire the products of their interests directly from the producers or companies without involving external intermediaries. This process is an opportunity that makes the E-commerce firms very competitive. Since they make more considerable profits than the other firms using different techniques. The e-business firms are so much competitive since they sell their products directly without involving a second party. Making more profit where the customers acquire the products of their choice.

Other forms of opportunities related to the business organization include pre-sales, ensuring success. And post-sales support. E-commerce firms use the website or the online platform to generate sales leads (Halkiopoulos et al., 2020). The promotional materials can be done by online version through the site or the website. This process is characterized by search marketing, email campaigns. Or online advertising where the customers are attracted to the website, thus pre-sales.

译文:机会  电子商务论文

电子商务是指主要通过在线平台或互联网进行的商业交易或商业活动(Lin et al., 2020)。与电子商务相关的机会太多,使其具有竞争力。在在线平台上营销商品和服务时。与电子商务相关的最大机会之一是与直接销售有关的机会。利用电子商务技术的公司或公司有机会销售他们的产品。并通过在线平台直接为客户或消费者提供服务(Beerbaum 等,2017)。


与商业组织相关的其他形式的机会包括预售,确保成功。以及售后支持。电子商务公司使用网站或在线平台来产生销售线索(Halkiopoulos 等,2020)。宣传材料可以通过网站或网站以在线版本进行。这个过程的特点是搜索营销、电子邮件活动。或在线广告吸引客户访问网站,从而进行预售。

E-commerce also has got some post-sale opportunities

Which make the business remain competitive within the market. Most customers like to acquire more information even after purchasing a given commodity (Cristofaro 2020). Others may need to return the purchased product when there are discrepancies on the products purchased. Therefore, it may be very difficult for a given firm to attend to all the customers at the same time after purchasing a given product (Halkiopoulos et al., 2020).

Therefore, the e-business firms have the opportunity to attend to the customers via the online platform where they can respond to the frequently asked questions or display more technical information on the website. Which can provide answers to the asked questions.

Another opportunity in the e-business is the aspect to do with ensuring the business’s success. When one decides to use e-commerce, it is always necessary to set the outset’s goals and objectives. The objectives should be based on the number of sales that need to be made over the stipulated period. The generation of the sales leads. The achievement of the telephone calls from the customers you need to reduce in a day, and many other related factors (Al-Omoush 2020).

Therefore, when one considers these aspects seriously, the success of the business using e-commerce will be assured. The e-commerce firms have also got an opportunity of winning customer loyalty. The rate of customer loyalty will go high since there are direct sales of the products without tempering with the quality, quantity. Or the status of the given commodity, thus satisfying the customers’ needs.

译文:电商也获得了一些售后机会 电子商务论文

这使业务在市场上保持竞争力。大多数客户即使在购买给定商品后也喜欢获取更多信息(Cristofaro 2020)。当购买的产品存在差异时,其他人可能需要退回购买的产品。因此,在购买特定产品后,特定公司可能很难同时为所有客户提供服务(Halkiopoulos 等,2020)。因此,电子商务公司有机会通过在线平台与客户联系,他们可以回答常见问题或在网站上展示更多技术信息。这可以提供所问问题的答案。

电子商务中的另一个机会是与确保业务成功有关的方面。当一个人决定使用电子商务时,总是有必要设定一开始的目标和目标。目标应基于在规定期限内需要进行的销售数量。销售线索的产生。您需要在一天内减少来自客户的电话,以及许多其他相关因素(Al-Omoush 2020)。



The selected e-business form which corresponds to the opportunities discussed above is the Amazon firm. Amazon is one of the United States of America’s multinational companies in 1994 (Al-Marzooqi and Nobanee 2020). The Amazon firm started its operation as an online bookstore where after a couple of years. It got transformed into diversified products, including electronics, media, furniture, apparel, jewelry, toys, and toys.

The Company expanded to other countries globally, including the United Kingdom (Culpepper and Thelen 2020). The Amazon firm has become one of the uncontested global firms in e-commerce with significant worldwide sales and profits (Al-Marzooqi and Nobanee 2020). The Company developed further into a mortar and brick where retail involved the acquisition of food staff. And electronics, publishing, video streaming, cloud computing, and other wider businesses.

Therefore, the Amazon Company enjoys the opportunity of making direct sales of products and services. The Company serves a variety of customers and clients worldwide where their products’ quality usually has positive feedback from the customers. The customers can acquire the products such as electronics. And furniture directly from the Amazon company through shipping.

译文:语境 电子商务论文

与上述机会相对应的选定电子商务形式是亚马逊公司。亚马逊是 1994 年美国的跨国公司之一(Al-Marzooqi and Nobanee 2020)。这家亚马逊公司在几年后开始作为一家在线书店运营。它转型为多元化的产品,包括电子、媒体、家具、服装、珠宝、玩具和玩具。

公司扩展到全球其他国家,包括英国(Culpepper 和 Thelen 2020)。这家亚马逊公司已成为电子商务领域无可争议的全球公司之一,拥有可观的全球销售额和利润(Al-Marzooqi 和 Nobanee 2020)。该公司进一步发展成为一家零售业涉及收购食品员工的灰泥和砖块。以及电子、出版、视频流、云计算和其他更广泛的业务。


The Amazon firm also has pre-sales opportunity

Since it consists of a well-detailed website where the customers or the consumers can order. And purchase the products via the online platform (Culpepper and Thelen 2020). The Amazon website is very efficient and effective to support its e-business operation. As the customers can also conduct electronic transcation of cash upon the ordering of the given commodity. On the other hand, the Amazon form is also well-equipped with post-sales services. Where they can respond to the variety of questions asked by the customers via the online platform (Lin et al. transactions questions asked by the customers can respond

d to by the Amazon management team via the telephone call (Culpepper and Thelen 2020). The Amazon website is also characterized with essential information concerning their products and services. Which can also be used by the customers to have appropriate information. And procedures concerning the sold goods and service. Hence, the aspect to do with pot-sales makes the Amazon Compbyremain competitive on global market. Since the customers’ need,s and the customers can also surely.

译文:亚马逊公司也有预售机会 电子商务论文

因为它由一个详细的网站组成,客户或消费者可以在其中订购。并通过在线平台(Culpepper and Thelen 2020)购买产品。亚马逊网站在支持其电子商务运营方面非常高效和有效。由于客户还可以在订购给定商品时进行现金的电子交易。另一方面,亚马逊表单也配备了完善的售后服务。他们可以通过在线平台回答客户提出的各种问题(Lin et al. 客户提出的交易问题可以回答)

d 由亚马逊管理团队通过电话(Culpepper 和 Thelen 2020)。亚马逊网站还提供有关其产品和服务的基本信息。客户也可以使用它来获得适当的信息。以及有关所售商品和服务的程序。因此,与大麻销售有关的方面使亚马逊 Compby 在全球市场上保持竞争力。既然客户的需要,客户也一定可以。

Literature Review

The direct sales process is mainly made up of two modes: single-level marketing and multi-level marketing (Sokiyna and Aqel 2020). The single sales marketing model involves the practice. Where the direct seller makes money by acquiring products from the parent organization. And directly selling them. On the other hand, multi-level marketing is also known as person-to-person marketing. Where several customers can buy the products directly from the parent organization.

This process eliminates the middlemen. Such as the regional distributors and the wholesale centers (Rassi, M.A.B., 2020). Therefore, this study will be based on the opportunity to do with direct sales in e-business organizations. Such as the Amazon Company (Petreson et al., 2019). According to the US direct selling association report. The direct sales organizations (DSOs) in the United States grew from a sale volume of $16.5 billion in 1994 to $25.6 billion in the year 2,000.

On the other hand, the other sales forms grew from 6.3 million dollars in 1994 to 11.0 million dollars in 2000 (Poon et al., 2017). According to the report produced by the World federation Direct sales association. The global direct sales increased to 78.65 billion dollars from 43 million salespeople in 49 different countries.

译文:文献评论 电子商务论文

直销流程主要由两种模式组成:单级营销和多级营销(Sokiyna and Aqel 2020)。单一的销售营销模式涉及实践。直销商通过从上级组织购买产品来赚钱的地方。并直接出售它们。另一方面,多层次营销也称为人对人营销。多个客户可以直接从上级组织购买产品。

这个过程消除了中间商。例如区域分销商和批发中心 (Rassi, M.A.B., 2020)。因此,本研究将基于在电子商务组织中进行直销的机会。例如亚马逊公司(Petreson 等人,2019 年)。据美国直销协会报告。美国的直销组织 (DSO) 从 1994 年的 165 亿美元增长到 2000 年的 256 亿美元。

另一方面,其他销售形式从 1994 年的 630 万美元增长到 2000 年的 1100 万美元(Poon 等,2017)。根据世界联合会直销协会的报告。全球直接销售额从 49 个不同国家的 4300 万销售人员增加到 786.5 亿美元。

The aspect of doing with direct selling typically includes···

The aspect of doing with direct selling typically includes the situations in home selling practices such as the appointments. Door-to-door solicitations, product parties, and the internet and catalogs (Zhang and Wen 2017). The direct selling companies in e-business focused on selling skills that involve the Salesforce rather than making personal communication such as advertising.

The direct salespeople are usually contractors who are independent and not the employers of the Company. The direct sale opportunities are normally with the direct selling firms. The opportunity is open to all individuals. And other organizations with different experience levels, backgrounds, and other personality characteristics.

There are different gaps and challenges which are experienced in the market of goods and services. One of the key challenges is the aspect to do with stiff challenges. Many organizations tend to produce a similar good, thus creating stiff competition on the market. Hence, there is a need for a given business organization to come up with more convenient techniques. Which will end up attracting more customer thus promoting the number of sales.

译文:做直销的方面通常包括…… 电子商务论文

与直销有关的方面通常包括房屋销售实践中的情况,例如约会。上门招揽、产品派对、互联网和目录(Zhang and Wen 2017)。电子商务中的直销公司专注于销售涉及 Salesforce 的技能,而不是进行诸如广告之类的个人交流。



A given business organization can only remain competitive globally.

When the products produced are of good quality (Al-Marzooqi and Nobanee 2020). Sometimes, other individuals tend to produce fake products that have got almost similar characteristics to the original one. This form of misconduct in the business organization has highly affected the parent organization’s performance due to the reduced number of sales and the stiff competition from the other organizations.

Sometimes the quality of the products produced by the parent organization can be tempered by the intermediaries who acquire the goods from the Company and sell them to the consumers. Thus making the parent organization face stiff competition due to manipulated quality of its products.

Therefore, in response to this stiff competition gap. The business organizations generally encounter due to manipulated quality of products by the middlemen. Hence, the aspect of doing with direct selling is one of the greatest opportunities in which is enjoyed by the e-business. A good example is the Amazon Company. Which can directly sell its foodstuffs to their customers via the online platform without necessarily involving the middlemen. Hence, the practice to do with direct selling is an opportunity in e-business, making it more competitive against other business organizations.

译文:一个特定的商业组织只能在全球范围内保持竞争力 电子商务论文

当生产的产品质量优良时(Al-Marzooqi 和 Nobanee 2020)。有时,其他人倾向于生产与原始产品具有几乎相似特征的假冒产品。由于销售数量减少和来自其他组织的激烈竞争,商业组织中的这种形式的不当行为严重影响了母组织的绩效。



Conceptual framework 电子商务论文

This particular study can be elaborated well using the conceptual framework, which provides a clear description of the relationship between the e-business and the opportunity to do with direct sales. The conceptual framework also describes the advantages of e-business through direct sales opportunities (Beerbaum et al., 2017).

One of the advantages of the direct sales opportunity in e-commerce is eliminating the middlemen such as the wholesalers and the other forms of brokers, thus making a considerable profit (Sokiyna and Aqel 2020). The advantage of direct sales is also associated with winning the customers’ loyalty since the quality of the products cannot be manipulated by any of the middle party.

There opportunity to do with direct sales also make the given e-business organization to remain competitive such as the Amazon firm which directly sells its products such as the foodstuffs to the customers. Hence, the opportunity to do with direct sales opportunity results in more other advantages, which include elimination of middlemen, increased profitability, winning customers’ loyalty, and stifTheirThe opportunity to do direct sales also makes the e-commerce business is as shown below

Figure 1.1: Conceptual framework foodstuffs between E-business and direct sales.

(图 1.1:电子商务和直销之间的概念框架食品。)

译文:概念框架 电子商务论文

使用概念框架可以很好地阐述这项特定的研究,它提供了对电子商务与直销机会之间关系的清晰描述。概念框架还通过直接销售机会描述了电子商务的优势(Beerbaum 等,2017)。

电子商务中直销机会的优势之一是消除了批发商和其他形式的经纪人等中间商,从而获得了可观的利润(Sokiyna 和 Aqel 2020)。直销的优势还与赢得客户的忠诚度有关,因为任何中间方都无法操纵产品的质量。



This particular section of the study will be based on the various elements associated with the direct selling of E-business products. As slightly discussed under the conceptual framework in the previous section, direct sales results can eliminate the middlemen, increased profitability of the given firm, customers’ loyalty, stiff competition, and other related factors (Halkiopoulos et al., 2020).

Therefore, it is necessary to look at some of the strategies in which e-business organizations such as the Amazon Company can remain competent in digital marketing. These strategies of enhancing direct sales in e-business are going to be discussed on both the positive and negative dimensions as follows:

  1. Cut costs with cross-promotion

To have direct sales in e-business is necessary to cut on the general costs of the products and put some forms of promotions. Rather than for one to spend a lot on the advertisement of products on the online platform and other forums, one can easily decide to cut on the normal price or cost of a given commodity.

And this strategy will attract more customers, thus making more sales on a given e-business(Al-Marzooqi and Nobanee 2020). Thus the e-business will remain very competitive since it attracts more customers with an increased number of sales. On the other hand, this strategy can be associated with risks like making losses, especially when a given e-business firm cuts a given commodity’s cost with a huge magnitude.

译文:讨论 电子商务论文

本研究的这一特定部分将基于与电子商务产品直销相关的各种要素。正如在上一节的概念框架下略有讨论的那样,直销结果可以消除中间商、提高特定公司的盈利能力、客户的忠诚度、激烈的竞争和其他相关因素(Halkiopoulos 等,2020)。




这一策略将吸引更多客户,从而在特定电子商务上获得更多销售额(Al-Marzooqi 和 Nobanee 2020)。因此,电子商务将保持非常有竞争力,因为它以增加的销售数量吸引了更多的客户。另一方面,这种策略可能伴随着亏损等风险,尤其是当某家电子商务公司大幅削减某件商品的成本时。

  1. Getting social with the social media

Social media is an effective marketing platform where business organizations can market their goods and services and make direct sales to the clients and the available consumers on the online platform. Therefore, the management of e-business such as Amazon must develop a strategy of becoming social and active on the social media platform, thus attracting more customers.

One can use the social media platform by creating business pages where the customers can easily access the details concerning the firm’s operation, products, and services. Given management for the e-business firm can also practice regular posting of high-quality photos of its products, especially the foodstuffs and clothes, thus attracting more customers for more sales. This strategy of depending on social media for direct sales is also associated with some risks since it was not sustainable. So many businesses are making use of the same platform, thus stiff competition.


  • Utilization of email marketing

Unlike before, where a considerable number of business organizations used to apply the door-to-door technique, businesses nowadays use the internet to make direct sales of their products and services. Email marketing is one of the essential practices that need to be applied by the e-business organization since it was more affordable and easy to reach (Beerbaum et al., 2017).

The emails sent by the give e-business should be brief and concise to make it easy for the customers to go through the sent information over a few minutes. On the same note, the emails should be accompanied by an offer on the subject line. This strategy is also limited by some disadvantages, especially when given individual or customer has blocked all the spam messages.

译文:通过社交媒体获得社交 电子商务论文




与以前相当多的商业组织过去采用上门技术不同,如今的企业使用互联网直接销售其产品和服务。 电子邮件营销是电子商务组织需要应用的基本实践之一,因为它更实惠且易于访问(Beerbaum 等,2017)。

给电子商务发送的电子邮件应该简短明了,以便客户在几分钟内轻松浏览发送的信息。 同样,电子邮件应附有主题行上的报价。 这种策略也受到一些缺点的限制,特别是当给定的个人或客户已经阻止了所有垃圾邮件时。

  1. Offer extras

To succeed in e-business, there is a need to find alternatives that can attract and retain the customers to make direct sales. The element to do with offering extra incentives is one of the most effective techniques in which the e-business organization can build a strong degree of loyalty among the customers (Halkiopoulos et al., 2020). When the given type of e-business wins the loyalty of the customers, the rate of the direct sales will automatically increase, thus making more sales.

The extra incentives can be provided through giving discounts like, when one purchases three he gets one free or a certain percentage of the total cost is reduced. This strategy of offer extra costs is advantageous since the e-business organizations will win the loyalty of the customers, thus making considerable amount of profits (Beerbaum et al., 2017). On the other hand, this kind of strategy can result to huge losses when applied inappropriately.

译文:提供额外服务 电子商务论文

为了在电子商务中取得成功,需要找到能够吸引和留住客户进行直接销售的替代方案。 提供额外奖励的要素是电子商务组织可以在客户中建立高度忠诚度的最有效技术之一(Halkiopoulos 等,2020)。 当特定类型的电子商务赢得客户的忠诚度时,直销率会自动增加,从而增加销售额。

额外的奖励可以通过提供折扣来提供,例如,当一个买三个他免费得到一个或总成本的一定比例减少。 这种提供额外成本的策略是有利的,因为电子商务组织将赢得客户的忠诚度,从而获得可观的利润(Beerbaum 等,2017)。 另一方面,这种策略如果应用不当,可能会导致巨大的损失。


When considering the research conducted in this particular study, the lesson learnt is the e-business is associated with the opportunity of making direct sales of its profits on the online platform. The direct sales opportunity within the given form of e-business is very essential as the business will win the loyalty of the customers, eliminating middlemen, making a significant magnitude of profit, and subjecting other business organization to stiff competition.

There are various forms of strategies which can be applied in a given e-business to enhance direct sales. These strategies include, having extra offers, making use of the email marketing, and getting social on the social media. These forms of strategies have got both positive and impact on the given e-business. Some of the positive impacts of the direct sales strategies in e-commerce include winning the customers’ leadership, increased profitability and having stiff competition against other business organizations. On the other hand, some of the disadvantages associated with direct sales strategies in e-business is that some techniques are not sustainable and some methods like cutting on cost can result to losses.

译文:结论 电子商务论文




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